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OctoMom Gets Assistance with One of Her Kids

2/16/2009 1:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With her manicured hands occupied with fast food takeout, Octomommie dearest Nadya Suleman had her father carry one of her kids for her this weekend.

If you were an unemployed, artificially inseminated, Jolie-lipped mother of fourteen on a press tour, you'd need help too.


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Where does she get the money to pay for the all the IVF, the nails job, the face job?

2041 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

I agree that this woman has no business getting more publicity, welfare, a reality show etc...
But all of the hate is a bit much. She is OBVIOUSLY mentally ill and I really have no feelings towards her either way, my sympathies go to her mother and her kids.
What the hell happened in the last eight years? We were made so fearful that we are now turning on each other with such venom...pretty sad. All of the talk about whether or not "Muslims" are somehow involved...I would question THOSE posters mental health as well.

2041 days ago


he agency said that Nadya has gotten a new agent, can’t wait to hear who that one is; maybe the same one Scott Peterson uses.. LOL..
Posted at 10:43PM on Feb 16th 2009 by rsc2000

SHe lost that agent today .... according to NBC, they can't handle all the hate either ... so as of now she is OUT OF LUCK ....saw a new video where she is saying she doesn't want a reality show becasue that would be "exploytation" (sp) yeah right .....

224. Why is everyone going crazy about her
Posted at 1:33AM on Feb 17th 2009 by Sami

well you might think twice if you lived in Ca. a state that is broke, (no money) and we will get IOU's for our tax refunds ..... and if your tax dollars will pay for her 14 kids.... than maybe YOU should mind your own business. Ca is BROKE becasue of people like Nadya .... Ca will have to pay for her multi muillion dollar hospital bill and raise her kids till 17 ..... she had 6 kids already jobless, on welfare and decides to spend her $165,000 she scamed her previous job and she spends it on babies and plastic surgery ..... she could have spent her money getting out of her $50,000 student loan debt and buying a house and raise the 6 kids she already had.... and for gods sake give her parents a BREAK,,, she is using up there hard earned money with is there retirement fund .....

that is why people are angry ...... she casued this and it could very easely have been avoided .... TOUPH LOVE FOR HER is what she needs ......

Let me ask you SAMI ..... if you were a struggling mom of 6 kids, were $50,000 in debt, were on welfare and living off you parents retirement fund ..... and you came into $165,000.... what do you think you would have done with that money? would you have done the right thing and got your life together or scammed the "BROKE" state you were living in and friviously spend that money and continue to live a freeloader life at the expense of US CALIFORNIA TAX PAYING CITIZENS?

2041 days ago


What the Hell is that poor kid wearing?! I have no-pull harnesses for my English Mastiffs that aren't that complicated and thick! Does she just slip the harnesses on in the morning and latch the kids to hooks on the wall? That's horrible. And, yes, I am one of those people who thinks it's stupid, irresponsible and cruel to put leashes on children. What kind of a moron needs to keep their kid on a leash?

2041 days ago


While we THINK that we know what is going on, we really don't--although it seems obvious. So instead of spouting venom and hate, we should come up with a plan. First of all, the children are INNOCENT. They need to be protected. Last Friday an L.A. psychiatrist filed a complaint with Child Protective Services (CPS). CPS will investigate the complaint and will remove the children if there is a LEGAL cause to do so. Again, it seems obvious, but we can only work within the constraints of the law. If the children are removed, then Nadya will be given a list of conditions that need to be met to regain custody--just like what happened to my cousin. As for all of the suspected fraud, the respective government agencies will need to investigate. On a previous TMZ post, an email address was given for reporting suspected Workers' Comp fraud. I'm sure that many TMZ readers have filed the complaint. It would be helpful if TMZ readers could find the addresses for student loan and welfare offices. Then we could file complaints there, too. The process will take time, but we can only work within the constraints of the law and the limited staffing at government offices. Remember one is innocent until PROVEN guilty. While Nadya may LOOK guilty, we don't know for sure at this time. Rather than spew venom and hate and death threats, let's work together to help the children. They already have a tough enough life.

2041 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

ainsley/amanda - it's a weighted vest that helps kids with sensory issues. It's NOT a leash or a harness. If you have ever been to a special needs school, you would know that alot of the kids wear them as the pressure helps to orient their bodies correctly.
Tuffy - you are absolutely correct...forget the mother and worry about the kids. Death threats to the family are sickening - those people are just as crazy as Nadya.

2041 days ago


Weegee, you're probably right. I have seen sensory vests, this one is just a bit different from the ones I'd seen. I don't remember seeing so many metal clip attachments. Thanks for the clarification.
I stand by my opinion of kid leashes, however. Totally ridiculous.

2041 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

I can totally understand why the people of California are upset - they are having a terrible time financially, as is the rest of the country. But to be so hateful to someone so obviously needing mental health help is a bit much. Do we forget there are 14 kids - KIDS - involved here?
I will restate...the DOCTOR should be the one in the spotlight. I am sad it took this unfortunate situation, but maybe now there will be laws which will restrict how many eggs can be implanted in a IVF procedure.
No, ainsley, kids should not be on leashes. But unless you have dealt with special needs kids, I would not judge. We had a situation in our state where a 5 year old boy with Autism climbed up onto a roller coaster track. Some are prone to bolt, it is a situation you cannot understand unless you are living it.

2041 days ago


MSNBC.COM is reporting that the newly acquired agent has declined to represent Nadya.

2041 days ago


The harness that her son is wearing I see all the time! I work with special ed children, and they wear those harnesses! It isn't a leash, it is a restraint system, usualy used on a school bus, and it is for safety, not for her to hook her children to the wall.

2041 days ago


45. Sincerely doubt that the people on here who voted for her over Mussolini have little idea who he is or what he did.

Posted at 1:13PM on Feb 16th 2009 by RFG


Quite true. But he's still better than her.

2041 days ago


anyone knows after a c-section mothers are instructed not to lift more than thier baby weighs(normally abot 7-10lbs) but in her case its like 1 1/2 lbs!

2041 days ago


Even if she does go to school, she will never get a job that pays well enough to pay daycare for that many kids. This loon will be sucking the welfare tit for the rest of her life.

2041 days ago

eyes glued opened    

Ya"ll.. you just hate'n cuz you breeders don't have no help.. and no ones offers to help you cuz you evil. i haz 18 now and am having another one in 2 months and my mom, sister and grandmother help me keep my kidz. 6 of them stay with my mom at her apartment during the week and 6 sty with my sister at hers and the other 6 stay here with me at my grandmothers. i don';t work because with 18 i can make more money getting public assistance than if i worked and had to pay for a baby sistters to wathc them.. The daddy's work but they dont' live with me becuause then i would not get as much help. i get $7,650 a month and anothre $1,200 in food stamps and i can't wait to see what im goingt to get from the bill that the goverment approved. So unless you are in our shoes you don't know and you are just jealous of us cuz we have big happy families. so get a life bitches and G?od Bless Americaa

2041 days ago


"247. Ya"ll.. you just hate'n cuz you breeders don't have no help.. and no ones offers to help you cuz you evil. i haz 18 now and am having another one in 2 months
247. Ya"ll.. you just hate'n cuz you breeders don't have no help.. and no ones offers to help you cuz you evil. i haz 18 now and am having another one in 2 months"


Wow .... the bright and brighter keep having babies to live off the system? wow , I guess it is the non educated low life trailer trash losers that intentionly do this ..... why don't you go to school first and learn how to speak? elliterate uneducated freeloader!

2040 days ago
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