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OctoMom Gets Assistance with One of Her Kids

2/16/2009 1:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With her manicured hands occupied with fast food takeout, Octomommie dearest Nadya Suleman had her father carry one of her kids for her this weekend.

If you were an unemployed, artificially inseminated, Jolie-lipped mother of fourteen on a press tour, you'd need help too.


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Way to go TNT, use an old picture of the child that has been around for a week ... slow news day is it?

2042 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

"They're going to laugh at you"

2042 days ago


She deserves a lifetime of temper tantrums from 14 kids. She wanted it so bad, now she's got it. However, I did read where there's a new attempt to take the babies away from her. I wonder if it's child welfare making the move. TMZ, don't let us down, get the scoop and keep us updated.

2042 days ago

Jeff Dranetz    

Since we've taken great steps to liberate their homeland from an evil dictator, they should do the right thing and get on a plane back to Iraq and stay there.

2042 days ago

Go away    

There are a lot of people out there that would love to be able to afford fast food and weekly manicures and a nice SUV and nannies, but I guess this is what we get for trying to be responsible. I feel like a sucker. Now I am going to the nearest fertility clinic to get 25 embryos implanted in my uterus so that I can live the good life while others take care of my football team of kids. When you can't afford espressos and manicures with 2 kids, you need to think BIGGER. The taxpayers will take care of that for you, just keep poppin' em out and make sure you get them fully vaccinated so they get autism which pays for a whole lot of fake nails through SSI disability. Poor, poor kids. My heart goes out to them and this selfish leech's parents, even though they seem to have enabled her through all of this madness. Oh, and message to Nadya's mom - no these babies are not God's will since they had to be produced in a lab and inserted into the uterus. Now the babies are here and they didn't ask for this. I say mom gets NOTHING, nor her enabling parents, and there should be direct donations paid to companies that can supply the babies' with diapers, etc. NO direct payments to this woman or her handlers! She has gotten enough of Californians' money already through the Medi-Cal that is paying for the millions of dollars her babies are costing right now. and she has the nerve to ask for more? Let her live with the 14 in that house. She knew exactly what she was getting herself into, and she banked on a free house. If she gets one, that sends the message pretty loud and clear between her, Jon & Kate, and the McCaugheys that multiple births means a free ride, and that ain't right, especially when she had 6 kids and went back for another uterus-full.

2042 days ago

Jus D truth    

What the Heck...THERE IS NO WAY I LOVE & SUPPORT THIS PIG, DOG, CRAZED PERSON!! If it were up to me I'd ship her lazy ass back to Iraq. Isn't this the person who said, she wanted alot of children because "SHE WAS BROUGHT UP IN A DYSFUNCTIONAL HOME" But, this is the same home she wants to bring her newest Litter home to!
Maybe I missed something here, but isn't these grandparents, the same people/parents who raised Crazy-Nadya?? and are they not the same people who are caring for the first 6 kids??And the same people Crazy-Nadya is DEPENDING ON TO CARE FOR THE REST OF HER LITTERS???
Also k, since you seem to support this PIs so much, put your wefare & foot stamps where your mouth is, AND YOU SUPPORT THIS FREAK & ALL 14 OF HER MUTANTS!!

2042 days ago


Last thing that Fat AS* needs is junk food. She needs to go on a diet and start exercising to try and get rid of all of those flapping folds she has on her belly!.
Oh and by the can buy some fast foods with food stamps like Subway and Take and Bake pizza. Just can't be hot foods.

2042 days ago


For those people who are saying things about this child. From the interview that she did it is clear that the child is autistic. Autistic children do not do well with changes, loud noises, etc. Having paparazzi follow them around is probably torture for the child. He is wearing a weighted vest to help with the sensory problems. Do whatever you want to the mom, but please dont torture this child with having tons of people around, flashing lights, etc. He has a disability and needs to be cared for.

2042 days ago


If you people (not her) can't afford to get a manicure, then maybe you should consider going back to school and getting an EDUCATION. Your going no where fast working at Walmart.

2042 days ago


So tell me people what is the diference between this mom and the TV show JON AND KATE PLUS EIGHT. They live off thier kids and they don't even"work" NEITHER one of them. She had 7 embroys implanted 1 died. Which leaves the first 2 kids and now 6 more. Grant it theres 4 more, but none the less same thing same selfish reason.
They just moved into a house that I doubt many of us could afford. Mom got a tummy tuck FOR FREE AND Dad got his receeding hair line fixed FOR FREE.
Know I am all for freedom and rights, but does china have it right to only limit thier child bearing to ONE. Yeah I think so.

2042 days ago


She can't go back to Iraq. She's divorced, and has 14 kids conceived without a husband. If she thinks the criticism is bad here, it's nothing in comparison to what would happen to her in Iraq. Talk about public outrage! The authorities would be all over her in a split second, and not in a good way.

2042 days ago


She can't buy new jeans or other clothes ..... becasue she used up all her last $100 on those black UGG slippers... WTF

she cna't support her 6 kids, but she can go out and pay $50 for a manicure and $100 for UGGs and buy fast food every day!
most people in this ecconomy seem to cut back on the takeout coffees and fast food, little lone buying UGGS

whats wrong with THIS picture?

2042 days ago

love it!    

49. I hate to break it to everyone but you are not supposed to lift, even your own children, for several weeks after giving birth! You are not even supposed to drive for 2 weeks after and it is longer when you have had a c-section.

Posted at 1:18PM on Feb 16th 2009 by theaterlovingal


I hate to tell you this, but as a single parent I had to do all my grocery shopping and everything on my own. And I was capable of lifting several heavy bags, plus my daughter in her car seat! And it's already been how long since she had the babies? I'm pretty sure by now she can lift something heavier than that bag of food!

2042 days ago


"63. So tell me people what is the diference between this mom and the TV show JON AND KATE PLUS EIGHT"

Kate has a loving supporting HUSBAND who has a paying job, and HAD the means to raise a big family ... it just so happened that Producers came to her ....

and she and her HUSBAND, only had 2 kids looking for a 3rd .... Nadya, single, no husband, no job, no income has 6 kids who she can't even support on her own, had NO RIGHT to even try for a 7th kid, when she was already $50 grand in debt with student loans and living in a small filthy house to bat .....

and person can see the difference ..... even if Kate and her HUSBAND didn't have a tv show, they would STILL be able to support there family ......

2042 days ago


"63. So tell me people what is the diference between this mom and

The difference here is effort. They were working hard to raise and
support the family. They made a decision as a couple WITH AN INCOME

Companies stepped up to OFFER things to them as UNSOLICITED GIFTS. THEY DIDN'T


That, my friends, is the difference.

2042 days ago
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