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Patrick Dempsey's Wife -- Mad at the Wrong Peeps

2/16/2009 7:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Patrick Dempsey's wife had some misplaced anger last night outside Rustic Canyon restaurant -- blaming the eatery for "selling them out" to the paparazzi. Only problem: They didn't tip us off ...

Patrick Dempsey: Click to watch
Just an FYI: When you're super-famous, people tend to recognize you -- especially people who happen to be seated near you inside restaurants.


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Perma scowl.

2042 days ago


What, is she his F'n bodyguard? Ridiculous. Don't go out in public if you don't want to be photographed.

2042 days ago

You Can Do Better    

It's been said MANY times before....Get out of the business if you can't hack it! Anyone with half a brain knows that when you become famous, you WILL be followed, photos taken, little privacy...etc. Nobody forces you to take that on, it's YOUR choice. Live with it or don't do it. BTW...what a bitch!

2042 days ago


What a bitch. He needs to leave her sorry ass for someone whos alot more understanding to the business. The nerve of her. Maybe next time she takes that fat ass ride for a mall run she will remember that without the press doing these type things she woul;d not even exist. And by the way no one gives a crap about her at all so SHUT UP LADY!

2042 days ago


Like anyone cares what Jillian Dempsey thinks. Her husband has been nothing but kind to the media and in one simple step, she just takes him along with her on a a ride to jerktown. The restaurant didn't do this to you honey and if it bothers you so much GO HOME AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR TODDLERS and stop parading around where celebs get photographed nightly. She could have gotten right in the car as obviously nobody cares whether she's in the photo or not. Get over yourself and stop single handedly tying to ruin your husbands career by being a first class b*tch!

2042 days ago


Noticing her husband should be a good thing, thats how her ass get money to eat and shop because of him, STAY HER AZZ AT HOME NEXT TIME, DUMB TWIT.

2042 days ago


29. Jill Dempsey is like a big flipping VP at Avon and makes as much money at her husband. None of you tards would know that of course. I propose that we sell off all TMZ photographers (stalkers), staff and Harvey Levin into personal slavery in California to help pay for the California budget deficit. Of course we're not going to get much money for their pathetic services but every little bit helps. Maybe they can all be sold as slave housekeepers to the people they stalk. And the pay for their services goes to the state treasury. I can live with that.

Dempsey fans are insane-like the comments one made above.This guy has message board after message board where all theses chicks do is talk about where he is, when he's photographed, what races he will be at. Some follow him to his races and photograph him there and bring it back to the boards to show the other stalkers. There is really no difference and the post above is yet another over the top fan TRYING to act more important than she is. So Jillian works for that CRAP company Avon. Her products suck and if they REALLY wanted a PRIVATE Valentines day, there's a million ways to have it. Didn't see Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon or a thousands of celebs being photographed on Valentines. They ate at a public place and Dempsey as usual was classy while his wife has a permanent scowl on her face. Nice rep for Avon sweetheart. Your products are crap and so is your attitude.

2042 days ago

honest t    

I don't blame her one bit. If someone was harassing my son I would not be happy!

2042 days ago


what's up with her? it's not like she's anyone famous. also, isn't patrick dempsey's fifteen minutes up? he might have to wait another 15 years for his career to pick up

2042 days ago


1. Ignore the camera
2. No one cares about you, they're talking to your husband
3. No one asked if you'd come back, but nice attempt at grabbing attention
4. It's a hip bar near the ocean in Santa Monica. You don't think there might be paparazzi standing around?

2042 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Girlfriend, having paps on ya is all a part of the gig if you're married to a Celeb...if you can't take the heat stay in your own dang

2042 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

TMZ Paps representing San Diego!!! Whooo-hoooo!!!

2042 days ago

Paula Simpson    

The restaurant had NOTHING to do with this. TMZ says that they got the tip from someone eating at the restaurant. When so many go to eat where celebs do at times, I think it's horribly irresponsible for Jillian Dempsey say this about the establishment that did nothing to deserve it. To blame the restaurant and say she is not going to eat there, which most likely also means her poor husband who seems to have been pushed around by his wife in this economy, is a horrible disservice for all the hardworking men and women who probably busted their collective ass's to serve this chick only to have her say that. Why it would be alike me saying..Don't use the Jillian Dempsey line by Avon. It gives all women horrible rashes, it's a terrible product line. She should apologize, but most likely her poor husband will have to. He's a class act. She on the other hand is an over indulged, self serving human being. Nobody would recognize her if she went up the street with a sign saying "notice me, I'm Patrick Dempsey's wife." Truth of the matter is, she's a total disservice to the company that uses her name and just set a horrible example of how to treat us common folks that bust our ass to serve her. I hope the hard working staff of restaurants where they eat saw this piece and take note the next time she enters one of their establishments-beware!

2042 days ago


SHE is a b****....probably complained when he had NO career, now that his career is hot again, she's complaining about that! Probably just pissed that HE is cuter than SHE is!!! ungrateful b****

2042 days ago

Paula Simpson    

Just to clarify my last comment. The line about Jillian Avon line was a joke. I'm sure it's fine product line. I was kidding, but wanted to point out how influential people can say things that can potentially do damage to products and businesses such as restaurants like this. We should all be careful of what we say in particular in the case of public personalities. Especially when in Jillian Dempsey's case, where her comments were not based in any fact and were whole heatedly irresponsible to the staff and crew that work at that establishment because she's angry her husband now has a lucrative career and people find HIM -not her, worth photographing.

2042 days ago
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