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Joe Jonas and His Platonic Girl Friend

2/17/2009 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Self-inflicted abstainer Joe Jonas walked his girlfriend Camilla Belle through New York's meat packing district Monday. No meat was packed.


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is it just me or do these 2 look exactly alike?

2041 days ago


This is news?

2041 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

I could show her a thing or two!.But hollywood killed my whole family than me RIP!.All I ever wanted was to live in the jungle with my family.

2041 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

I use to love too sling poop at him all day when I lived at the zoo...but than they shot me and killed me..I didn`t mean to hurt no one!.

2041 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

What with those crazy eyelines on the show? they hurt my head!.

2041 days ago

another over 40 mama    

Stop picking on them for "holding out" At least they aren't screwing around making babies. Guess you guys are just jealous because they don't go around not wearing underwear, smoking dope, falling down drunk, blown out of their mind on drugs, screwing other people's spouses, etc, etc, etc. and so on. Why do other people think they must make fun of someone who tries to do the right thing. What is this, you make fun of a woman who has 8 babies (she, or WE, cannot afford to raise) and then you take shots at 3 boys who tell the world they aren't ashamed of showing everyone they are waiting to get married to have sex. I wish all our teens would do that. Think of all the babies in the world who are being raised by grandparents, great-grandparents, and even foster parents because the parent wasn't old enough or mature enough to take care of them. Think of the government money we would save if we werent having to foot the bill for all these children who are born into this world on our tax money.

2041 days ago


Dude, if you seriously think this whole abstinence sham is real. It's YOU that needs to go out and get laid. LOL.

2041 days ago


Well said #12!!!! Go ahead TMZ and make of fun of someone who has the guts to to stand up for what is right! I would bet money that when he gets married it will last alot longer than most of the marriages do these days.

2041 days ago


I thought that was samantha ronson

2041 days ago


Like these kids are remaining virgins? Give me a break. It's like 5-6 years ago when Brittany said she was still a virgin while dating Justin. These kids are groomed by Disney to be robots. Disney dictates what they say and what they do. To say these kids are sticking by their purity rings is a load of wallup. Even the best kids...honor roll students have SEX. I'm sick of the purity ring ploy. The best thing to do is be honest with yourself and stop trying to fool everybody. When it comes down to is noones business what the Jonas brother's do with their lives. But to publically scream PURITY ring when most likely 2 of the Jonas Brother's have already been there and done it screams FAKE and it's beginning to look really stupid.

Lastly, I'm tired of Disney trying to push these boys like they're the next "Beatles". They'll never be in the same league. In 2-3 years they'll be forgotten. Only truly talented people come out of Disney successful. And the Jonas brother's are not IT!

2041 days ago


If they were not subsidized by Disney, these posers would have never even attempted to sing songs off key and pretend to play instruments. These puppets are manufactured rock stars. Talent has nothing to do with their success.

Thanks to DIsney our music is now dumbed down to a neat little, homgenized, sterilized package. Just like most of the movies and TV shows.

It's a shame what passes for celebrity these days.

2041 days ago


Over 40 Jonas fan??????? How is that possible anyway? Grow up. Easy listening over 40 crowd.

Get a life lady. All teens should wait to have sex before they marry huh? They almost NEVER do.This is why we teach them to be responsible and use protection. But, I'm sure you think we are telling them to go out have sex then. Besides, what happens if they don't want to get married? They remain chaste for the rest of their lives? Or they finally meet someone and they are a freak because they are 35 and a virgin?

Palin's face keeps popping in my head! Oh, and her Grandchild from a underage, unwed daughter. Her tactics work great huh?

Besides, these boys are at an age where the wind blows and they get hard! So, either there is a lot of hairy palms over there in Jonas world or they are gettin' some. Please I have a bridge I'd like to sell ya.

For the record I don't buy it that they will never 'do it ' before they marry. All those young ladies throwing themselves at them. Come on, THEY ARE MEN they can't resist us. But, I bet you think God will get them through. LOL.

2041 days ago


Does he just hang around with the girl so people don't think he's gay?

2041 days ago


Honestly, it is nobody's business if they decide to have sex or not. If they do make it to marriage without having sex, good for them! But if they fall in love and break their vow to the public, then that is their business. These boys are great role models for teens and young children. As a teacher, I much prefer my students to look up to the Jonas Brothers than most other celebrities.

2041 days ago


My husband took our ten-year-old to a JoBros concert and said it was the best concert he had ever seen, other than Pink Floyd.

Nothing is more pathetic to me than watching washed out, wrinkled former 80s rock "stars" embarrass themselves on VH1 shows trying to experience some kind of renaissance of their sex, drugs, and rock glory days. At least Joe can look back on cute girlfriends, great music, and mucho mucho dineros, as in money that did not go up his nose or down his drain, when he is older.

I love you, Joe....oh, oh, I mean my daughter loves you, Joe.

2041 days ago
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