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Hanoi Montana -- No Wok in the Park

2/17/2009 10:17 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus may have done that whole eye thing that triggered a $4 billion lawsuit, but don't say this chick isn't supporting the Asian community....

Miley Cyrus: Click to watch
Smiley chowed down at City Wok last night. She had another hankerin' after hitting up Koi last week. By the way, we recommended renting "The Joy Luck Club" -- and you say we're not helpful.


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Personally I'm not a big miley fan and nvr will be I'm glad she got caught for being racist and the reason why she is the main target is because she suppose to set an example for kids well in this picture it doesn't show and being that this isn't the first time she has been involved in something bad the pictures all over myspace wit her in little shirts so seeing this doesn't surprise me at all and they call her a role model ha!!!!!!!!! bite me with all of that just because she is a big disney star don't mean she is tinker bell sooo I say good job tmz keep up the good work.

2073 days ago


tmz is not racist. miley and her friends are the ones who captioned this photo conjecturing if she could star in a hanoi version of her show. and there's no wok in my last name park haha. i'm a cute asian guy who gets girls of all races and miley isn't being racist. perhaps some other kids in the photo because they aren't doing it well. but miley does it right. she really looks asian. she looks better like that. she's hotter than usual. obviously she has been practicing, being the consummate overachiever she is. im impressed! my gfs and i love to watch the hilarious disney show hannah montana. and 'the climb' and 'start all over' are good videos.

2002 days ago


Where has miley's manfriend been lately? Did he find a hot 13 year old and dump her?

2076 days ago

JOhn Woods    

LOL, thats pretty funny dude you have to admit!


2076 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Sh1tty Wok, what you oodaa?

2076 days ago


Okay, I am not a Miley fan but I do not agree with all this stuff going on with her and what she did. How about the others in the pic? Why is she the only one being sued...the others even though they are not in the public eye should get sued too.

I honestly do not think it is fair.

2076 days ago


Is it just me or are these racial puns refferencing the incident getting as insulting as the picture miley took, I'm just waiting for the "Me rikey, eggrole" caption for the next miley post becuase you know it's comming, that's how you got Al sharpton on your asses in the first place ...

2076 days ago

Carrys F.    

Colby - YES THEY ARE!! I thought the same thing. I actually think the title for this story is more insulting that what Miley did. Not to mention the book recommendation.

2076 days ago

Carrys F.    

paparazzi_gurl - really? You can't figure out why they're not being sued? That's so EASY. Because they aren't rich and famous. Go for the deepest pockets, honey. Suing is the American way. Forget getting a job. Sue. Sue. Sue.

2076 days ago


Does anyone think that maybe the joke wasnt about asians but about being high? look at the guy to the far right, his eyes are squinted but hes not holding them with his fingers! they all look stoned!

2076 days ago

Chevy Girl    

Such an obnoxious child

2076 days ago


the way I translate this picture is seeing a bunch of immature kids having fun by taking a picture imitating their Asian friend included there. There is no harm with that.....

it is not like me painting my body black trying to take a picture with Obama. Now, that would be racist!

so, to all the Asians out there, CHILL OUT!

2076 days ago


Umm, could white people possibly partake in something that perhaps isn't offensive to a racial group for once, I for one am sick of these face book contriversies that involve a Fraternity or group of white people doing something that is offensive to minorities, jesus, I am also pissed at the one asian dude who stayed around for that nonsence what an uncle tom,

2076 days ago


I'm offended by all of the sue happy minorities who are offended by any and everything non-minorities do. I am offended by all of the white guilt liberals (cough cough Colby) who can't wait to express how offended they are over something a non-minority does. I'm offended that I am offended by the offended. I want 4 Billion dollars or I will be offended. Yes that's it. Four billion dollars will take away my being offended. Make it 5 billion and I will give you a free pass on something that I may be offended by in the future.

2076 days ago


Why are your people such jerks?

2076 days ago
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