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Brad Pitt -- We're Going to Vegas, My Sons

2/19/2009 12:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Most people hit Vegas for the gaming. Brad Pitt goes for the video gaming.

Brad decided to take his sons Maddox and Pax for a guys-night out in Sin City, where we're told the big highlight of the trip was a trip to In-N-Out Burger -- followed by a serious Nintendo Wii bonding session in their hotel room at the Hard Rock. Sources say the guys ordered up three of the consoles from room service.

Daddy Day: Launch PhotosWe're also told the man-Pitts hit up the MGM Grand at some point in the evening because they wanted to check out the lions.

Meanwhile, Angie and the rest of the clan were all back in NY, probably being boring.


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Yea I was gonna mention the same as everyone else... all but the twins should be walking by now. CALL ME, BRAD!! *wink*

2071 days ago


Brad and Who**lina should be shot out back in the woods! I hate them more than anyone. They are child abusers it's obvious!

2071 days ago


Oh God, I am soooo sick of him and HER.

2071 days ago


Why do they carry them too much, why don't they hold them enough,...oh my goodness, what is wrong with the peasants of this world?
You were there with him the whole trip right? I mean, YOU had a stop watch (or even better a pedometer) right attached to each of them so you mathematically calculated the ratio between the kids walking and/or being carried, thus you scientifically concluded, that they are carried too much, Brad is a horrible dad, and they are being 'used' as accessories?! Congrats! You made it in life. you are the definition of a winner in this world.I mean, my kids dad is nowhere in sight, I as much as possible make up for it, financially as well as emotionally, he makes good money, but apparently not enough for him let alone his family, So money is NOT the difference between a provider or a dead-beat. And here Brad loves his kids whole-heartedly, adores them, provides for them, nurtures them and yet there are people out there looking to criticize some dum-dum-garbage schtuff such as holding versus walking??!! Mr. Pitt, please keep 'abusing' your kids the way you have been for the rest of their lives, they will thank you for it later. Next time you are in Santa Monica, please drop by and 'abuse' my two boys like that, I am happy for you to pick them up for a playdate for your kids. Single mother's across the world PRAY TO GOD, that they find a father for their kids as you are one. Your physical appearance I was never drawn to personally, but ever since you are a dad you look so much better to me. You look filled with love and that is the inside out beautiful effect that works for you. We got the worst child abusers in this world and then come Mr. and Mrs. moron along babbling about bad parenting or child abuse based on a picture where a DAD carries his SON. Sick, sick, sick. Go to shelters, help kids in need, be a foster parent, do something GOOD and REAL. And LOVE instead of being bitter, it does your soul good. Look at a picture of a dad (Brad Pitt or not) carrying his kid and LOVE the sight of it. Heal your filthy soul. Take my precious advice. Go hug your own kid, carry your kid, just because you care and CAN.

2071 days ago


Again, why are these kids being carried? They have two freakin legs, make them walk!!

2071 days ago


Why are these kids never in school??????

2071 days ago


What is Brad Pitt doing carrying around Usher? I'm a bit confused lol.

2071 days ago


Post #47, are you kidding me? Good parents? Good parents wouldn't be moving from house to house every 3-6 months. These children don't go to school. They don't have friends outside of their siblings. They're not being raised by their parents but by their nannies. Jolie said she was going to quit work for awhile to help Pax adjust. That never happened. That little boy knew no english and felt like he was being kidnapped. He was crying in hysterics when Jolie took him away. What would a descent caring mother do to help her adopted child? How about be there for him.

Great parents, my ass.

2071 days ago


I can't believe how psycho people are. He's just carrying his son. You people are acting like he's beating him up. They are probably surrounded by paps and crowds and is doing it for Pax's safety. Why don't people understand the concept of homeschooling. A lot of kids, famous and not, do it. I wish the bashers would state facts instead of making things up. Angelina never said she's retiring or taking time off right this second. She said she was going to take a year off after filming Changeling, which she did. She hadn't been on a set since December 2007. Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts begin filming a new movie just 2 or 3 months after birth yet people want to crucify Angelina for going back to work after 7 months. She also said she was taking a year off after Salt. #65 Pax felt like he was kidnapped? Did he tell you this and that he is raised by nannies and never sees his parents? People sound ridiculous when they make things up and quote tabloids.

2071 days ago


this guy makes me sick --He isn't ALL that just a winnie-- His wife looks sick with those big ugly lips--He probably gets a good blow every now and then...He is getting old TIME TO STRETCH that skin out winnie--

2070 days ago


Man, Brad and Angie gonna have some serious hip and back problems if they don't stop carrying dem damn kids!!!! Put his big ass down and let him use what God gave hime to use...his legs!!! Unbelieveable, I'd like to catch myself carrying my 4 year old!!!! HAHA must just be the rich that do stupid stuff like that.

2070 days ago


Why do many many actors go out with thier children, give a picture and not get mobbed by paps? Mainly, because brangelina created this whole media ho. They get their pictures taken when they want, doing what they want seen. They never have pictures of any nanies with them (and we know they have many). It is completely a media direction which they are directing. Vegas is very family friendly these days but if I thought my child was in danger of being hurt or abducted (even by paps), I would not pick them up at that age. I would ask one of the many, many bodyguards that around me to protect my child while I hold their hand. Let's be serious, every time they go out, they have bodyguards. I've seen it personally but you will never see it in the papers. He's been with Angelina too long. he's starting to imitate her. Sad. He was once one of the hottest guys around.

2070 days ago


#68. I agree 100%.

2070 days ago


Why is that kid being carried? Angelina and Brad'll be carrying them when they're 30, I reckon.

2070 days ago


Who the hell takes their kids to Vegas to play video games in a hotel room???? Makes NO sense.

2070 days ago
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