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Brad Pitt -- We're Going to Vegas, My Sons

2/19/2009 12:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Most people hit Vegas for the gaming. Brad Pitt goes for the video gaming.

Brad decided to take his sons Maddox and Pax for a guys-night out in Sin City, where we're told the big highlight of the trip was a trip to In-N-Out Burger -- followed by a serious Nintendo Wii bonding session in their hotel room at the Hard Rock. Sources say the guys ordered up three of the consoles from room service.

Daddy Day: Launch PhotosWe're also told the man-Pitts hit up the MGM Grand at some point in the evening because they wanted to check out the lions.

Meanwhile, Angie and the rest of the clan were all back in NY, probably being boring.


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He's a great dad! But let the kid WALK!!!

2008 days ago


i agree with has become kid friendly over the years...but what about disney or six out the economy that sure at night he left them with the nannys anyway...blah.

2008 days ago


Oh, come on you guys. So what if he's carrying the boy. I would pick my kids up too, if they were tired (and the MGM Grand if HUGE, lots of walking. I know cuz I live in Vegas) or if he was walking too slow to evada the paps. Leave Brad alone. He's a GREAT dad.

2008 days ago


Just looking at the pics...with that Bratt kid being carried like a monkey makes me gag...

2008 days ago


What is Brad thinking????

2008 days ago


I'd be more impressed If Brad had said "We're staying home and my kid's having friends over for a video party!:
Don't these kids ever stay home and do they have time to make friends???

2008 days ago


He is a man they all cheat look what he did to Jennifer...its just a matter of time. Stay tune.

2008 days ago


This is all just nice and sweet...but my question is, why hasn't Child Protective Services been called regarding why these children are NOT in school? Maddox is 7. Pax is now 5. Last week they were in the UK, this week NY, they jump from state to state, country to country, continent to continent, every few days or weeks. ...There is no reason why these two cannot put down roots somewhere for these children to have a stable home environment. They are multi-millionaires for gods sake. Have one parent go out on location to shoot a movie and the other to stay home, and vice a versa...

I thought Angelina stated that she was taking time off from work, to raise her kids.....well I don't see her ever taking a break from anything....oh sure, she took a break for a couple of months to give birth to twins, but then was right back at it...

However, in 15 yrs time, these kids are going to give TMZ high ratings...because they will be on here, for all of their antics. Drinking, drugging, cajoling around town, getting into trouble. Mark my words. I'll be surprised if any of these kids end up being high school graduates.

2008 days ago


if they want a normal life for these poor orphans than why not move to idao and get a big ranch and never have paps after you and lead a nice normal life... for the kids sake... of course... oh but wait... that would mean that brad and angi-ugly werent in the mags all the time! their egos couldnt handle it... they hate the paps.. yea right! people love to look at freaks and they know it. ps: remember when angi-ugly checked into a mental ward years back...checked her self in for cutting and depression... look it up its trueeeeee ... she is wacked.

2008 days ago


Uhhh.... If he loses at the Oscars and Angie brings home her second.... does that mean he is legally Brad Jolie? Oh Yeah Brad, you gonna be Angie's bitch from now on! Better keep the El Pollo Loco chicken suit at arm's length.

2008 days ago


Everyone is so quick to judge. First of all, it's none of your business why he carries his children. Second, get over your jealousy. Third, have you thought for one moment that the kids may be tired, or maybe they're worried and keeping them close this way bc of the paps???????

It's his prerogative what he does with his children.

2008 days ago


We took our son to Vegas when he was six and he loved it. We stayed at the Excalibur where they have a jousting show and knights walking around the lobby. Every hotel is like a little theme park with a video arcade around every corner. When daddy hit the tables, we hit the pool. It was a great vacation. As for the person who said that the only difference between the Jolie-Pitts and octomom is money I say you are exactly right. If you can afford to feed, care for and educate your kids I don't care how many you have. And if you want to pick up your kid when the paps are in his face, I'm OK with that too.

2008 days ago


What's with this beany fetish of his? Can't he wear a nice Fedora once in a while? Every time I see him in those caps I feel like he's gonna sell me a newspaper.

2008 days ago


brad and angie arent pax's and maddox's actual parents were are any of brads and angies kids biolog parents do they know that brads talking there children on trips/ vagas half of those baby collecters family are addopted but i cant decide wich are there actual kids and wich are someone elses kids with there enormous family and all

2008 days ago


They aren't orphans any more. As for not being in school, well maybe they are on a break. My kid has the entire week off. Last I read they were educating their children through a very prestigious school that has many campuses around the world and a program that allows for private tutoring when required. Athletes, working children and parents who want their children to be able to travel with them use it. I wish I could afford to send my child to a program like that. Those kids will be world wise and better educated than any kid who goes to public school.

2008 days ago
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