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Ledger's Dad -- Thinking About an Oscar Speech

2/19/2009 11:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The entire Ledger family touched down in L.A. yesterday -- and after the flight from Australia, his father, Kim, said if Heath wins, he might be the guy doing the talking.

Kim Ledger: Click to watch
Matilda would reportedly get the Oscar when she turns 18. Kim said they would gladly hold onto it until then.


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First off, Kim Ledger is Heath Ledger's father, giving him every right to make an acceptance speech and hold on to the award for Matilda if that is what they agree upon. He is not a creeper, in my opinion and does not care about the money, considering they are giving everything to his daughter, Matilda. The Ledger family are also NOT bad people. They loved Heath and I am sure this is a hard time for the entire family, but they are also very proud of him. If that were your child, I am sure you would feel the same way. I do not think he is an "attention whore" or any of those things said about him. He even said he really could not stop to say much. If he were really an " attention whore" don't you think he would take every chance he got to get attention? The man loves his son, plain and simple. And I think it is really rude to say such things about the guy, especially when you really do not even know him. Especially during this bittersweet time for him.

Secondly, Brokeback Mountain did not ruin Heath's career, it showed what a talented actor he really was. That goes aswell for Jake Gyllenhall. They both took on roles that a lot of other actors were afraid to do because of people thinking it was just a "gay cowboy movie", when really it was much more than that. And the sex scene in that movie was for a split second, it was not as graphic as you are acting like it was. Have you even seen the movie? I'm sorry, but I feel someone needs to stand up for Heath and his family. I am a really huge fan of his and actually love hearing his family speak about him. I too do believe Matilda should receive everything from her daddy, and I believe his parents feel the exact same way! They love that little girl, she is their granddaughter, so I have no doubt they love her to pieces and want only the best for her!

On a different note, in this video I noticed how much Heath looked like his dad and even had a lot of the same mannerisms and movements. I miss Heath and hope he wins Sunday!

2070 days ago


I don't think Ledger's dad should 'hold onto' the statue, if Heath wins. Matilda should grow up WITH it. The statue should live in her house with her. Why would he need to 'hold onto' it at all? Michelle is perfectly capable of being it's guardian, as she is Matilda's, until the girl is of age or moves out on her own. I don't get why the statue would be in Heath's Dad's possession until Matilda is of age. Would Matilda have visitation rights to it? Unfortunately, even to see the statue during her childhood and teen years would be problematic since Australia is half a world away. That's just nuts.

2070 days ago


one of the biiggest grossing movies of the year anand all it can manage is only one oscar nomination win if heath wins its not a big deal its only one for simpathy the dark knight one of the most overhiped movies of all time everyone was saying the movie was gonna be nominated for best picture and more then it died off what a shame such a good movie and preformance

2070 days ago

[][] ScOut W. [][]    

Are we back on this agian today? Its easy GIVE THE FREAKIN AWARD TO HIS DAMN DAUGHTER, next.

2070 days ago


Everyone thats saying Heath award should go straight to matilda and his dad should, its a crack addict . Are you really tryingto say that Heaths FATHER doesnt deserve to atleast hold on to his award intill matilda - the person that should get it in the end - is old enough to even appriciate the value of it ? i mean come on . And Michelle has no right to taking the award ! They never were married, and when he died they werent even dating . All she is is his babies mom . His dads in his blood line, Michelle is not . And yes , Matilda is his Daughter . Thats why shes getting it at 18 .

If you put yourself in Heaths fathers shoes, wouldnt you want your only sons Academy Award ? As a token of memory of how beautiful an actor Heath was !?

Your all so easy to jump on a good moment and flip it into something horrible .

Rest In peace Heath .

2070 days ago


Well, here are my thoughts. Zoya #14 comments echoes some of my thoughts on this issue. and wholeheartly agree with Meg #19 comments. I just would like to add that Heath's dad may be a bit of attention seeker, though that does not change the fact the perhaps because of his personality, she want to tell the world how proud he is of his only and late son ( Heath). Do not forget that Heath was the only male child. I think Heath would want Matilda to have the trophy, afterall, this only add to her memories of him, which at such young age could be limited, not true of his family back in Australia. For those of you commenting about a "pity award", etc... it only shows how much you know about a good performance/acting. It is okay not to like Heath ( if that' how you feel), but to say he was not a great actor is suicidal. I loved him, think of him oftern and YES he deserve and will WIN this award.

2070 days ago


Booooo Hoooo F*cking Hoooooooooooo,

Lets feel sorry for the guy who OD'ed himself..

Lets his ghost all the Awards we can outta pity, even though he only made a few movies, which kinda SUCKED!!

But lets praise him & his work, because he KILLED HIMSELF....

Please, give me a Pucking break..

There are more important things to talk about, or is TMZ having one of those "We have no concrete news, so we'll fill our site with BS" day..


2070 days ago


I bet he would like to hold it for her. I think Michelle should be the one who talks and accepts it... His family is weird..

2070 days ago


O.T., So TMZ I can't right-click to open in a new tab because your site is copyrighted? Thank me for formally visiting TMZ.COM.

2070 days ago


You should hear the reputaion this bloke has in Perth. Kim is an ass. thats all there is too it.

2070 days ago


18 -
Speak for yourself, Eric. Heath was brilliant in Brokeback Mountain. I'm a straight as they come woman and his part in that movie (or Jake Gyllenhaal's) didn't make me think of anything in his next movies. He's an actor, it's just a role in a movie for chrissakes. Your inner homophobe is talking, baby. Tell it to simmah down.

2070 days ago


First of all, what I wanna know is...all of you that are raggin on Heath for what happened to him should be ashamed of yourselves. This was a 28-year-old man that lost his life in a very tragic way. He was a son, a brother, a father, and a friend. He was a human being. And for other *so-called* human beings to come on here and say things like "oh boo hoo let's feel sorry for the guy that Od'ed," let me ask you this: what if it was your son, your brother, your father, or your best friend? Would you still feel the same way? I highly doubt it, unless you really are the heartless troll you're acting like.

Secondly, I don't think Michelle Williams should have any say in the matter. Granted she is Matilda's mother, but that's as far as it goes. She has no other ties to Heath, they weren't together, so she needs to live her life and let his family have their time to celebrate his life in a way that they see fit. Personally, I plan to watch The Oscars for the first time in I don't even know how many years, just to see if Heath wins or not. If he does, I will be disgusted if they let Michelle accept the award on his behalf. If it were me, and personally what I'd like to see is; have his father come out and accept the award with Matilda. How hard is that? She should be there. He would want BOTH of them there, regardless of what you people on here are saying about his father.

Attention whore, creeper, whatever else you want to call this man, he was Heath's father, and if you claim to be a fan of Heath's in any way shape or form, then you should NOT disrespect his family that way. He wouldn't want someone thinking so lowly of his father or his family supporting him in any way. He loved his family, and they loved him. Whatever else they may be to whoever else, they are human beings too, and they are hurting over losing someone they loved so much.

So next time, think, take a deep breath, and count to ten before you start running your mouth and showing what asses you all are when you say these things. Nobody ever stops to put themselves in someone else's shoes. I'm glad I don't think like the vast majority of people on this website. I couldn't look at myself in the mirror if I were so immature or thoughtless.

Have some respect for the dead. And have some respect for their family that is still among the living. Don't act like you've never grieved over losing someone before. Imagine how you would've felt being called these things.

And those of you that come on here simply to rag on Heath and his performance, get your facts straight. Jake Gyllenhaal is set to be the next big thing after his new movie, "The Prince of Persia," comes out. So don't think Brokeback Mountain hurt his career either, because the hype already surrounding this movie is enormous.

Get a life, seriously. If the only thing you have to do to entertain yourselves is to bash on dead people, then our society is in worse shape than I thought. Go back to your high school musical or twilight fan boy messageboards and post there or something. I hate dealing with children when I try to read about something that interests me. Grow up.

2070 days ago

demis bicycle seat    

he WILL win and the oscar should go to his daughter his pops seems like he wants to be in the limelight and i hope he is not the one to give the speach

2069 days ago


The academy has already worked out the legalities should Heath win.
A family member, most likely his father, will accept.
Michelle will sign the papers to hold the Oscar until Matilda turns 18.
At which point, Matilda will sign the Academy papers and it will be transferred to her.
He'll win because he deserved it. Not because he passed. They were talking Oscar for this role before it even finished shooting; they knew he was that good in it.

2068 days ago


What would a little baby want an oscar for? Matilda's Mum and Heath Parents have a good relationship, The oscar hardly matters in comparison to them continuing to have a meanigful relationship with each other.

Youd have to be crazy to say Heaths dad should not be accepting the award if he gets it. No parent should have to bury their 28 year child and get told they hogging some lime light, having his parents manage his legacy is only appropriate, he was an increadbly young, unmarried man, without children who are old enough to decide for themselves. Its fairly obvious that his family would rather have heath back.

2067 days ago
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