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Rihanna's Dad to Chris -- Who Are You?

2/15/2009 12:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna's Dad, Chris BrownRihanna's dad had some choice words about Chris Brown: "You think you know somebody, but you really don't."

Ronald Fenty told People his daughter is healing in Barbados and gives her this gentle caution -- "If it were me, I'd move on."

And famous last words: Fenty said, "They seemed pretty happy."

As we first reported, Brown allegedly struck Rihanna with his fists, bruising her forehead, cheeks, busting her lip, bloodying her nose and biting her fingers and arm. He was arrested for making criminal threats ("I will kill you") but we're told that case is weak. It's more likely he'll be prosecuted for felony domestic violence.


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3. Tmz I wont read u anymore your news is to didturbing .I am from Barbados and u are Have to many lies only someone with no job would listen to u.Start printing the facts.We spook to rihanna dad shes leaves 2 doors from me and he said only minor bruises u blow this thing out control.Chris did best rihanna they fight as a couple thats why shes not talking take from a own people.U will be sued soon

Posted at 11:39AM on Feb 15th 2009 by The fact

Are you drunk or just retarded? Have you ever heard of a spell check? I mean come on..."We spook to rihanna dad shes leaves 2 doors from me" please for the love of God and all that is Holy, check your spelling before you post.

2043 days ago


no kidding!

2043 days ago


What kind of weak simpleton hits a small 110 lbs. woman? he is so weak and she is even more so if she goes back to that woman beater. what kinda of cave man s#!t is that? c'mon biting?!?!?! how ghetto fabulous!

2043 days ago


some of u guys are full of comedy...hahahahah yall make me laugh!! but on that note i feel like riri provoked him. i cant see chris brown hitting on her for the hell of it. and as far as jay z speaking on this situation he has no place because he has a history of beating women. i will still listen to his chris music and i will buy his next cd when it comes out. i hope he leaves her alone and dont take her back cuz she is a liar. didnt u guys here about her and kanye on tour....please she needs to sit down and think about all the trouble she is causing.

2043 days ago


I find it so funny that people will sit back and say that RIhanna provoked the attack that poor Chris would never of hit her if she hadnt done something... I have also heard abt how Rihanna is supposly a super diva bitch. Well Chris knew what she was like he has dated her for quite awhile now. So he knew what he was getting. I dont care if she bitch slapped him.. He supposly is trained in martial arts (she is not). He had control of the vehicle he could of stopped got out of the car. Even if she was smacking at him he is strong enough to pull away..(unless of course one wants to argue she is stronger) He could of left--- Nope he waits till he teaches her a lesson then he leaves her bleeding... Yep sounds like a real innocent victim here. I beleive that if u hit someone no matter if ur a guy or girl u better be ready for them to defend themselves. But defending yourself deosnt involve beating down someone weaker it means defending yourself to a level so that u can get away.... RIhanna being silent is appropiate infact it is quite common for victims of abuse to hide themselves because they are scared ashamed of what happened to them. What is she supposed to do stand on a pedastel for the Paps to film her injuries just to prove she was injured? That sounds real helpful.... Chris Brown has a major problem and it isnt RIhanna its him he better get his act together because what talent he has is going to go to waste if he deosnt get his act together.

2043 days ago

She sure is gorgeous!    

"Holla to all bitches and punk bitches who throw punches and are ready for the consequences!!!!"

To Marae and fire nina and all the other "she deserved it" jackasses. If she deserves it then he DESERVES to go to jail. That is the law, ya know.

And to Kris: Why would Chris's dad say that he was REMORSEFUL for what he'd done if she was stupid enough to do it to herself. It's amazing how someone can be accused of assault and automatically people will side with them even when there's proof that he did the crime, with CNN reporting the details. Where are people's humanity. Noone deserves to be hit. Now this guy's career is in danger, he's missing out on his endorsements, radio stations have taken down his music, and his reputation is suffering because he couldn't keep his hands to himself. It takes a bigger man to walk away. I wonder if Chris looks back and thinks his action were worh it. And all you other idiots really need to get some empathy. I feel sorry for the battered woman or man who comes to you for advice.

2043 days ago


send his a** to jail... you're quite tha man Chris!!! Beating up women make you feel more manly p**sy?

2043 days ago

She sure is gorgeous!    

Also: If she hit him, why didn't he press charges as well? Get realy people, wake up! This is why domestic violence is rampant all over the world, because people make excuses for attackers. Sad sad world!

2043 days ago


What's the problem Chris? Can't beat up men, so you have to beat up women? Yeah, you're tough all right!

Stick him in a jail; let hm get sodomized by the other prisoners , and then 6 months later, we can watch the Barbara Walters special while he whines like a little b**ch.... and cries about how horrible jail was... LOL

2043 days ago

She sure is gorgeous!    


Posted at 1:03PM on Feb 15th 2009 by BENJI

Rihanna hasn't even made a statement or said anything about Chris yet, it's all "sources" who have done the talking. The police are the one's who charged Chris and made him post bail. His own dad says that he is remorseful. So in what way does that make it seem like Rihanna wants him to pay for "cheating" on her. She hasn't said a thing. I swear, some of you guys, can't read and are just freaking nitwits. She hasn't said anything and he's the one with the court date, The investigators will dtetermine what really happened so until the info comes back all of you abuse defenders should just take a chill pill and let the girl relax. Obviously he did something, why else would he run from the crime and wait to turn himself in WITH HIS LAWYER, many hours later. Some of these comments are damning. Truly the apocolyse is soon coming.

2043 days ago

She sure is gorgeous!    

I like the comment that says a real man walks away when provoked.

6. some of u guys are full of comedy...hahahahah yall make me laugh!! but on that note i feel like riri provoked him. i cant see chris brown hitting on her for the hell of it. and as far as jay z speaking on this situation he has no place because he has a history of beating women. i will still listen to his chris music and i will buy his next cd when it comes out. i hope he leaves her alone and dont take her back cuz she is a liar. didnt u guys here about her and kanye on tour....please she needs to sit down and think about all the trouble she is causing.

Posted at 2:12PM on Feb 15th 2009 by trion

How is she "lying"? She hasn't said anything, lol! How is she causing trouble? She's the one who was assaulted. The only one who should sit down is you for even coming to these guy's defense. The police are theone's with the case, so call them the liars, not the victim. I hope she doesn't take him back, he's the one under investigation and with the court date. Not her. Get your facts straight, sit down and figure out why you think its okay for a man to put his hands on a woman.

2043 days ago

She sure is gorgeous!    

I can't believe the victim is being blamed for being assaulted? I myself have been in an abusive relationship and found the strength and courage to move on. I had loving and supportive family and friends who were there for me during the ordeal. They didn't blame me, but gave me strength as I went through therapy. For the record, an abusive person doesn't need to be provoked, a provocation could be you simply blinking an eye while he/she is talking and would use that as an excuse to hit you or verbally assault you. Its as simple as that. I feel bad for other survivors or domestic violence if the world we live in is one where its acceptable to hurt someone simply because you sing and dance. I pray for Rihanna and hope she recognizes that her fans and those of us with a brain and empathy are with her.

2043 days ago


Bottom line is they were both immature. If this has happened before, she's immature for staying in a potentially abusive relationship. He's immature for letting his emotions and anger get the best of him. I dont agree with what he did, but I dont think it's as serious as everyone makes it out to be. At most probation and anger mgmt for Chris. Women, although laws are in place to protect you, at the end of the day, women will never by physically equal to a mans strength. Knowing this upfront, women should never put themselves in a position where a man feels he needs to put hands on you.

I hope they both keep their heads up....this too shall pass.

2043 days ago

the truth    

Good day All;

I wasn't going to comment on this issue unless clear facts and public statements were made. what caught my attention however, was that comment made recently by "THE FACT". Now please disregard what was said by such an insensate human being. I highly doubt you ('THE FACT") is a citizen of Barbados and just a Chris Brown fan trying to mitigate the entire public outburst. I too am a "Bajan" (Citizen of Barbados) and what you wrote i have trouble understanding, for a country where education is subsidize up to University level you make us (Barbadians) sound rather illiterate. I'm disgusted by your comment and i want other bloggers to know this is coming from a true Bajan (Barbadian). What I can say to everyone however, is, "to let go, and let God" handle this issue...In everything don't become vitriolic, and allow ourselves to be shadowed with such utter rancor over an alleged incident...the truth always has a way to come out...wait for conclusive proof first before we act on something/anything we may regret later...Rihanna & Chris...let Go and Let God...Love you both still

2043 days ago


I'm not saying it's Rhinna's fault and I'm not saying it's Chris' fault. I'm sure Chris really didn't want all this to happen, so of course he's remorseful. I'm not taking sides, but SHE stated that he got a text from a female ... do you mean to tell me that Rhianna didn't have any kind of reaction? If I was her, I would have lost my damned mind! If YOU were her, you have too. Everyone handles things differently. Everyone needs to stop acting so surprised and assuming things you know nothing about.

2043 days ago
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