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Nikki Sixx

Blasts Bottle Rocket Babe

2/17/2009 3:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nikki Sixx graphically (and hypocritically) bitched out a female fan during a recent concert for doing the exact same thing he did just moments before -- throwing a water bottle.

The Motley Crue bass guitarist went nuclear after a water bottle came flying at him on stage. Only problem: It appears the bottle was the same one he hurled at her 10 seconds earlier.

Don't dish out what you can't take!


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almost first!!!

2073 days ago


I would let Nikki Sixx throw water bottles at me all friggin day!

2073 days ago


I saw Brett Michels once in concert and the same thing happened, Brett screamed and cried and stormed off stage and didnt return for 20 minutes, what babies!! And the only way the bottles got into the crowd was because he threw it, give me a break, prima donnas.

2073 days ago

sloppy seconds    

I love Nikki and always have, but I agree this was way uncalled for. Especially because it was a GIRL!
Did it make him fell better as a man to tear her down like that?

2073 days ago

Dr. Adams    

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2073 days ago

Layne Staley    

What a wuss. He's typical of the hair metal bands. "Don't mess my hair up, man!" Picking on a chick to boot. Motley Crue have people fooled...they were a joke in the 80's and still a joke now. Just like Poison.

2073 days ago


I don't think he threw it AT anyone...looks more like he just tossed it up in the air. She, on the other hand, threw it right AT him, but I still think he over-reacted. Chill Nikki! You have a great career, a smokin' hot chick, and your life is obviously good...RELAX a little, man!

2073 days ago


Nikki Sixx is hot but he was way outta line. I'd still do him though...

2073 days ago


Kat Von D sure knows how to pick boyfrienda. This guy has a true hatred of women. Hope this kills whatever shred of career he has. Considering the majority of his remaining fans are women, I can't think that this could possibly be spun in a positive way. TOOL.

2073 days ago


you ever notice that blonde dude from tmz looks like the guy from hanson im just saying...

2073 days ago

Todd Lee    

hey TMZ, nikki isnt the GUITARIST, hes the BASSIST....i would think with a greasy long blonde haired wanna be surfer on your crew, you would know this stuff.

2073 days ago


Hm...Isn't he Hansosn Jr?

2073 days ago


She deserves it for no other reason than being at a Nikki Sixx concert in the first place.

2073 days ago

nothing better to do    

What a jerk! Making a girl cry and making fun of her for it??? Oooooooooo Big Man! I bet she wishes that bottle had smacked him upside his ego-inflated head. She'll never spend her hard earned money to go see that slimy SOB again.
And I won't either....I'd be too tempted to peg a water bottle at him myself.

2073 days ago

Hogan Hater    

What a bad@$$! Takin on a girl with all that security? I thought this idiot was dead!

2073 days ago
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