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Former OctoPublicist: Threats Were "Horrible!"

2/17/2009 10:18 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Now we know the nature of some of the death threats Nadya Suleman's former publicist dealt with before quitting -- and they're brutal.

Joann Killeen: Click to watch
Joann Killeen was on "Larry King Live" last night and explained, in shocking detail, some of the messages they both received, including ones saying "My client's uterus should be ripped out" and "I should be paralyzed."

Even more shocking -- Killeen says some people left return addresses.


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I didn't want to kill her before but now I do.

2074 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

When she is old she will have all those kids to take care of her as she is now doing for them.I`am sure at least some of them will be productive and do just fine yes having to take care of them would`nt be a FUN JOB but she will get her rewards from that and many rewards at that.Science is ahead of the human mindset try being a mormon kid and than having your kids ripped away from you when you are just a kid yourself.Try being a sperm bank hughes`s and never getting to see or know your own kids.MIND numbing and not a family as you started as.I don`t know a thing about my kids or even how many there are...but I do know thier step parents wanted them very badly and thats why I decided to be the DNA Father...but just know that AN`T a easy road...and there are no blue prints to work from,but if you don`t than there are no more hughes`s and for that I`d do it all over again.But Now you don`t have to cloneing and a worlds of new ways to reproduce...they never could stop dad-Howard Robard Hughes JR from doing what he and TOM SLICK thought were right.

2074 days ago


It's remarkable the amount of mean spirited anger that this story has brought out in people. It speaks volumes to where we are heading. Imagine using 10% of the energy it takes to create and foster this hostility and do something kind for someone else. Just 10%. There are just so many other things in the world that require out attention and anger, this is just not one of them.

2074 days ago


Joann Killeen's PR firm quit when octomom got an agent. I bet the firm was forced out ... perhaps when the agent presented his contract and Killeen realized she wouldn't make money.

2074 days ago


Guess a woman’s right to choose, is only if she chooses the liberal way.
Can’t wait for someone to come up with mandatory euthanasia, as a way to solve the Social security problem.

2074 days ago

Sue Wong    

I don't condone what Miss Suleman did BUT think of all the money spent on the war in iraq alone. That's your tax dollars at work, killing people. Also, she's not the only one getting welfare with a brood of kids. Personally, I think the money is well spent to give kids a better life. The people who're complaining can do the same thing if they want. Everybody makes a choice in life. Wasn't there a polygamy cult on the news last year with a few hundred kids on welfare? There was a baby boom last year. I know in Canada and North America, alot of babies were born, many to single parents on welfare. The government wants more children as baby boomers are retiring or dying. Based on their income, Canadians receive up to $400 a month per child in child tax credits. This is not welfare and is not taxable income. It helps to eliminate child poverty. Just think, Miss Suleman had one child each for all the people who don't want a child. Fourteen more on the welfare roll won't make a difference. Your tax dollars will be spent anyway and probably to a worse cause. Also, people are complaining when she gets money for interviews etc. Well, that makes no sense. They say it will take over a million to raise these kids to age 18. If she gets a million or more she won't be needing welfare so leave her alone and stop nit-picking. The babies are here. We should just be concerned that she will be a good mother and take care of them.

2074 days ago


To Elle: This does require our attention, especially California taxpayers because we will be footing the bill for not only her kids and now her babies, but also her plastic surgery and manicures. This is a BIG DEAL considering our Country, especially California, is already deeply in dept. This crazy lady will be collecting thousands of dollars every month from people like ME who work hard and pay taxes. I cannot afford luxury items for myself so why should I have to hand over my tax dollars to people like this crazy woman? I don't like it but I have NO say on where my money goes so I will exhaust my energy on blogs. Honest good hearted working people are struggling and this crazy bitch continues to scam the system.

As far as her publicist. What? Did the genius think her client was going to get GOOD publicity from this considering her client is a scam artist and a psycho?

Married or not. If you cannot properly care for the children you already have then don't have more kids. People who do this are scammers and they belong in jail. Her kids should be adopted into loving homes where they can receive the love they deserve from people who can afford to care for them. And afford to care for them doesn't mean welfare or disability.

2074 days ago


Publicity Whore...table for one.

2074 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Her body/birth was was part of a lab study...and she pasted that test better than anyone thought would happen.What RICH lady would do the same for science?none thats why they used a poor lady and thought the PR would be good and she would get america behind her.The science was great but the PR was`nt and they should have protected her better untill people got thier minds around eight kids at once.You know they will do this again and again untill people acept it.The churches don`t have a stand on much of the sciences and those that do are mixed about what is right and what wrong.Is it wrong to clone a human being? they are doing it now over seas.Is it wrong to clone DNA and build a egg and or sperm from it?.Freezeing of egg and sperm?.It never ends untill the mind acepts this or that as normal and what is normal changes every day.She will get money from somewhere and if the goverment is giving her money than they are behind this studie....maybe SUPER MOMs` is what it will take to save the human race someday who knows.50 years ago teenagers went off to WAR WWII and 13 year old girls gave birth in high school at the same time marryed off while thier husbands fought the SS.That isn`t normal NOW but it was than.THE CHURCH is the one who pushed that on everyone and now they say thats a taboo...but much of the world still does that today just not in the USA.You can`t stop can`t kill it just as you can`t stop churches and groups that say this or that or whatever.It was a first and thats a good thing in science...she was used by them...but now it`s time for super mom be just that and that is science at work....DON`t like it than go backwards and live in the STONE age.

2074 days ago

Brian Peppers    

Americans are such swine, giving big tuff threats to a single mom, you tards must be so proud of yourselves. Why don't any of you complain when offshore banks get trillions of dollars in U.S. tax money? I wish the mothers of the people making death threats had had their uterus torn out! America is evil and heartless and deserves what it gets! Shame on you America! I"m going to have as many kids as possible and god help anyone who tries to stop me!

2074 days ago


The stupidity of the people calling this woman and giving their address makes me laugh. They are pissed because we the tax payers have to pay for this woman and her kids, yet we the tax payers are also going to have to pay for their attorneys and support while they sit in jail for making these threats. Looks like Karma to me

2074 days ago

two cents    

EVERYONE needs to keep up the pressure, lest we have some idiot try to copycat her. First jolie, now octomom, and you just now there's some f.cktard out there that want to "win" with having an even bigger litter.

Rip out her uterus, or throw her off a bridge. Makes no difference to me, just stop her from breeding, cut off her welfare, and take her kids away before she drowns them.

2074 days ago


I feel bad for those in CA. They are laying off up to 20000 state employees today yet you guys are still going to foot the bill for her kids in the hospital, which they say will be between 1-2 million. That could have saved a lot of jobs!

2074 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Without science there would be no medical,No rubbers no birth control.Everyone wants to trash science while they use it everyday.the internet itself where they run thier little mouths is a science.Births today use science but when someone becomes a LAB RAT for science which someday will help everyone says NO NO NO than uses the science for the rest of thier lifes without ever thinking about it.She is america`s first SUPERMOM built by science and anything they learn from this and they will learns tons from this will be used marketed and producted into a product just as pain killers and C cuts are used today.She is a LAB RAT for the USA people and we are first or leading the world here in this tech,It`s about time that we beat north korea at some sciences.You can`t go back to the stone age even if you want too...those that don`t live in the here and now are left behind like those who can`t use the internet.The internet was changed the markets and that si one reason for the down turn just as the goverment predicted years ago...they held back the hughe`s/japan internet for years untill they had control and than it changed the markets anyway.Change takes time sometimes we don`t have much left now america is falling and science saved us many times before can it this time who knows,,,but if we don`t use what we know than we fail and get left behind like some lost tribe in the dust.She is one brave soul and I Thank her for being a super mom...our first one that science built.NURSE bee`s do the same but at a much higher level than humans .They built whatever life is needed from the HIVE just as our country has done to get it to this point in time.CRY CRY CRY it won`t take you back in time to a time you could understand....go forward or die that simple!.

2074 days ago

Dyna ™    

Now I feel bad for posting her the website address on myspace........NOT!

2074 days ago
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