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Cuts Thru the Crap

No Hitting Women!

2/18/2009 4:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A lot of celebs have been shockingly ambivalent on the Chris Brown/Rihanna front -- we mean you, Ashanti -- but Natasha Bedingfield finally said what we've all been thinking: "A man should never hit a woman."

Natasha Bedingfield: Click to watch


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Well, princess Christian said it ("A man should never hit a woman") in your previous video, but he was clearly repeating it after your pap said it -- as if he was saying "oh, whatever, yes, you're right". ;3

2041 days ago


TO the other poster: white women have been brutalized for years by their husbands, boyfriends, but are conditioned to not report. Abuse in the white race is under reported. UNDER REPORTED. Another thing violence in the white communites usually end with the death of the female and an insurance payout on some violent assailant entering the home. You guys know how you do: divorce by murder and inheritence by murder.

Allow me to add, what does a guy do when he is being wailed on by some hysterical female angry at being dumped before she is ready to end the relationship?


2041 days ago

eyes glued opened    

There are many woman out there who take full advantage of the "men don't, or shouldn't hit woman rule" rather than relying on the simple principles and moral values that they should have been raised on in the first place that you shouldn't lay a hand on anyone regardless of gender.. Those women need the hell smacked out of them just like any man. If they get in your face and they want to throw down, then they get what they deserve.. In this case, I was outraged when I heard this story because I do not believe that Rihanna would have initiated this, but I could be wrong.. Either way, the whole situation is just unfortunate and everyone should just respect one another. Thank God we finally have someone in the White House who these young people can actually chose to emulate if they chose..

2041 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

It's not a woman's job to raise a man and set his boundaries for him. If at a particular age he is incapable of controlling himself and outbursts of violence (-against women only, ...of course-), he should be dealt with like an animal who has lost control. Men seem to want women to take sole responisbilty for all bad things of society, while they get all the praise for nothing.

2041 days ago

She hits him too    

But a woman should never hit a man either!!!! It's a 2-way street!!!!!

2040 days ago

old fecker    

Finally---some people that agree with harvey and I. Geezzzz, after watching TMZ, ( ok, on a regular basis ), I was begining to get bloody frustrated --- this is a no contest question for you people like, David Spade, etc,etc,etc,etc, Men have no right whatsoever to hit, slap, beat up a woman, there is no excuse--HEAR ME GUY'S, like no excuse, drugs, booze, I don't give a rat's A--, it's simple,, 0 tolerance for that B.S. If a woman slaps a guy, look, put up with it, most women aren't built like Dog's wife, or carry a 44 mag'---just put up with it, walk away,use some guts, get a divorce. Any guy that hits a woman is a useless piece of garbage, and shopuld be given at least five years to think about it---hoprfully in a prison with a 6' 7" 350 pounder called Baba, that's looking for a girlfriend that looks just like Chris Brown.... Oh and Harvey, i know you agree with me, feel free to print my name-also I live in West Vancouver, B.C.
Regards George Dupuy

2040 days ago

Hector Dorey    

What if a rabied female was trying to delimb you or another innocent person? Then you act in defense against the female even if it means delimbing her. Some people say Karate is violence but it is defense. Did Chris Brown do what he did to Rihanna to defend himself? Or did he commit an act of violence against her? It is not known although he was probably not defending himself. But the point is that Natasha Wallace is completely wrong here. Sometimes, albeit rarely, it is necessary to act in defense against a female culminating in her receiving any/all/more of bruising, cuts, broken bones, amputation. The law is very technical on violence and defense.

2039 days ago


It took him a long time to apologize because he has people around him telling him what to say and do (ex reps lawyers and so on) I am sure he wanted to say something a lot sooner, not only to the public but to her. When you’re in the spot light things are handled differently. I was in an abusive relationship for years. It started off with him grapping me during arguments to pushing me then choking then punching and so on. It’s like it happens so gradually you don’t see the change until your wake up from unconsciousness on the floor battered and bruised for the whole world to see. It spun out of control. Its a sad situation. It makes me so angry that some one with so much potential could beat a woman they are supposed to love and ruin everything they have. She says it has happened before and I believe her because It took for me to be beaten so bad that I couldnt hide the bruises with make up and a turtle neck, for me to come out and tell the truth and say "my husband beat me". Like Chris brown my husband was well known nice guy. No one belived me and actually shunned me. But picures dont lie in this case and unless they where in a bad car accident what other logical explaination can you give.

2039 days ago


Unfortunately some people have a false sense of loyalty to their families, boyfriends, husbands & even their race when abuse happens. This is why so many black celebs I feel were ambivalent-except for Jay-Z of course.But I think thats only because hes Rhianna's manager. He's making money off of her. It won't happen if she's being battered & abused. I wonder if he would have spoken out if it were any other lady celeb?

2039 days ago


WHATTT???!!?!?!?! this is stupid....

I'm tired of celebrities trying to give advice, jeez, let them live their life, no pun intended. They will solve this as two talented, smart, and well connected people.. offer the help and stop criticizing... especiall Oprah Winfrey, damn i thought she cared or is she quick to judge lately?

Support both of them at and

BE EASY everyone... u could be on TMZ next, lol

2033 days ago

Joe Mama    

I want to bone Casey Carlson

2041 days ago


didn't Eve speak out as well?

2041 days ago


I find it hilarious that it took a WHITE person to stand up against domestic violence. I'm not trying to be racist but all these people like Ashanti, Magic Johnson, T.I., Terrence Howard, Ray J, Brandy, and Michelle Williams are all black people who say things like "I'm not sure if I would call the cops" or "I can't hate on nobody I'm cool with".


2041 days ago


What next. "Hey, murder? Probably a bad idea!" *powerfist of right on*.

2041 days ago


BS! ... I can't stand that crap "Man should never hit a woma!".. Men are not special, omnipotent, supreme beings. They are people and there few situations I see in which it should be totally fine to hit a female. Just out of the blue, no certainely not, but than noone should hit anyone out of the blue, regardless of gender... We are not retarded disabled helpless little sheep. We can protect ourselves. Well at least those of us who think we can.. can. Many of us start 1st, and I dont mean slap limpwristedly on a shoulder and cry. I mean sucker punch a dude to where he is seing stars. Women are not all innocent little childbearing angels. Get over it. I don't know the EXACt situation with Chris Brown and Rihanna, as none of us really know, so it is not to say that he should have done it. Chances are he is just one of the biggoted little morons of a men who couldn't handle his own "overwhelming emotions" and for that I'd poke him in an eye, but I am just so sick and tired to hear that stupid crap "men are always better" presented in a nice little patronising discuise of "women should never be hit" that I just had to say something. Chances are it won't vene be posted or will get deleted. But hey, I got my fumes out ).

2041 days ago
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