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OctoMom Gets Assistance with One of Her Kids

2/16/2009 1:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With her manicured hands occupied with fast food takeout, Octomommie dearest Nadya Suleman had her father carry one of her kids for her this weekend.

If you were an unemployed, artificially inseminated, Jolie-lipped mother of fourteen on a press tour, you'd need help too.


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What have they got that poor kid harnessed in?

2038 days ago


Only looks like enough food for 1....guess those 6 kids at home are SOL...And since when can you buy fast food with taxpayer funded food stamps??!!

2038 days ago


It is sad and frustrating to me when there are ways for people to "afford" to go to a fertility doctor being unmarried and unemplyed and ends up with more children than one person can handle. And she is getting assistance for these kids. She is no better than the people on welfare sitting and spreading their legs and having baby after baby because they can get more assistance! This is just as bad if not worse! She has no plans to get a job and no plans on how to take care of these children. All she wants to do is lay around and have somebody else take care of these kids. I think it's disgusting. Get a job, get a husband and then take care of your own children. You wanted them, you got them, now what are you going to do?

2038 days ago


HONESTLY PEOPLE. She just had MAJOR surgery with her C_section and isn't allowed to lift anything over 10lbs for 6 weeks!!

2038 days ago

Uncle ACE    

Lay off the lady, damn!! We all know she's crazy but she still has to take care of those kids. Yall might drive the crazy biyoch to kill her self of sumthing. Just leave the lady alone. She ain't even a CELEB anyway. You guys are starting to suck.

2038 days ago


Does she ever just stay at home and cook for these kids? Take care of them, etc... Don't get me wrong, I'm all for grabbing something on your way to work, from work... and it's not even about her anymore, it's about those poor children. They need love ... taking care of one child is a full time job, imagine having 14 ... i wouldn't have time to sit , let alone go out and get my nails done.. etc.

2038 days ago

Lord Xenu    

Since OctoDad is identified as a former Iraq military man (probably like Sayid on LOST) you should have used SADDAM HUSSEIN instead of MUSSOLINI

2038 days ago


She looks positively giddy to be the most hated woman in America!

2038 days ago


WOW. Doesn't look like that fast food bag has got enough food for her and the 6 kids that she has at home, in it.

2038 days ago


Where is the proof that she is receiving government assistance?

2038 days ago


I had a c section and I was back to work 3 weeks later! What I dont get is my husband and i have been trying for 5 years to have another yet noone will help with fertility, yet this woman gets it when she shouldnt have! SHE SHOULD BE disgusted by making un fertile people upset over this crap. I hope she gets what she has coming

2038 days ago


JESUS YES SHE HAS 14 what ok yeah we are paying for her kinda bad choice but it was her choice!there is nothing we can do about it. being pissed off wont change anything. we still have to love the children that didnt make this choice,lay off just a tad she made a bad choice im sure she see's what she did is way over her head. cant turn your back on those babies and those 6 other kids it isnt there fault they have a dumb ass mom....

2038 days ago

something smells    


2038 days ago


4. I'm sure she can't lift anything over 5 lbs or even less since she had a C section.

9. HONESTLY PEOPLE. She just had MAJOR surgery with her C_section and isn't allowed to lift anything over 10lbs for 6 weeks!!

True, but there's nothing preventing her from walking beside and holding her child's hand or appearing the least bit interested in the child. No, dump the responsibility on someone else. She's great at that!

2038 days ago


Grandma's feeding the kids (out of her own money, of course). Mom went through drive-thru on the way home from the manicurist. Grandpa is taking one of the children to see if they can locate that "big house" he was telling the media about originally--you know, the one the media will never find. Apparently Grandpa can't find it, either.

And then we have this Suleman-Solomon thing. Is anyone thinking what I'm thinking? That sperm donor dad is a relative of some sort?

2038 days ago
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