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OctoMom Could Lose Her Crib

2/18/2009 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nadya Suleman may be out on the streets with her 14 kids. TMZ has documents showing the house she's living in could go on the auction block because the mortgage hasn't been paid in 10 months.

read the docs
According to documents filed earlier this month, OctoGrandma (who owns the house) hasn't made any payments on her home since May, 2008 -- she's behind $23,224.98.

The mortgage company filed a "Notice of Default and Election to Sell Under Deed of Trust" on Feb 5. Translation: "Pay us now or we're selling your home and kicking you, your daughter and her 14 kids out on the street."

Launch PhotosThe mortgage company tells TMZ the notice is still active.


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I'm still shaking my head trying to understand what makes you go through with IVF when you are already a single mother of six with no visible means of support.

I think she is relying too much on her mother to help her. When is enough enough? Plus the grandmother is going through her own issues, I'm sure, being separated from your husband (I read that somewhere).

Now the house is possibly in foreclosure in a state that is laying off 20K people. Someone commented that everyone should give a dollar to avoid this family being homeless. What about other homeless families? And many of those adults were responsible but just ran into hard times.

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She'll be fine. She is the face of the Obama "Stimulus" Package! She will be first in line for a bailout, no doubt.

2040 days ago


Ya know, what goes around comes around. Couldn't happen to a better group of LOSERS!!!! Looks like this entire family is nothing but a bunch of deadbeats who don't think they have to live up to ANY financial obligations and just dump it on others and dump all over others. Looks like Octogrands raised a child just like them. They all deserve each other and deserve to be out on the street in a cardboard box.

They can't pay for the house, but she can be seen today mega shopping at Target wheeling out a huge basket of crap.

She can't afford to pay the mortgage or raise her kids, but we see her out and about EVERY DAY buying this and that. SHOPPING SHOPPING

I hope the insurance company that paid out on her alleged back injury
(WHICH WE ALL KNOW WAS A BALLFACED LIE)goes back and charges her with
insurance fraud since she told everyone she spent that money on IVF
and has more than proven there's not a damn thing wrong with her

I hope the financial institution that gave her loans for her
schooling charges her with fraud since she was stupid enough to TELL
THE WORLD that she used her student loans on everything but her

The State of California is broke and looking for bailouts just to
survive. It can't afford to support this entire group of losers, and
it doesn't need this !#$$%!!!!!

2040 days ago

Herpes Ho Hilton    

Posted at 3:48PM on Feb 18th 2009 by Susie

Good point!!! Her parents probably couldn't pay anymore, cuz all their $ was going to the 1st 6 kids -- so what does this slag do? Decides to have some more! Nasty Nadya is selfish beyond comprehension. She makes me want to puke

2040 days ago


Octoblobthe lease on my storage unit is up in a couple of weeks. Can I store my living room set in you uterus you waste of human flesh?

2040 days ago


I would like to stuff this womans uterus with a turkey, stuffed with a duck, stuffed with a chicken, stuffed with a veal.

An octovealturduckchicken. And then serve it to Rush Limbaugh.

2040 days ago


this woman is absolutely crazy. there is no question she did this for money and publicity. she is never with her children that i can see, she had plastic surgery (DUH) and gets her nails done all for the cameras/limelight/attention she is getting. she doesn't work, doesn't own a home, is going back to and when do you raise one child like this let alone 14. this is the sickest story and she couldn't be more selfish and crazed with her motives for her madness. the children should be taken away from her, ALL of them, and given to people who can't have children, but can afford and love them, GOD knows there are enough people who want children who cannot have them. she is not one of them! also, the doctor she used needs a psychiatrist and should not be practicing as he is just as crazy and stupid as she!!!

2040 days ago


Please, someone take notice of this crazy woman. Dont let her keep her 14 kids. She cant manage the money of the kids or their lives.

2040 days ago


If they lose their home these children should be taken from her. She cannot care for them what so ever and by the way
those children are already taken care of by the state, the state has every right. For all I know angelina is up to date on her house payments and doesnt rely on the state for medical insurance. Looks like she failed to become angelina.

2040 days ago

Research both before you condem, there are zealots on both sides    

When I tried 8 years ago to rescue/adopt a dog from an animal shelter near Vestal N.Y., MY HUSBAND AND I, BOTH HAVING VERY GOOD JOBS, had to get a note from the owner of the house from that it was O.K. to have a pet there.

In contrast, this unemployed, irresponsible, mother of 6 IVF kids/ 3 with special needs, leach is able to get herself implanted with as many eggs she wants , not needing a home or note from the person she is living with? Or any proof that she can feed, house, or care for them? WTF

Animals have more rights than embryos? Sterilization- You want government bucks and want to procreate faster than a rabbit? It is our ethical responsibility, and economic necessity to sterilize these people that are to stupid to help themselves and expect society to pay for their kids- and their kids-and so on. STERILIZATION PREVENTS PREGNANCIES, IT DOES NOT KILL ANYONE. SOCIETY REALIZES THIS IS THE HUMANE THING TO DO FOR ANIMALS, YET WE ENCOURAGE/ ENABLE PEOPLE TO BE AS IRRESPONSIBLE AS THEY WANT.

We don't help the poor if we are not providing a solution for them too. IT'S SIMPLE MATH; If you help 3 and they each have (man or women) 4 kids, now you are helping 12.

If it's 10,000 people and they have 8 kids each--you get 90,000 mouths to feed.

WE ARE ENABLING, not helping. If you want a second child and society is already paying for you and the first kid, then if you would like to keep receiving need to be sterilized following the second child- or the funding stops. That is a way to care for those who NEED help, and stop encouraging a growing dependent culture.

Octomom and Octodoc are examples of self absorbed, clueless people. We need to set limits, it is cruelty to the embryos and children not to have limits.

You need a homeowners note to rescue an animal.
A license to drive

People need to be held accountable/responsible for the lives they create. It is sickening that animals get more humane treatment than humans. Just because someone is large enough to create an embryo, does not mean they are acting in the best interest of that embryo./ that future child!

2040 days ago


Petition! Everybody needs to sign a petition stating that we are all outraged and demanding to have this woman investigated for FRAUD. Send copies of it to Arnold (Gov of Ca), Workman's Comp, Social Services/CPS, Social Security and anyone else she collected money from. We need to also let these companies know that if they give this family anything we will boycott and not buy their products. Same goes for the networks, if they pay these lowlifes then we will not watch their programs.

2040 days ago


You cannot even begin to compare this nutcase to Jon and Kate. Jon and Kate were both employed at the time the 6 were conceived. Kate later stopped working full time to stay home with the kids and worked one weekend day while Jon watched them. They were financially responsible for their family and were taking care of them financially when TLC approached them to do a special. Audiences wanted more so it was followed by another special, and ultimately the series. I think its painfully obvious the only reason Ms. Sulman had this litter was for supposed financial gain. And by the way , lying on a borth certificate is a Felony in the State of California, as is filing false disability claims. I sure hope they are investigating this travesty!

2040 days ago


Go away already with your nasty looking stanking arse!

You can never put your foot in Angie's shoes slimeball.

With your plumped fugly fish lips and botched nose job.

2040 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

Sounds like a job for Jimmy Carter and Habitat for Humanity.

2040 days ago
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