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Carrie Underwood -- Stops, Drops, Cameras Roll

2/17/2009 1:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Underwood and her NHLer boyfriend Mike Fisher have reached the point where she comes to his games to cheer him on -- but last night, she clearly didn't want to be caught at a hockey game.

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Aussie Suck Rou Nuts    

You're right #50, if you watch the video closely the guy with the design t-shirt pull out his tool and that's when the HO drops to her knees. She Does SUCK.

2071 days ago


Bwahaha! She went down faster than a hooker on a Benjamin! :)

2071 days ago


omg thats hilarious

2068 days ago


#24 I loved your comment. look like shes selling drugs that's funny. She knows how believe me. I'm from her home town. Everything about her is fack, She was the biggest party animal. Always getting drunk falling out in the clubs. She was the biggest ho in Checotah. Everybody there has had her. So now she's on the Hollywood seen doing the same thing. She was this guys trick across the tracks, he's in prison now. what would Hollywood think, about her sleeping with black men? Don't think Nashville would like that to well. Everybody in checotah is so sick of her fack ass. She has so many people fooled. But not you #24 I'm proud of you. I was just waiting for someone to notice how fack she is, besides the people who grew up with her. Her dad is real quiet, that's where she gets her quietness from, when she's around people she doesn't know. Her mom is a Sweet heart, she was a great 3rd grade teacher. The city took her signs down in Checotah, Because she does nothing for her town, and her church still looks the same, It's only one store in Checotah that has her pictures on there store, because there friends of her family. She didn't get her diploma honestly like everyone else. they just gave her the rest of her credits, because they knew she was not going back to collage. The students at N.S.U where so pissed, because they had to work hard, for there last credits and she didn't. She tried to lie and say she went back and finished lying bitch. She was on Idol tour. My sister was one of the girls on her campus.

2068 days ago


She's Fast :P

2068 days ago

moe habibi    

Dear Carrie: I was really shocked and to the point hurt to see you react as such. I always loved, respected, admired, cared, stood up for you. you have the right to date any man you want to, but trying to hide it like this is a little beneath you. How does going to make mike feel knowing that his girlfriend is hard at work to hide being seen when she comes to visit and cheer him. as many as videos , shows, concerts you have done you should know that by time you see yourself on screen it is already too late to hide from camera.To borrow a phrase from you "always go with the flow" I wish that you have "gone with the flow" that day, and simply smiled, waved, and smiled again and that would picture you as the great, honest, and warm person that you truly are. As an "OKLAHOMAN" I must tell you that what happened that day and things like that are not really "GOOD" for you and you are lots better than that. The real Carrie Underwood is a wonderful, nice , friendly, warm, honest, person and you are all that!!. I will always love, respect, admire, care, stand up, and cheer you. And on behalf of all "OKLAHOMAN" I want to tell you that you are our "BELOVED PRINCESS" and we will always "SUPPORT" you.

2066 days ago

bsb fan    

LOL, she dropped quick!

I don't think she'll show up at games very much anymore.

2072 days ago


LOL Can't say that I blame her tho.

2072 days ago


Being from Mike Fisher's Home Town ....I am a HAPPY that Carrie grabbed onto this HUNK....and not some skank like Parasite or any other Hollywood Tartlet. This guy is a CANADIAN GEM and so hopefully Carrie will treat him well since he is defenitly a RARE FIND.

2072 days ago

Dr. Adams    

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2072 days ago

nothing better to do    

Wow...she would have looked a lot less stupid if she had just smiled and waved and then turned away like it was no big deal. LOL Throwing herself to the floor made her look like a kid that just got busted by mom.....hahahaha

2072 days ago


shoot I'd be embareass'z to be seen wit a hocky playa too....

2072 days ago


Dork! She really needs to relax about the public thing...she makes a bigger ass of herself doing stuff like that than just waving or turning her back to the camera. How stupid.

2072 days ago


I think Carrie Underwood is the most vacuous, boring, self-centered celebrity in the current spotlight. She is like a stepford wife; you never see her with any genuine emotions, or interesting or intelligent conversations. I feel sorry for ANYONE that gets hooked up with her, because it is definitely a step down! Please think twice because you deserve much better then her....Oh, and by the way, Carrie.....PLEASE learn to wear dresses that are longer then your crotch, and PLEASE learn to sing without spreading your legs and get some CLASS!!!!!

2072 days ago


She just was not glitzed up as she normally is and did not want to be exposed....Personally I think she looks good not glitzed up, she has a tendency to over do it.

2072 days ago
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