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OctoMom Gets Her MAC On

2/18/2009 9:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It just keeps getting better. OctoMom just left the MAC cosmetic counter at a Nordstrom department store.


She was at the Brea Mall near L.A. this afternoon. She bought stuff, though we don't know exactly what. But here's what we do know. Eye shadow costs around 15 bucks a pop.

She may soon not have a place to live but she'll sure look good.

UPDATE: OctoMom blew some of her hard earned handout money on one tube of clear lip gloss -- which ran the food stamp user a cool $14.50 plus tax. In comparison, a 48-pack of Pampers usually runs around $16.99.


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Comment number 65, I live in southern Orange County and find you to be an embarassment. You have a lot of nerve calling people who are posting their opinions a bunch of midwest hicks when you can't use correct grammar, misspell words and can't find a better way to express youself without cursing. All California residents don't think we are better than "Middle America" and will respect others opinions.

2051 days ago


I am going to be truthful I am jealous I work everday and can't afford MAC cosmetics. I had five children and when they were young they had so many needs that I couldn't afford luxuries like make up even at the local pharmacy. Nayda we need a book from you on how to pimp the system so we can afford luxuries like you, such as manicures, expensive make up, nannies, and apparantly full time babysitters. I remember when my babies were young I couldn't go anywhere without them, I did not want to take advantage of my mother because she had struggled and suffered to raise her kids, so please give me insight oh just how you do it, would it start with not having a conscience and caring about other feelings, no pride and taking handouts please, please tell me your secrets.

2047 days ago

I. B. Trucking    

Nadya is CRAZY but she is smart enough to know how to "work the system". I work everyday but I can't afford to have designer clothes, expensive make-up, trips to Disneyland, a half million dollar house. These fourteen kids are all about MONEY. You ask WHY she didn't have any cribs or plan ahead when she was pregnant this time or with the first six? She KNEW what was going to happen and knew she wouldn't have to buy ANYTHING for these babies. She knew the government (YOU AND I) were going to pay for her hospital bill (which is already over a million dollars), give her Food Stamps plus Disability payments for three of her six kids. Wouldn't you think she would stop when he had THREE DISABLED kids? NO, she wanted more money. MORE MONEY is what she is getting. She is receiving over $25,000 A DAY in donations. She thinks she is so "cool" with her "Michael Jackson" nose and "Donald Duck" lips. She is really sickening and looks like a FREAK!!!! She can call herself Mother but not eveyone giving birth is a Mother. She is NOT a mother. She is a BABY BREEDER FOR MONEY!!!!The name Mother has to be "earned". She is NOT a Mother but instead she is a MOOCHER. There is a difference!!!!PLEASE DON'T GIVE THIS MONEY HUNGRY MOOCHER ANY MORE MONEY!!! She is NOT spending it on her kids. She is spending it all on herself. Cosmetic surgery is not cheap, being implanted with babies is not cheap, having nails done is not cheap, have teeth whittened is not cheap, going to Disneyland YESTERDAY, 3/14/09 is not cheap, The only thing cheap is Nadya. She is nothing but TRASH!!!! In fact, this Nasty sickening woman is the most selfish person I have ever heard of. The IRS and government need to REALLY do their homework with this FRAUD ane watch every move this woman makes. She thinks she is "above the law". She is thumbing her nose at all of us taxpayers that work everyday. She is laughing all the way to the bank!!! Have you seen what nasty filth she has been living with her kids (FOR FREE WITH HER MOTHER).? Give her a few weeks and the "new" half million dollar house will look the same with dirty clothes piled to the celing- OH EXCUSE ME, I FORGOT SHE WILL HAVE A MAID so maybe now this "new" house will be clean. ALL FOURTEEN KIDS NEED TO BE ADOPTED AND NADYA ARRESTED FOR FRAUD AND LOCKED UP!!! This is just the beginning of bad things to come with this CRAZY ATTENTION GETTER WANNABE. DO NOT SEND HER ANY MORE MONEY. If you have money to throw away give your money to familes who are losing their homes and jobs. They work everyday and are NOT Moochers.

2046 days ago



2043 days ago


It is a shame that this women is the way she is. I have always given her the benefit of the dought. yes she has a lot of kids, but maybe somewhere she's remorseful. not for the fact that she has them but the fact that they are on display. Never regret your kids, just your situation. I didnt know, I figured she was trying to get the most of this situation in order to provide for her kids, but this is crazy. She should realize that she is under a microscope and every action will have their reaction. She should lay low for the sake of her kids, she might not realize that they are the ones who will bear the brunt of her actions.

2043 days ago


She makes me sick.
Yesterday bringing the 2 kids home, what about the other kids? Looks like they would have been scared to death by all the attention and confusion going on.
Where is her poor mom and dad now? Did she let them move in with her?
This woman is sick.

2042 days ago



2042 days ago


I think that she needs to go to a mental hospital or something. The fact that she spends $14 or $15 on lip gloss and $15 on eye shadow, wtf does that have to do with her 14 kids. Instead of spending the money on lip gloss, save the money, add $2 and go buy the babies a pack of diapers. She gets "free money" given to her and she spoils herself instead of taking care of her kids. I feel bad for the kids! BTW, where are they when their mother is doing all of this. It takes thousands of dollars to raise one kid for the first 18 years of their life. Let alone having 14 kids. You don't even need to do the math to figure out that with that many kids, it's gonna take MILLIONS of dollars. She should be at home taking care of the liter of kids plus the other 6. Personally, I think that if you want to make donations to her and the kids, that's your decision. But i think that it is a waste of time and that your throwing away your money. If I were you, I would keep the money for myself or spend it on more important things then helping the crazy bitc# buy makeup.

2034 days ago

Christy in Maryland    

what a pig

2071 days ago


seriously???? who is watching the kids???

2071 days ago


Seriously, why are you guys at TMZ following this thing around? She had her uterus filled up like a gumball machine. Beyond that, what is the interest?

2071 days ago


why does this not surprise me?

2071 days ago


Is this Lady Stupid Or Wat? She knows the world is watching her, and she knows that everyone hates her. Why does she do all this stuff?

2071 days ago


are you serious?!?! She is ridiculous!!!! Where are her million babies at while she spends all of their food money on expensive makeup?

2071 days ago

love it!    

Why does this woman keep spending money on things that don't benefit her children?

2071 days ago
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