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Where the White People At?

2/19/2009 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ludacris gave a special shout out to all his white fans at club LAX in Vegas last night, because, "If it wasn't for the white people, I wouldn't be selling 2 to 3 million records and sh*t ... I love y'all."

Nothing brings people together like straight cash money.


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It is funny how brothers and sisters keep bringing up slavery. There isn't anyone alive in the USA today that was a slave yet race is still used as an excuse when a black commits a crime can't get or gets fired from a job. in the US today there are far more black racist than white and we are only 13% of the population. It is amazing that 75% of people in prison are black and being only 13% of the population. How over 70% of our children are born to un-married mothers just to be able to take advantage of free government aid. The Whites are not holding us down we are holding ourselves down. If the roles were reversed do you think blacks would put up with the reverse discrimination that whites put up with? Personally I am grateful that my ancestors were brought to the United States I would hate to be living in Africa. Whites did not make our ancestors slaves, they were already slaves to other black tribes when they were sold to white slave traders. So don't blame white people. Most black slaves lived a much better life as a slave than they eve would have being free in Africa. I hate when we always blame the whites when it is our own fault we live they way we do. It is people like this rapper that make the black thugs out to be heroes. Whites have bent over backwards to help us and we keep bashing them. They will tire of it soon and we will be back to the fire hoses and German shepherds because we can't except that it is our own races fault we are were we are and keep blaming others. No far to many Blacks would rather live on welfare and food stamps than earn a living and be good citizens of our great nation. We can't even forget about the country that abandoned us Africa as we call ourselves African - Americans. I never lived in Africa I hate being referred part of that continent. I am a hard working Black American and until the rest of us fell the same way we will always hold ourselves down. Remember Jessie Jackson and Mr Sharpton want us to hate whites if we didn't they lose their cash cow. They live off hate as so many Blacks do including most Rappers!!!!!

2018 days ago

Dr. Adams    


2036 days ago


Hey Eminem doesn't go around shouting out to all the brothers at his shows? that might be racist.

2036 days ago



2036 days ago

Howard Robard Hughes IIV    

SUCK N thnazself dhatz TMZ gump gump gump...B.O B.Q

2036 days ago

Perez Hater    

Shout out to all his "White Fans". Seriously, that is some racist garbage. If a white person thanked all his black fans, saying I love you people, it would make every black person in America freak out. There is too much of a double standard as far as what is racist and what isn't.

2036 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Everyone just needs to take a chill freak about, nothing!
did you hear, Brad Pitt took a piss this morning!!! ...LOL

2036 days ago

This is my Boom Stick    

You white people all p*ssed off over this are funny as h*ll. Why you so sensitive? You act as if we kept you down by enslaving you for hundreds of years or something...oh wait. LOL

2036 days ago


Why isn't Al Sharpton shouting out about this???

2036 days ago


I don't think he was insulting white people. He was insulting the black people by saying the loser broke azzes were not supporting him. Many blacks hate blacks.

2036 days ago


HAHAHA he thanks his white fans for making him a star and that's racist...but i'm sure the cartoon of the policeman shooting the monkey is great satire lmao if anyone should be offended it is the black fans who boosted him into mainstream but we understand that whites outnumber blacks thus it takes whites to bring in the big bucks. All of you get over yourselves!!!

2036 days ago


Agree@Gemini..this is racist, but the cartoon yesterday was funny. Hmmm...double standard here.

2036 days ago

Melissa B    

Why do black ppl complain so much about being black? I'm being so serious. If you look at Forbes Most Powerful list...just look at the top 10....theres a few black ppl on there, and a lot on the list period. You can get money just for being black to go to college, you can win lawsuits easily by crying 'racism', you have your black card...the list goes on. I just dont see why its so hard... Most of the most powerful and famous musicians right now are all black, its really funny when they complain about being black. I know slavery is wrong, but you're not slaves anymore. In some weird way I think its kind of good that happened bc you are hear now and can have amazing lives (the Prez is black!!, Oprah, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan,Kanye....) - or you could live in Africa right now, right in the middle of Darfur. You should be grateful. The real Africans have it bad. Really bad. I think blacks have it just as good as the white people now, at least almost as good. I think the only ones who I wouldnt be bothered by if they were whining and complaining would be the Natives, who were here before all of us and look how many of them are left.

2036 days ago


I didn't find the cartoon of the cops shooting the monkey racist or this rappers remarks. So what...he thanked his white fans. I'm sure he's just as grateful for all his black fans as well. Maybe he was just saying that to acknowledge that he's aware that all colors of people listen to his music.

2036 days ago

Rich & White    

This gansta trash POS will never get a dime of my money.

2036 days ago
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