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OctoMom Gets Assistance with One of Her Kids

2/16/2009 1:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With her manicured hands occupied with fast food takeout, Octomommie dearest Nadya Suleman had her father carry one of her kids for her this weekend.

If you were an unemployed, artificially inseminated, Jolie-lipped mother of fourteen on a press tour, you'd need help too.


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Posted at 12:51PM on Feb 16th 2009 by suburbandrudgery

Maybe it wasn't bringing in the money she thought it would and maybe she didn't like all of the negative comments she was bound to be getting. Looks like the fame and fortune she imagined and hoped for just isn't panning out. The baby products industry sure isn't stepping up to help out with lifetime supplies of this and that, like she thought. Maybe she's finally getting it that America isn't in love with a lying, cheating, scaming, lazy mouch.

2073 days ago


Sincerely doubt that the people on here who voted for her over Mussolini have little idea who he is or what he did.

2073 days ago


TMZ where is your common sense? She just had a CSection which is MAJOR surgery. and she would have a lifting restriction. your implication that because she's not holding her child that she should be hated is ignorant. you could be making this situation worse by reporting half truths and you should be less judgemental. since people tend to follow your lead, why not try to be atleast tolerable to this situation. It is a miracle that all eight newborns are alive and doing well. we should be grateful for that and quit adding "but...." to the story.

2073 days ago


no questions that she s irresponsible selfish greedy and tried to manipulated the system we can't punish those innocent babies who never ask for this mess. Go easy on the doctor remember when someone is doing invitro it is recommended they plan more then one egg. as the doctor said when all the eggs took he told her she has to choose but she refuses that was her choice. there was nothing else the doctor could of done it wasnt his choice. am sure the world knows the only reason she did that cause she sees what other mothers who has multiple children get from the public free housing clothes tv commercials or reality shows and also get to seat on the best talk shows like Oprah Ellen etc..... that is what she was after but what she failed to realize those mothers have a husband and they also have a carreer of their own. Its discusting what she was doing intead of getting the fame and all the glamour she was after it backfire cause she taught america was clueless and dumb the minute they said babied everyone will go GAHGAH. Prayers for those Children they need it. Don't punish those innocent angels for a selfish mother

2073 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

People, people,

We need to get off the "can only lift 5 lbs," crap. She chose to carry and had 8 BABIES to term on a BAD BACK!!!

2073 days ago


After a C-section a woman is not allowed to lift anything over 10 pounds. TMZ, before you show your ignorance again you might want do know what you're talking about. Like maybe do a little research. Also, leave her alone. This is just another case of your hate for women. Enough already.

2073 days ago

Concerned & Tired of it    

TMZ, Please stop giving this "woman" what she wants - publicity and attention. She needs help, not photographers chasing her down. Those babies need to be taken away from her and we taxpayers should not be footing her bill for anything - manicures included!!! Please please stop your tracking of her - let her "fame" disappear.

2073 days ago


But I bet her nails sure do look pretty.

2073 days ago


I hate to break it to everyone but you are not supposed to lift, even your own children, for several weeks after giving birth! You are not even supposed to drive for 2 weeks after and it is longer when you have had a c-section.

2073 days ago

love it!    

For someone who can spend money getting her nails done and getting take out, you'd think she'd be able to buy new clothes. If you look at every photo that has been taken of her, she wears the EXACT same pair of jeans and the EXACT same sweater everytime. Now that's disgusting!

2073 days ago


If that was my mom and she got McDonald's and I didn't, I would be throwing the biggest temper tantrum you ever saw!!!!! B***H!!!!!!!!

2073 days ago


Uncle Ace - no need to lay off her. Look at her face - she loves the attention. And if you think otherwise, you're just as big an idiot as she is.

2073 days ago


Her site is up .... i just opened it

but I am very shocked that it is still up ... she isn't done collecting yet... so you know she is now getting these messages, since her PR people quit ...haha

scam artist .... if she can carrie 8 babies she could very easely been working at a sitting job at the least or serving up coffe at starbucks .... but this lazy Azz B just wanted to live off the state of Ca tax payers and suck up every last hard working retirement fund her parents have ..... freeloading ungreatful selfish idiot!!!!

and for the person who commented on her clothes .... she would rather spend her "wellfare fund" on plastic surgery and manicures first ....

2073 days ago


Tmz Drop it already, stick to your 30 mile zone. You're perpetuating a lousy story. TMZ is starting to ruin peoples lives. BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

2073 days ago


liz#44----It has been reported the norm is TWO eggs planted! She had 6 and "supposedly" 2 split.....the Doctor is unethical and needs to be disbarred and prosecuted!!!

2073 days ago
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