Burn Me 3 Times Lil' Wayne, I'll Sue You

2/16/2009 2:01 AM PST
There are now 1.3 million reasons why Lil' Wayne shouldn't have ducked out of his scheduled concerts in Rochester, NY.

The promoter who was left holding the bag 3 times over the last 4 months filed suit against the rapper Friday in NYC.

Edward Strickland, GM of RMF Productions, is suing Wayne, his manager and others for $1.3 mil. Strickland says he advanced Lil' $100K back in October and got nothin'.

Strickland claims the last he heard from Wayne was via email canceling the third concert... which Lil' said was due to "logistics of his band." Translation: Lil' blew him off.

Calls to Wayne have not been returned.