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Brad Pitt -- We're Going to Vegas, My Sons

2/19/2009 12:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Most people hit Vegas for the gaming. Brad Pitt goes for the video gaming.

Brad decided to take his sons Maddox and Pax for a guys-night out in Sin City, where we're told the big highlight of the trip was a trip to In-N-Out Burger -- followed by a serious Nintendo Wii bonding session in their hotel room at the Hard Rock. Sources say the guys ordered up three of the consoles from room service.

Daddy Day: Launch PhotosWe're also told the man-Pitts hit up the MGM Grand at some point in the evening because they wanted to check out the lions.

Meanwhile, Angie and the rest of the clan were all back in NY, probably being boring.


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I think this boy is too old to be carried like a toddler.

2041 days ago

william giiligan    

# 25 Rachelle - I agree with you totally.

PS The reason they carry these big kids around all the time is that they are nothing but ACCESSORIES - like a purse.

2041 days ago

Rocco and David    

Brad PITT-iful and Angie j-HO-lie deserve each other. Just a matter of time before one (and which one is debatable) hooks up with someone else! Why else would he be in Vegas. To play with his (or someone elses) Wii..... rrrrright.

Once a cheater/home wrecker/adulturer, always a cheater/home wrecker/adulturer.

2041 days ago

leave 'em alone!!!    

Did it ever occur to any of you that maybe he is carrying his son to keep him safe?? These people are hounded and stalked everywhere they go by ruthless paparazzi. Not a safe or secure situation for an adult, much less a little boy.

2041 days ago


that child is certainly small enough for daddy to swing him up on his hip to carry passsed paparazzi ,. or in response to the words ,"daddy im tired,,," do none of you have children ?

2041 days ago


Aw, they adopted some gorgeous kids. Their family is so cute.

2041 days ago


oh i am sure the kiddies played with the Wii, and George and Brad played with their Wii's...............

2041 days ago

stewie griffin    

Yeah, the kid is big enough to walk. But Brad is a mega-celeb. I'd be very protective of my kids if I were as famous as him and angie too!! And Pax probably "always looks terrified" from all the paps circling them like vultures. And adopt me too Brad...take me to Vegas for some Wii playing time. Those kids are lucky!!

2041 days ago


Your kid is big enough to walk on his own.
Why do you wear hats all the time? Going bald?

2041 days ago


Brad and Angelina HAVE to carry the kids because when they are in public they are SWARMED by fantantical fans and photographers. They have photographers hanging off the trees outside the home they own in France. No one should put your kids down in a crowd at a game, or fireworks when you are unknown and you can imagine them doing something that stupid.. Their kids are constantly in danger of being knocked down and/or trampled just getting into a hotel. I have vacationed at a resort in Hawaii when a number of entertainment people were there. It was secluded, but even there they had to just watch bc people wanted to say hello to the entertainer. There were 3 celeb families there. They relaxed and were friendly, but could not relax as much as we did. But it was a safe spot for them. They carry the kids bc of the freaks that want to maul them and take the pictures.

2041 days ago


The poor kid is so terrified of being put down for one second for fear of brangelina having or adopting another kid in the blink of an eye!!

2041 days ago


Brad and Angelina are both horrible parents. They are both over-rated as far as their looks and talent goes, and parenting that's a whole other story. They suck.

2041 days ago


Who cares

2041 days ago


Some of you paps should start telling the kid he looks a big time pansy being carried by his dad.

That'll get him walking.

I think if the kid had his ruthers he'd walk though.

I firmly believe it's brad and angelina that pick them up for the photo-op all the while saying it's for security.

Cuz if you take a picture of the kid walking you would end up seeing his face besides one of the parent's knee or hip.

And brad and angie don't want any part of thet now do they?

Once again call the kid a sissy.

2041 days ago


I almost can't wait to see this kids when they're older. Rather than being brought up normal and stable...they're being spoiled, over-indulged and taught to just run away and play. They're going to turn into the biggest whiny, excuse filled losers (a la Greasy Bear).

2041 days ago
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