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Former OctoPublicist: Threats Were "Horrible!"

2/17/2009 10:18 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Now we know the nature of some of the death threats Nadya Suleman's former publicist dealt with before quitting -- and they're brutal.

Joann Killeen: Click to watch
Joann Killeen was on "Larry King Live" last night and explained, in shocking detail, some of the messages they both received, including ones saying "My client's uterus should be ripped out" and "I should be paralyzed."

Even more shocking -- Killeen says some people left return addresses.


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How many kids of hers are autistic? I didn't know that.

so, if she doesn't work, the grandma is on a pension (which goes to feed the brood) and the house is going to repossessed, I ask....

How are they taking care of all those kids?

Do we know for sure she gets welfare?

WTF was she doing getting her nails done and scarfing back fast food?

I really feel sorry for those children. we're supposed to love our kids and take care of them, not the other way around..

2072 days ago


Do people on these forums realize that nobody cares what you think when you cannot put a coherent sentence together. If you are not able to read and write clearly and concisely, keep you dumb a$$ off of comment sections!!

2071 days ago


I would like to stuff this womans uterus with a turkey, stuffed with a duck, stuffed with a chicken, stuffed with a veal.

An octovealturduckchicken. And then serve it to Rush Limbaugh.

2071 days ago


It is a shame these children have been born; it was a choice forced on them by a deranged person...and like million of others they will be forced to live out their lives in poverty; which is only right; a lot of us are through NO fault of our own. I have watched my LAST Inside Edition; my last Entertainment Tonight, NO more magazines with her in them...I refuse to be (involuntarily) a contributer to the betterment of Suleman's life by them PAYING her for her and the children's pictures, stories etc. The nedia controls way too muxh of what happens and is percieved in America...they make THEIR choices and then try to force it down OUR throats and I REFUSE to help support THEIR agendas ANY more...I will watch NO show with her, I will buy NO books for or BY her, I will read NO magazine with her IN it, and I will buy NO product endorsed by her...I have short shrift for stupidity and will not be sucked in to THIS garbage when we have other RELEVANT things happening here in OUR coubtry.Let's ALL ban and boycott...If we REALLY want to catch up on the kids we can Google them !!! It's free !!!!

2071 days ago


She is playing with GOD. The devil is stabbing at every part of the gift GOD gave Humans.

2071 days ago


Why would any body threaten these people? It makes no sense. I think this was just a publicity stunt! They cut ties off with Nadya because of all the bad publicity she was getting. People are angry, not just because of Nadya, but because there are a lot of other people milking the system for their benefit like she is. And they're tired of it!

The people responsible for all this is Nadya herself and the doctor that did this. He should pay for the hospital bills and so should she. She's no better than anyone else out there. So her brood of 8 survived, BIG DEAL!!!! She's just another welfare case!

2063 days ago


if nadya wanted connections then how come the connection to a partner doesn't count?
it is true she married and tried the conventional way. maybe he wasn't the one.
what i find disturbing is that young men seem not to be that interested in getting married and having kids like men from previous generations. yes there have always been deadbeats but not in the numbers now.
people complain about the number of young single mothers dependent on welfare. many of these have never been married and that is what i find disturbing. instead of ragging on the women for taking welfare, why aren't people ragging on the men for not caring about the lives of the offspring they produce? where has society gone wrong that they do not care?
why doesn't the sperm donor speak up? nadya says he knows who he is and that he has this many kids. why isn't he feeling any responsbility for these kids?

2063 days ago

Debbie Mitrosky    

Octumom stated due to her reproductive organs medical condition it took six fertalized embryos for one or two to take.She didn't mean to have six that was a mistake. O.K. lady I will give you that muchbut thats all. Why would you even try and have one more when you have 6 already and 3 with disibilities one with autisum. And word for ya having 6 kids is a big family in this day and age. And all the money you spent on these procedures you said right out of your own moth it cost you over a hundred thousand or more. Why would you not have taken that money and invested it in something ythat would have made money for you and your six you already have. Then take a part time job at night while the kids were sleeping and be home with the kids during the day. Plus with the disibility money you get for three of your kids you would have been doing fine and the food stamps you receive.Because you lie you are not a living caring mother if so you would have thought of the 6 you already had and their future. You were not thinking if them or you would have not selfishly spent all that money on anything other than your kids!! My husband and I had 5 children and after number 5 I had my tubes tied.Yes it is everyones choice to have as many kids as we want because we are not living in China but reality is what reality is. From my own experiences with children with disabilities I know it is next to impossible to care for one with special needs let alone 3 now how many out of these 8 preemies!What this woman needs to do is adopt out with open adoption and that way these children will get the proper love,care and attention they need yet she can still be apart of their lives.

2062 days ago


The Killeen Furtney group which still collects donations for the Octupet mom even though they say that they no longer represent her, have called the Octuplet mom story "a wonderful, wonderful family story". Who would hire these two ever again.

2061 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

If you THINK that is bad look at what they did to DA howard Robard Hughes JR/mom jean Peters.Forced into lifetimes of hidding and forced out of hollywood and billions of dollars.I had 36 kids by age 14 and a sperm bank full of my sperm which some of got used.It`s a new age of science and designer human beings.BUT I was forced from dad and from every town we went to.Everyone hated mormons and we changed of lifes because of that and we went anti-nuke at atomic city and howard died fighting the AEC which still burns on me to the day hour and min.Plus the trilates took the esate and HHMI for themself and now I have 200 college`s dark programming trying to off me-they got everyone I knew dead george beatle center UNL radational wireless warfare murder inc ,kichen cabinet Greenspan reagan too madoff and still going.

2073 days ago

two cents    

I feel so flattered. That was ME ME ME! I said to "rip out her uterus". LOL What's wrong with that? Hilarious. Great job guys, keep up the heat. Isn't internets wonderful?

This isn't over until she pays back every penny she stole for the American public. Every last cent.

2073 days ago


I may think all the same crazy stuff people said to them but at least I'm not crazy enough to actually do it. I'm glad this money grubber quit and I hope it destroyed her career. Octomom is gross and doesn't deserve anything from anyone other than maybe a real job to pay her own bills.

2073 days ago


Yeah these people are disgusting with the way they talk.. I GUARANTEE you if we could all see a picture of the person talking all nasty we wouldn't mind those people talking Once we see what they look like we would be like OF COURSE they are talking like that..Look how they Look..hahaha They have been cursed since birth with ugliness..hahaha

2073 days ago


Thank you Ms. Killeen for clarifying your position,(endlessly, in the media) and in addition getting more publicity for your P.R. firm. Do you honestly believe the public thinks your motives were purely unselfish? You may have taken on representation of this woman pro bono, but was that with the caveat that you would not share in any of the financial proceeds this leech -on- society mental case might obtain? You got out of this mess, my advice to you at this point would be to stay out or you will be the recipient of a public backlash. In fact, let's all let this unfortunate octuplet mom sink into welfare oblivion and stay there. Additonally, I'd like to see this subterfuge of constantly bringing up the future of her children eliminated as well, because although Ms. Suleman may not get the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow she hoped for, rest assured she and her children will continue to be charity cases for the rest of their lives, courtesy of the tax paying and resentful public.. They will have diapers, food, etc. on the cuff. The best case scenario would be for the state of California to step in and closely monitor what this deluded woman will be doing when she has l8 kids in her care. Her poor mother, the grandmother, is another tragic figure. Basically, Ms. Suleman (through a series of public mistruths, shading of the truths, games of semantics, and outright lies ) has alienated everybody and I don't believe any tax payer and consumer would ever contribute another penny to any company who supports this hustler.

2073 days ago


ZERO POPULATION GROWTH. No more handouts, fine anyone with more than 2 children. Planet is already overpopulated, then due to the lies of Christianity, the breeders keep breeding. And now it appears, the US needs a forced sterilization policy. Dark days on the horizon.

2073 days ago
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