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Brangelina to OctoMom -- Bring It On!

2/16/2009 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Jolie-Pitts ... once running neck-and-neck with OctoMom -- now they're eating her dust. Last night outside Katsuya, Brad had a message for the doppleganger/mother of 14, Nadya Suleman: It's on like Donkey Kong.

Brangelina: Click to watch
Angelina was predictably silent on the proposition.


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lol@they only brought 3 kids into the world. Oh and adopted 3. This is just the beginning. These morons will have a lot more kids. They are on a roll. I wonder how much they pay attention to the 6 they have now.

1984 days ago


Angelina has nothing on Ocotmom, only 3 of her kids are hers, while all 14 of Octomom's are biologically hers. Yes I know, when you adopt they become yours, but Angelina has never, and will never have 8 babies at once. And as much as I dislike both of them, I'm afraid Octomom has a one up on Angie. And while I'm writing, I might add that about 10 years ago another one woman gave birth to 8 babies, and it was nothing but praise for her. There were no mom-bashing stories, and not nearly as much publicity.

1984 days ago


Please why don't you guys interview the Duggars or Jon & Kate plus 8 or Mel gibson who has like 8 children or any Irish Catholic family?

1984 days ago


hmm, I don't think I heard the words, Bring, It, or On in that 10 second clip.

His voice was filled with sarcasm when he said, yeah we sure are..

you stop being news TMZ when you stop making news up, so you keep on trying to be relevant..but you're not

1984 days ago

something smells    

what is katsuya? they are both really tall

1984 days ago


what the hell is TMZ talking about? Some dude asks if they're in competition with Octomom and Brad says almost halfheartedly "Yeah we sure are."

So TMZ titles the video "Angelina to Octomom - Bring it on!"

first off, angelina said NOTHING. Secondly, Brad said "Yeah we sure are" To some dude asking a question. That's nothing news worthy. If he had actually said, "It's on like donkey kong", or "That woman is nuts she needs help" That would have been something.

Harvey, you're a lawyer, isn't it right I can sue TMZ for false advertising? :-P

1984 days ago


Ang is prolly jealous.............

1984 days ago


#5 nailed it. TMZ , Brad had that brush off locked and loaded for your lame-o pap. "Yeah, we sure are." Like he gave any thought to that question whatsoever.

1984 days ago


I love how people are going after brangelina because they adopted kids.

1. You see the kids with them quite frequently

2. the kids come to movie sets with them. It's not like they adopt them then dump them.

3. They have the money to care for them.

Now i"m not a fan of brangelina... however...

Octomom had 6 kids, three of them are disabled... she's disabled... she's getting food stamps, she's getting government fundings... she's used her student loans to pay for lip injections, a nose job and the Invetro procedure... she admitted she had financial difficulties caring for the first 6...SHE HAS NO JOB (her last job was before she had any of the first 6 when she was injured at work.)

AND HER MOM says it is SHE that is raising the first 6, Nadya was too busy "going to school" to get her masters. The brunt of the care fell on HER MOM. So she's not even caring for the first 6 full time...

then, knowing all of this... she goes for ANOTHER invetro. She doesn't do the safe 2 at a time like normal people. she wants ALL the embryos implanted at one time knowing she could have multiple births, when she has 6 at home, 3 who are disabled, she's disabled and JOBLESS. But she still decided "What the hell? the taxpayers will take care of me."

Then she has 8 kids (some of whom will have disabilities.)... goes online and makes a website begging for money... then goes out buys a $200 Wii, some video games at $49.99 a pop, and gets a manicure as seen by TMZ, and as a woman who likes manicures... manicures can be $25 and up... she had fake nails when doing that one interview... that can be $50 and up, and $20 to fill every other week to every week. that adds up.

This is octomom. Irresponsible, mentally disabled, physically disabled, had 6 kids, 3 who are disabled, has no job, gets no child support, has no baby daddy in her life, even the sperm donor doesn't want to deal with her, she gets food stamps, and she STILL decided to bring 8 babies into the world for selfish reason depsite having no way to support them phsyically or emotionally.

There is no way a single mother can care for 2 toddlers, 3 disabled children, 8 newborns (Some of whom will definately have disabilities)... and take care of the 1 normal child. There's just no way. My great-grandmother had 11 kids, (Not all at once.) and when they got old enough, the eldest would help take care of the youngin's. Can you imagine having 14 kids, none of them over the age of 8?

and she spends donation money on nail jobs and game systems her kids are too young to use anyway! So while I really don't like Brangelina that much... this octo mom is a nut job.

1984 days ago


he sarcastically said "yeah we are" to a stupid question and you turn it into a "news" headline. that takes supreme (non) talent TMZ.

i think we're learning more and more...if you aren't talented enough to do anything else in life...become a papparazzi!!!

1984 days ago

Brad is a Tool    

These two publicity whores bitch and moan about the paparazzi yet they go to eat at one place in Hollywood where the paps are camped out. At any given time during the day, at least 3 paps are waiting outside katsuya for celebrities. These two clown can find better sushi in LA but choose to go to a pace that is crawling with paps. They need to stop bitching about being photographed.

1984 days ago


In other words... "yeah, go F yourself"... lol

1984 days ago


It's nice to see how responsible Brad & Angelina are...turning kids in to a game. You jackasses!

1984 days ago


Blame my computer or blame my lack of hearing, but I could not understand what the guy said to Brad. I get the idea, but could someone please tell me what he actually said? Thank you.

1984 days ago


the photog said "Are you in competition with Octomom"

dumb question on TMZ's part. I mean... if they were in competition they'd need 8 more kids, all the same age, with disabilities, they'd need to find a way to become disabled themselves, lose all their money, not work, go on welfare, get disability payments for the disabled kids, and they'd need to spend donation money on plastic surgery, video games and fake nails.

THEN they'd be in comeptition.

1984 days ago
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