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OctoMom Could Lose Her Crib

2/18/2009 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nadya Suleman may be out on the streets with her 14 kids. TMZ has documents showing the house she's living in could go on the auction block because the mortgage hasn't been paid in 10 months.

read the docs
According to documents filed earlier this month, OctoGrandma (who owns the house) hasn't made any payments on her home since May, 2008 -- she's behind $23,224.98.

The mortgage company filed a "Notice of Default and Election to Sell Under Deed of Trust" on Feb 5. Translation: "Pay us now or we're selling your home and kicking you, your daughter and her 14 kids out on the street."

Launch PhotosThe mortgage company tells TMZ the notice is still active.


No Avatar


That is $2900.00 a month payment. They need to move from Trump Plaza. Obama will bail them out with his Repo plan.

2074 days ago


Good! I hope the house gets taken away! It would give CPS a reason to get those kids out from under her care.

2074 days ago


This will be the 2nd home lost to foreclosure by Octo Granny.

2074 days ago


In fact I... DEMAND... that the ..STATE, SOCIAL SECURITY, SOCIAL SERVICES, CPS and WORKMAN'S COMP.. do a thorough investigation for fraud, child endangerment, etc. They also need to do a psychiatric eval on this woman and have her committed.

2074 days ago


I remember reading that Octograndma got 40K from RadarOnline for her interview. Have no idea if that was an exaggeration or an outright fibby rumor, but that's a lot of moolah even after taxes. In fact, after taxes, that can bring the mortgage up-to-date. Maybe the state of California can find out why it's so far in arrears with all that money Nadya got for her disability (168K)and from student loans (50K) and how much her mother got from her sources of income, including any monies from interviews about the octuplets.

Who am I kidding? Nadya Suleman is a leech who lives off the public and off scamming about her so-called disability (ain't buying it, you healthy enough to carry six kids and then octuplets, you're not disabled!)

But don't worry, we taxpayers will be paying for the rest of Octomom's medical bills and housing and studies. She knows how to milk teh system really well. Maybe we should all start milking the system, as the Congress and administration are tossing money all over the place like it's running an infinite printing press.

2074 days ago

Sue Wong    

Why does Octomom always have a mysterious smile like the Mona Lisa? Is she hiding secrets or just trying to imitate Angelina Jolie? I don't want her to lose the kids if she can care for them but I have to agree she's selfish and takes advantage of her parents and society. Somebody should supervise her spending.

2074 days ago


Thank you Bill Clinton for telling the banks to loosen up and loan money for houses people cannot afford. Says in docs this house was 450k.One writer says this is her 2nd foreclosure,then the loan company needs to eat it.

2074 days ago

ex lax    

its her cult compound .. pound me more doc the government is paying for it!

2074 days ago

Disco Duck    

42. I work in a bank and we start foreclosure after 3 months of missed payments. I have never even heard of waiting 10 months....

Well you obviously don't know how to scam the system like Octo-scammer. They filed for bankruptcy which lets them stay in the house for free. All Octo-scammer has to do is file for a few extensions and they will be able to stay in that house for 2 years without making a payment.

2074 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

George Bush has cost us BILLIONS more than octomom ever did - and he's not even mentally ill....or IS he??

2074 days ago


Wasn't she making a million from her story or something?

2074 days ago


so lets get this right. Grandma stops making payments on her house. Daughter has 100k worth of crap done. Not one dime on the house her 6 kids live in. Tells a doctor around the same time to plant 8 babies in her that will have no place to live if dumb a$$ grandma don't pay the bills. Knowing full well some sucker will come along and foot the bill later. If one person pays any more money I am going to call them a jacka$$. TMZ you rock this is the stuff we need to know. State of CA its time to move in. NOW!

2074 days ago

ex lax    

can I claim them on my income tax as insignificant others?

2074 days ago


Let's get this straight.... In-vitro, Lips, Nose, Food Stamps, Social Security Disability, Social Security. And they can't pay the mortgage????? Does the word DEADBEAT come to mind for anyone other than me?

2074 days ago


I smell a scam here. Let's see, she hasn't made anymore payments since May and around the same time her daughter decides to get knocked up with 8 more babies. Sounds like they both were in on this from the beginning figuring they would collect millions off the story. Guess their little scheme isn't going as planned.

2074 days ago
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