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OctoMom Gets Assistance with One of Her Kids

2/16/2009 1:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With her manicured hands occupied with fast food takeout, Octomommie dearest Nadya Suleman had her father carry one of her kids for her this weekend.

If you were an unemployed, artificially inseminated, Jolie-lipped mother of fourteen on a press tour, you'd need help too.


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I have notice that of late because of TMZ that she seems to be a little less talkative,almost relieved and content on keeping what's going on to herself. She obviously has signed some sort of book deal, TV deal and probably has numerous corporations making donations to her, diapers, clothing, food, cribs etc. Her Mom and Dad even seem calmer especially when being interviewed like a big load has been removed from their shoulders. Hopefully the octups will progress and not have many physical challenges, because they were premature and under weight, as for the first six California CPS should definitely step in and provide councelling for those children they are going to suffer emotionally, they will probably lack for nothing except their mother's undivided attention and a father figure, Nadya claims that their biological father may or may not want to be in their lives, they have their grandpa, for how long?? This doe not seem to phase her she can probably rely on volunteer to act as fathers to her brood. Nadya acts as if her biggest problem is how big of a house is she going to get, free of course and vehicle free of course. Has any of her friends spoken out about her? I feel sorry for this whole bunch, and I can understand the taxpayer's anger against her.

2037 days ago


Yes, the woman is a little off her rocker, but come on TMZ, the
Mussolini vs. Octomommie comparison is a little absurd. I can't
believe that the poll shows over 80% of people dislike her more than
an evil dictator. Really, people get a grip on reality. I guess the
poll might have been a little skewed since most of the people who voted
probably didn't even know who Mussolini was.

2037 days ago

Jeff Dranetz    

I was just thinking what would be best for us not her. They should be deported.

2037 days ago

Go away    

I don't condone a free ride for anyone who gves birth to a litter of kids, but at least Jon & Kate and the McCaugheys each had one or two kids when they went for in-vitro. Nadya was so selfish that despite having 6 lovely kids, she needed to fgo and have "another girl". She got instead 2 girls and SIX poor little boys, some of whom are under 2 lbs in weight. I want to cry when I see those helpless tiny little creatures that should have been in a uterus all their own until APRIL!!! But instead, this mom decides to get a ton of embryos planted in her, 8 of them take, and supposedly it's God's will for babies to be born 9 weeks early and face a lifetime of health problems??? Wrong. Where is the personal responsbility here? She can do whatever she wants to and thinks the public is going to foot the bill? Wrong again. This woman is truly sick in the head. When these 8 babies become 8 children, probably all of them "special needs" and collecting SSI, she will need to have more babies, and she will find a way. By then she will probably have a mansion, paid for by the so-called Christians who think she's a saint for not selectively reducing any embryos, even though that might have given the others a chance at a healthier life. The whole thing is very sick, and these 14 kids are terrible victims. It's a tragedy,

2037 days ago



2037 days ago


She doesn't look like she just had 8 babies - wonder who's paying for her plastic surgery to remove the excess skin she stretched during such a pregnancy?

Oh I know the answer to THAT one

I really need to talk to my hubby OR maybe not...maybe just go get myself impregnated artificially and then surprise him lol..I could do with some manicures and other things this unemployed, public assistance funded lady gets!

2037 days ago


Sick, sick, sick to death of hearing about this woman. Please, TMZ, leave the stories about her to "news of the weird", "Ripley's Believe It or Not" or "how to grow your own cult." She is not a celebrity - she's a warped, twisted, selfish woman.

2037 days ago


This woman obviously got a bunch of money from someone like NBC possibly for starters!! How else can she afford her lip jobs, cheek implants, manicures/fill/acrylic nails, fast food, bottled water etc????? People with NO job and 14 kids can just not afford ANY of this stuff!!! This lady pisses me off cuz you know people are just trying to put ALL of the blame on this doctor. Why is it people can't buck up and be RESPONSIBLE for what they do?? Now she expects all of America to pay for her kids? I DON"T think so!! I wouldn't send her or her kids a nickel! I am all for the state taking all of those kids and giving them to people who CAN afford them. Screw her. AND she was on disability for a bad back???WTF...and she can carry 8 babies in that huge belly....that right there is FRAUD!!!!!! I hope the state goes after her for that too!!!!!

2037 days ago


84. kabelladonna,
I was just thinking what would be best for us not her. They should be deported.

Posted at 2:05PM on Feb 16th 2009 by Jeff Dranetz

Oh, I know. I agree with you 100% I couldn't give a rats a$$ about what's best for her. She sure didn't think about anyone else's best interest or the best interest of the babies she couldn't support. I was just explaining why she WON'T go back to Iraq. She's not stupid - she knows they would kill her if she did.

For everyone who thinks people should lay off -- I'm sure the minute she stops stealing from people she has lied to, stops stealing from the State of California, and starts to support herself, everyone would lay off and never give her a second thought. As long as she steals from us, we will not lay off. The minute she stops, or hopefully, the authorities step in to protect those children and the state cuts her off, we will gladly stop.

2037 days ago



The sponsorship from companies (that she counted on) is simply not there. They don't want to get anywhere near this toxic person or the negative publicity they will get from supporting her. That has come out in several reports. All she got was one package of diapers per baby.

2037 days ago


yeah- she's nuts, but worse than mussolini?!? really? haaarsh...

2037 days ago


Yes, there is something that can be done about it. The welfare system can possibly find her an unfit mother due to the fact one person cannot take care of 14 children, with 3 of them already "challenged", then take the kids away until she finds legit means of taking care of the children. SO YES, THERE IS SOMETHING THAT CAN BE DONE, AND PROBABLY WILL BE DONE AS SOON AS THE 8 KIDS COME HOME.

2037 days ago


DEPORT THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2037 days ago


kabelladonna- 91--that is ridiculous and untrue. Of course she is getting donations. They are helping babies, idiot.

2037 days ago


i thought kids could only be taken away if they were in imminent danger... eek. the poor kids would have to be separated, not to mention their removal would traumatize her other kids (more). i couldnt fathom the idea of having my (2) kids separated and given away like puppies. sure she's crazy,a bit dumb also, but i feel sorry for her. im not sure why anyone would wish horrible things (such as BEHEADDING!!) on anyone, let alone someone who would just be a crazy cat-lady without the wonders of modern science. besides, foster families get waaaay more money from the govt for 1 kid than a normal sized family gets for 2 or 3. breaking up the poor babies would cost even more...

2037 days ago
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