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"I Need A New Home"

2/18/2009 7:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom just straight up admitted her massive family is in dire need of a place to live, telling us: "I need a new home."

We broke the story earlier today that OctoMom's home is about to hit the auction blocks. Since then, the lady -- also known as Nadya Suleman -- went shopping at Nordstrom.


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What don't ET and Radar Online or anyone else who is paying the Octomom for interviews send the money to the hospital to help pay her $3 million and still counting, BILL. Help the taxpayers in California.

2052 days ago


if she is going to buy a home, why not find something with more rooms, does she actually think that a 4 bedroom home will be big enough for 14 kids plus herself?? and how can she afford all the carseats and stuff fror all those kids, how will she transport them?? and u see her goin to disney land and fast food wtf lady

2043 days ago


WHO'S YOUR DADDY????????????????????? FIRST AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2080 days ago


She's losing her home but continues to spend money. I sure hope the right agencies are keeping track of all of this!

2080 days ago


If her mother got paid money from any of her interviews she can forget filing for bankruptcy. Once they see all of this money they will deny her and may even take that money from her.

2080 days ago


Hey I have room in my barn. The pigs won't mind she should feel right at home!

2080 days ago


Gee, who didn't see this coming??????

2080 days ago


Do not send this woman any $$. She will spend it on fast food and now cosmetics and Nordstrom! If you feel generous send diapers or food. She should have worried about where she was going to live before she decided to have EIGHT more children. Unbelievable! The wierd thing is she doesn't even seem to understand the way it looks when the world views her getting her nails done and shopping. I have three kids and with each one of them I was lucky if I brushed my teeth before noon. It takes a lot of time and money to raise children. She seems pretty clueless.

2080 days ago


She should have thought about her situation when she was trying to get her 5 minutes of fame using ALL of her children as bait!! She is a user, and LOVES the attention. Now she expects every gullible person to either give her donations of items that the babies will need, or cash so she can go shopping for items for herself!! She's ignorant and pathetic-her kids will have a hard road ahead of them with a mother like her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People like her are common place today, though they don't go out trying to have massive kids that the state will support. She makes me sick!!!!

2080 days ago


Won't Disney and that redneck feeb tyler or trey or whatever his name is,
you know, the show that gives free homes to undeserving poor people who just remortgage it
and blow the cash on blow,
what's that show? extreme boring sheeyit show mkaeover something......

2080 days ago


She is just SICK!!! Now she needs a home. Who would have thought that was coming. Someone needs to lock her up fast and take away the kids.

2080 days ago


Something is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY off with her

2080 days ago


4. Hey I have room in my barn. The pigs won't mind she should feel right at home!

Posted at 8:02PM on Feb 18th 2009 by OctoMomIsEvil

My friend, what have those poor little pigs done to you, they do not deserve to be in the same barn as OctoMom! She will suck their eyes out!! Hey, can we call her the New and Improved ChupaCabra???
It is just a thought.....

2080 days ago


She sure has alot of "alone time" doesn't she. This bitch is a world class mooch.

2080 days ago


TMZ: Please stop staggering your posts in such a bizarre fashion that posts 3 hours old stay at the top, and the most recent posts (usually far more interesting) lie under stench like this woman.

Yes, this "OctoMom" gets you tons of hits (great for your revenue), and that's why you leave stench like this on 'the top' (appearing to be 'most recent'). She is a 'human' being who will suffer in her own way (if her kids are taken away, or worse, you keep posting this vile stupidity and some lunatic - there are a few that read your site and seem to comment often- not all are just in CA- that may actually find her and hurt her as you keep pouring fuel on some idiot extremists' misplaced fury)...again, you would suffer nothing but 'higher hits/advertising/traffic (but you love death and destruction).

I am, like all of you, absolutely beyond disgusted (especially as a mother). She has a house going into foreclsure (I was a Loan Mod Officer and understand the process), yet she was able to spend all of her $165k disability on obvious plastic surgery/alteration and IVF, yet not pay her mom a dime, or make one mortgage payment in nearly 11 months.

She brags publicly she is going to be 'celibate' ('not even a moment would be fair to my kids for that') for next 18 years. Why bother with the MAC cosmetics, or nails? For your new babies when you 'visit' them? They can't tell if your wearing makeup nor care if you have nails done. And nails and MAC or Nordy cosmetics won't help in your house hunting!! They won't improve your academic efforts in studying for your Psych Master's! Is it to 'feel better,' as a tired new mom, or as a mom to 6 older kids you seem to rarely see but can see you perfectly well? They don't need to see you in MAC, or any makeup at all! The $50 you've spent on nails and MAC (?being conservative) cosmetics would have helped you go to Kinko's and fax your lender/mortgage servicer your information to ask to save your home! (Again, no make-up required)

2080 days ago
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