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OctoBabies' Birth Certificates

2/19/2009 2:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained birth certificates for OctoMom's babies -- all 14 of them!

OctomomRead the docs
As for the octuplets, no father is listed on the birth certificates. Nadya Suleman signed all eight.

As for the other six kids, four of the docs have David Solomon listed as the dad. The other two have no father listed. All 14 kids have Solomon's last name.

BTW, on one of the docs, Solomon lists Israel as his "State of Birth." And on one of the certificates, David lists his birth date as 5/25/75. On another it's 6/25/73. And on another it's 5/25/73. And yet another 6/25/75. Dude can't keep track of his sperm or birthdays!

And here's a fun fact. There are initials on the birth certificates by the name of the local registrar, Jonathan E. Fielding MD. The initials are E.L. (we're not sure what that means). But here's the thing. On the first four certificates, you can clearly make out the E and the L. Then, it's clear that whoever signed gets lazier and lazier until the letters become virtually illegible. Having 8 babies is hard on everyone.


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this is what i think. this lady made up the name for the guy who is the sperm donor. then she couldn't remember what bday she used for him...the reason for the mixed up bdays on the certificates. i've had 3 kids, and they just give the mom the paperwork and leave it with them to have filled out. she could easily have filled that out herself or had someone else do it. i won't be surprised A BIT when this man is never found..bc he isn't REAL! check into THAT! by the way, stop following her like a celebrity, that's what she wants. and she CLEARLY had plastic surgery to look like angelina, "before" photos of her are out now. shes a nutjob and i feel sorry for those 14 kids!

2068 days ago


The situation with the alleged father's name on the birth certificates is very odd & suspicious. Listed as the father on the birth certificates of Nadya's four oldest children is David Soloman, a man purported to be the sperm donor. The creepy thing is that "DAVID" is an Anglicized version of "DOUD" and "SOLOMON" is an Anglicized version of "SULEMAN" which are the two family names Nadya herself has used at various times. (Anglicized means "to make English in appearance" - in this case by changing the spelling). Is there a real David Soloman or is it a made up name? Or maybe something worse... Nadya's father uses the name "Edward DOUD SULEMAN". Anglicized, dropping the Edward (which is not an Iraqi name) you have DAVID SOLOMON. Coincidence or Oedipus story?

2067 days ago

Lady Madonna    

OK, we've had 999 people note that she used Nadya on some of the BCs and Natalie on others. Can we drop that?

I also think it's weird that she used "David Solomon," a variation of her father's name as the "father" of all her babies. I hope he dad didn't donate the sperm! That would be TOO weird! Choosing her father's name is still weird, but less weird. I bet she used an anonymous donor. Sometimes the doctor is the sperm donor in these cases.

Mr. Suleman is not from Palestine; he is Iraqi. Natalie/Nadya was born in California and thus is a U.S. citizen. Her mom is of eastern European heritage.

Nadya's parents are enablers. They allow Nadya to live with them, rent-free, and even gave free babysitting. In the mean time, her mom owes $23K in back mortgage payments and may soon lose her house. If Nadya had paid them rent, maybe they would have been able to pay the mortgage. Oh, Nadya spent all her workers' comp money on IVF and plastic surgery, so she couldn't pay rent.

Someone mentioned Nady's manicures and make-up. Maybe her mom or the TV station paid for those so she'd look nice on TV. By the way, manicures are not expensive.

If Nadya had a bad back, how did she handle all those pregnancies?

I suspect that if Nadya worked full-time, with her kids in (non-free) day care/preschool/babysitter's, and came home every night to chase after her first 6 kids, and had to pay rent, and didn't have help from her parents, she would not have had those last 8 kids. But living rent-free with free babysitting from mom, she didn't have that realization (work & cost).

I suspect that the workers' comp money is spent. When you apply for food stamps you have to fill out a form listing your assets. If she had lots of money in the bank, she would not have qualified.

I don't begrudge her the disability payments. If her kids are disabled, her family is entitled to that money. I think most people feel for the kids, but how do you give the kids what they need without also benefiting Nadya? Difficult.

It will be interesting to see how many of the last 8 have serious disabilities. Some disabilities (such as learning disabilities) may not be apparent for a while. I understand that two of the McCaughey (McCoy?) septuplets have serious disabilities. Has anyone else heard this?

While the financial aspects are troubling, to me the bigger issue will be her inability to care for the large brood. Her mom said no more--i.e. no more child care from her. Will neighbors, someone from her church, friends, etc. really pitch in? I hope so, for the kids' sake, but then if her life is too easy, maybe she'll have 14 more, in spite of the fact that she said she is done.

2066 days ago


where is hillary clinton? she said it takes a village to raise a child. how about she come and help?

2063 days ago


yes she has lied, lied about growing babies being tumors and that she had to have babies soon cause she had cancer. well i think she had/has fibroids and they can interfere with pregnancy.
liars learn this skill. it is a cultural trait. my husband is a different nationality to me and it is very common to lie where he is from. i try to explain that i make decision based on what i think is fact and that maybe with different facts i would make different decisions.
one recurring therme is that people do not trust her and part of that is due to the fact that she has lied.
my husband puts things behind him and doesn't carry bagage. i think nadya is like this also.
i think her father taught her to lie cause her mother seems intent on revealing her lies and is more disturbed by events than the father. and as nadya said it is gone. the mother can't let go of the past.

2063 days ago


I think shes a horrible person for thinkin she can gived all of thoses children a happy healthy life.It makes me sick.These kids dont have a chance.And its a heart brakeing thing to see.So damn selfish,Of coures she can give them all love.But kids need so so so much more then just love to grow into a healthy happy sad

1567 days ago
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