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OctoMom's Million Dollar Digs -- "I Wish!"

2/20/2009 10:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

California taxpayers, calm down: Even though real estate sources told TMZ OctoMom was looking to buy a $1.24 million home, her only words about the situation yesterday were a sturdy "I wish."

Nadya Suleman: Click to watch
She was there taping an interview with Dr. Phil -- no word on if she was compensated for the sit down or if the alleged home search was part of the set-up.


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Your right #47 and # 53

Nadya IS living way beyond her financial means .... people who live of the state should not be spending money like that for themselfs when they alrady have 6 + 8 kids -She wants to live a certain "life-style" that is totally beyond her financial means.

She is SCAMMING everyone ... and you know what? she WILL get her way in the end - because people are falling for it!

And I do beleive if she isn't taking Gloria A on her offer to help, that only means she is holding out for a bigger and better offer.

2071 days ago


To ShawneeGirl who posted:
I hope and Pray she gets a Big NEW 7-8 Bedroom Home with a New Minivan .
She is a Good Mother and Loves her Children.
She should Never Lose her Children.
There is Nothing wrong in Getting Gifts , Diapers, Cribs , Toys Clothes and Financial Help.
Other Families with Multiples Received Big Help , So Should She.
She Needs Compassion and Open Kindness.
Stop The Hateful and Evil comments.

You are an idiot.

To all the media, including Dr. Phil, Oprah, etc., etc., who is compensating in some way the Octomom: You are enabling this person to scam the system.

and to all of you who think that letting the media pay her or her family for her interviews and a house and labor.......knock some sense into your heads because that compensation is a tax deduction to the media, which ends up coming back to the taxpayer.

Spay her and put the kids up for adoption. Kill the IVF MD's license and make him pay all bills thus far.

2071 days ago


Why are they giving this women attention? It is obvious she is mentally ill and is obsessed with Angelina Jolie.

She had no buissnes getting vitro and instead of spending money on vitro she should have been helping her mother get out of debt and supporting her kids. She does not get the money she does to go do what she wants it is to support her and her kids.

I already heard the doctor who did the vitro is losing there license so why is it right that the doctor suffers but she does not?

This women needs serious medical help and that even was stated by her own mom no sooner her daughter had the babies. She has proven to everyone that she does not care about the babies. No sooner she had them she is talking about wanting to get on TV and now here she is doing interviews while her babies are still in the hospital, if i just had babies and they are still in the hospital I would be right there by there side not frolocking around getting all the attention I can.

The fact of the matter is this women does not even need a single child let alone all these ones. If Social Services does not take these kids away then it is just even more proof the system is messed up and fails to protect children.

2071 days ago

Sue Wong    

To Post #53 WHAT? I don't disagree with you, we all know she has mental health problems and is a selfish person but people need to stop judging her. It's the children we need to think about. They didn't ask to be born. Yes, I'm a mom and I put my kids first. I've never bought $18 lipstick or had a manicure. I don't condone her behaviour but I see it all the time. People spend money stupidly, even poor ones and those with kids. They may gamble, drink, purchase expensive clothes, cigarettes, drugs, whatever. I work with children in protective care and I've seen it all. I'm just saying to stop judging her and pray that she gets the help she needs to be a good mother. My main concern's that she's mentally and physically healthy enough to raise her children. If it helps her self-esteem by using expensive cosmetics then so be it. She'll be giving interviews on television etc. She just had 8 kids and needs to do something for herself right now but she will have to put those kids first and start thinking long term.

2071 days ago


Like another said let her mentally ill self go back to her own
country and have them support her. It must be nice while all of us
AMERICANS who actually belong here are losing our jobs and struggling
to put food on our table this women can just pop out kids and get
money for it.

There are literally millions who have lost there jobs, there are more
people getting assistance then ever and it is actually getting to the
point where they are running out of money to feed into the system and
give help to those whom need it.

I am struggling to support my soon to be 5 year old, pay bills and so
fourth while this women is just having things handed to her. Honestly
she had 8 babies, I do not see what the big deal is. The first couple
in the US to have 8 babies did not even get that much attention, it
died down after a couple weeks just as I am sure it will do teh same
with her

The funny thing is that these interviews actually do not even pay that much, maybe a couple thousand. This women actually thought she was going to get millions for interviews, she actually thought Oprah was going to give her 2 million for her story and from what I have heard Oprah has not even shown any interest in her.

When it comes to Dr.Phil he is not even a doctor and I have never been a fan especially after what he did with Britney Spears. He went to the hospital to help and swore to her parents he would not release anything going on and go figure next day on tv he let her whole freaking story lose on TV

2071 days ago


And who didn't think "Dr. Phil" wouldn't cash in on this one?!! Didn't see that coming now did ya? How dare he ever say anthing about Maury or Springer! Please Lord, let him be gone from the TV! His corn pone advice is getting old!! I bet the Octomom and Robin have the same plastic surgeon. She's (Robin) has been nicked and tucked so much you could bounce a siver dollar off her face--no problem. What could he possibly ask Octomom that hasn't been answered? Think she is going to tell him the truth? I bet at the end of the interview--he solicits $$ for those kids. Let him and Robin pick up the tab--they got the $$$$$$. All this while they guy in FL who's little girl is missing--lives in a tent because he can't afford a hotel!! Only in America.

2071 days ago


Ok!it is high time somebody should put full stop to this nonsense. It looks like she enjoys the attention what she is getting from the public as well as the media. Why don't FRAUD department take a look into this matter or is it waiting for somebody to call and complaint? Don't anybody think that it is height of everything to have this many kids and depend on the STATE for very penny and pretend as if she do not want any help from any body."DUH" WHy don't people rather help people who are in real need, not like her who deliberately had 14 kids knowing that she cannot support them and willfully leaving them to be taken care by people and system,which system has tooooo many loop holes so that people like her canmisuse the system. Can anybody stop this nonsense! There are single mom's who are in real need who can take some extra help. I myself had a baby recently, now it is kind of becoming a big problem for me-because i can not take time off from work.If i take time off i will loose my medical benefits. When i (and mothers like me who are) working our ass off and trying to meet our ends, how can one person misuse the system and get all benefits and still pretend as if she is .......
Heard she is looking for Million $$$$$ home?
I would like to add some more, but got to go.Duty calls.

2071 days ago


"MR" Phil is just a money grubbing, attention seeker. Bet he wishes he thought of this scam suleman has/is pulling. But all he can do is hitch his wagon to other people's train wrecks. (Britney)? Pompous ass. They are both losers, he is a joke, she is a joke, but I hope those babies are cared for by other loving people.

2071 days ago


Clever is as clever does. She may act like Forest Gump but this cagey, clever woman has it all figured out. Treats her uterus like a Pez dispenser, pop out the first 6 to qualify for food stamps and God knows what else and somehow manages to get student loans to finance their meager needs. Getting in the middle of a ruckus at work (when she actually HAD a job) garnered her a place on a workers' comp roster and netted her $168,000 which was just enough to ride the turkey baster again to spawn a whole litter. This whole desire to have a brood of kids is horse puckey. She had it all figured out that the bigger the brood the more money in her pocket with lots left over for luxaries. Perhaps the reality of actually popping the litter brought her into some reality zone when she realized she had no money to raise 14 kids (love isn't going to put food on the table goofball) but then the clever button got another jolt when she came up with the idea to create a website where she could reach every corner of the world and beg for money--to date all her groveling has netted her a nice chunk of change totalling $60k. Not a bad haul for no work. The website was set up to leave a comment and/or make a donation...the commets have been turned off because she doesn't want to hear the truth, that people are onto her scam and are appalled by it. YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! This woman is clearly delusional. Anyone helping her is enabling her to continue scamming. The State of CA needs to ride this woman like white on rice and put a lien on any and all monies she scams, um earns...and apply it to the million plus dollar hospital bill for her and her litter of babes. Phil McGraw (not a REAL) doctor is an ambulance chacer and his attempt to get more people to dislike him is working. His 15 minutes of fame have been over a long time and I hope OCTO-MORON's are coming to an end soon. She's a whacko, psycho, selfish, delusional, lying, cheating, lazy idiot that needs to get a clue. My heart goes out to the 14 kids that didn't ask for any of this....they didn't want any more brothers or sisters and said in an interview that mommy was going to be more stressed now and there will be lots more crying. Shame on you octo-idiot.

2071 days ago

Jus D truth    

Dr.Phil....Your a piece of trash!! You preach to the world that we all need "TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT" well being right in the bleek economy is not helping this human puppy mill! BEING RIGHT IS TRYING TO SURVIVE!!!
Help me, since I was laid off because my company lost over 85% of business. I have $263.00 in my bank account - AND
at least for this month ALL my bills have been paid & my family has a pantry & 2 refrigerators full of food. My car has 3/4 tank of gas, which has to last me for the next 2-1/2 weeks. So, Mr Good Dr. Phil... I would love to have you set me up in a 1.3 million dollar home & give me LOTS of money!!!

2071 days ago

flower girl    

she is a nut case, I feel sorry for all the kids.
the dr should step up to the plate and explain why he would ever inplant6 embryos into some single mom that has 6 kids already, that's crazy!

2071 days ago


ANYONE...ANYONE at all who gives this woman money for an interview had better be prepared for a loss of ratings, readership, etc. and a HUGE boycott backlash against them. And even Oprah and Dr,. Phil are not immune to what will deep 6 their careers. I for one think that no one should help this woman. Let the chips fall where they will. Her children will be better off in foster care than with this whacko who likely just had them for fame and money after watching the Duggers and similar shows. She is a scam artist. Look how she milked lenders into giving her school loans and then instead of using that money for school she used it to live on. Look how she faked a back injury and the state paid her $169,000 over just a few years. Certainly any woman who has been pregnant knows you cannot go thru 6 pregnancies and then carry 8 babies at one time unless your back is OK. I have no doubt whatsoever that she faked and scammed that. Now she's scamming all kinds of stupid people into giving her money thru her website. NO ONE should feel sorry for her and NO ONE should help her. And that goes for her Mom and Dad, too. No one should give them money for interviews because you can bet dollars to doughnuts it will end up with Nadya.

2071 days ago


I won't watch any television interviews or buy any magazines that feature interviews from any of this vile family. They are no doubt making a bit of money with each ...

TMZ, stay on Octomom! As long as you aren't paying her a damn dime! She will continue to screw up and flaunt her "wealth" and the state of California can use all the evidence you gather against her!

2071 days ago

Criss Angels Girl    

Well, looks to me like OCTOMOOCH is going to need a tummy tuck, and she will probably need a boob lift after nursing 8 kids round the clock like she said she was going to. Throw in a million dollar house too since she is trying to get all the handouts that she can. This girl is mentally ill and needs help, she is not competent enough to raise those children, given her history in bad decisions and the need to copy cat a celeb with those over inflated lips and fake cheeks, chin and whatever else is plastic, maybe her brain?

2071 days ago


Dr Phil is a wife-beating PIG.

Remember when he got caught rewarding the teenage ringleader in the Florida YouTube beating by posting her bail?

"Dr" Phil and the Octomom are two of a kind

2071 days ago
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