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OctoMom's Million Dollar Digs -- "I Wish!"

2/20/2009 10:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

California taxpayers, calm down: Even though real estate sources told TMZ OctoMom was looking to buy a $1.24 million home, her only words about the situation yesterday were a sturdy "I wish."

Nadya Suleman: Click to watch
She was there taping an interview with Dr. Phil -- no word on if she was compensated for the sit down or if the alleged home search was part of the set-up.


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She does NOT look like Angelina J. OctuMom's upper lip looks like it is deformed. Angelina's does not look this way.

This woman should put her eight new babies up for adoption. The twins should go together to separate families and the remainder should go in "two's" to adoptive families. I adopted two sisters (aged eleven months' apart) when they were toddlers and it worked out just fine.

These octuplets need huge amounts of attention that their mentally-ill mother can't come close to giving them. They deserve a real family situation with lots of opportunities for the future (college, for example)

2039 days ago


TO POST # 83 . . . . "She raised 6 children alone and they are all still up and alive. At the same time, she went to school. Who does that?
Posted at 2:56PM on Feb 20th 2009 by Mimi"

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? In what dilusional world do you live in Mimi?
Nadya didn't raise her kids all by herself! She didn't even financially support them .... and she wasn't going to schoo when she had them .... HER MOM RAISED THOSE 6 KIDS .... personally and financially..... Her mom spent every monthly retirement check to pay for those kids .... that is why she is losing her house .... Nadya didn't pitch in ever....

Nadya scammed her former employer and won a $165,000 judment .... do you think she gave ANY of that to her mom .... NO! she spent it all on herself .... she had 6 kids, she was on welfare and food stamps etc and was in $50,000 in debt..... and MOM was paying to feed, clothe those 6 kids...... so she takes the $165.000 on plastic surgery and more IVF's to have more babies .....

...and ALL while she couldn't even afford to support her already 6 kids ...... DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR HER!!!! she HAD a way out ..... she could have taken that money... paid off her student loans and got her own place and use that money to raise her 6 kids ON HER OWN! But SHE ... and her alone ...CHOSE to blow all that money.... she was looking at the bigger picture ..... she wanted what Kate G had and more ...... greedy, lazy selfish ungreatful freeloading money grubbing woman.

So if you call that a woman who does it all and for her kids, and is trying her BEST.... maybe you should seek help, becasue she is by no means a good mom or a role model ..... her 14 kids "in her mind" are her meal ticket through life and she is getting it ..... and me as a california tax payer have to foot her bill

2039 days ago


I love reading all the comments and am so glad there are only a small number of nutjobs telling the rest to "mind your own business", etc. Screw that! I say it IS our business when someone is robbing us right in front of our face AND laughing and smirking in it at the same time.

The one comment I keep seeing, though, that must be corrected is that she is not an American or a US Citizen. According to the California Birth Index, Nadya (or Natalie, as her birth cert. says) was born in Orange County on July 11, 1975 as "Natalie D. Suleman."

Doesn't mean she's not a disgusting pig, but she IS an American born disgusting pig...

Just sayin'...

2039 days ago


It will be interesting to see if she has anything different to say to Dr. Phil. She's just one nasty skank. Check out before
and after photos in US magazine this week. OMG she was one homely woman. Poor kids - I do hope they're put up for
adoption. I feel really sorry for the first batch. I guess they wonder where there Momma has gone. She's never with them.
It's pathetic.

2039 days ago


Looks like Ms. Suleman's plan is working. She's wearing the sunglasses as she prepares to continue to bask in the light of fame. This exactly what she wants. After all, the "stalkeratsies" follow Angelina around and she does look like her, LOL. Maybe Angelina will fall off the face of the planet and Brad will come to Nadya because "she looks so much like her ". LOL again. (I apologize to Ms. Joli I don't mean to insult her.) The only similarity those two have, is that they may both put their pants on one leg at a time. Watching this woman is like watching a train wreck!!

2039 days ago


I do agree that if Kate Gosselin can get every freebie her heart desires, most of which are not things for the KIDS, then why shouldn't Nadya get just as many freebies? Get off my tv screen, Kate, you are old news. Make room for Nadya.

2039 days ago

jeffrey k williams    

I think she is HOT!!! Lets get her a tummy tuck and breast lift so she can pose for playboy or penthose.

2039 days ago


Why is she not accepting Gloria's offer.... She does not want help, she wants MONEY and STUFF.....

2039 days ago


Gloria Allred said on national TV that she and this organization Angels in Waiting were offering the octomom a place to live with the 14 children, and 24 hour help. She also said that money would NOT be given directly to octomom.

Octomom will never go for it. She' only interested in CASH in her pocket.

One more thought, "Dr" Phil is a PIG.

2039 days ago


No amout of expensive makeup, manicures, pedicures or million dollar mansions can cover up the cold-hearted demon that is her soul. Her entire make up is lies, greed, and selfishness. Her entire focus is to grab at fame and unearned money.

Okay, fine, she's now a D-list celebrity that is a complete laughing stock. She may end up in the mansion. Now what? She's hated by 95% of Americans. She will be hounded by people trying to catch her in lies for a very long time. She will never had any friends, never have a man stick around longer than 5 minutes before he leaves skid marks running away. Once her kids grow up a little and realize what she is and bear the brunt of the ridicule from kids at school, they won't want to be near her either. She's used and abused her parents and THEY CURRENTLY WANT TO RUN AWAY.

She doesn't care for anyone or anything (she proved that by not being with her children while she seeks fame and by her snotty careles comments about her parents losing their home because of her). Since she cares nothing, no one will care for or about her unless they are making money off of her.

The fame will eventually go away and so will the money given her sloth-like lifestyle. Then what will she have left? Does anyone in their right mind envy her or want to be her? She's a complete laughing stock to the world and it's going to be a very long and lonely life for her. No amount of stolen money or D-list fame will make her likeable. It's a cold hard world out there and it's sure going to be lonely.

That's a cold, dark ,empty soul that will be pitiful, sick soul whose currently wallering in the moment. Do you want to be her? Do you envy her? It's just not worth the price.

2039 days ago

our two cents    

I hope the California Children and Family Services, IRS, and Social Security are tracking her "donations". She should not qualify for ANY food stamps or disability payments. She should be forced to pay all taxes involved with this "new money". This whack job makes most people want to vomit. She should be STUDIED not interviewed.

2039 days ago


107. Gloria Allred said on national TV that she and this organization Angels in Waiting were offering the octomom a place to live with the 14 children, and 24 hour help. She also said that money would NOT be given directly to octomom.
Octomom will never go for it. She' only interested in CASH in her pocket.


The reason she won't accept this offer is because this organization wants to give her what she needs, not what she wants. They won't give her money or the big giant house. They will help her with manpower to physically take care of the kids, food for the kids and reasonable housing. When her 15 minutes of fame is over and everyone tires of her and her outrageous story, she's been screaming for the true help she needs, exactly what these people are offering.

It will take some time, but the drama will die down and she will have nothing, truly nothing. The hatred people have for her will be life-long. People remember - they remember everything. This pig lives in the moment without a care in the world for what happens later. We just have to wait it out. She will get what she deserves but for now, she will waller in the hoopla.

2039 days ago


" 91. She says it's not her problem because her parents couldn't pay their mortgage?? They couldn't pay it because all of their $$$ was going to pay for HER KIDS that SHE couldn't afford!! Crazy, selfish bitch ."

HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was a part of the plan, can't you people see - as she and her relatives will get in more trouble as more help and publicity they will get and do not feel sorry for the parents - THEY ALL TOGETHER IN THIS SCAM!! OPEN YOUR EYES!!! I thought the Russian system is screwed-up, but American makes me sick to my stomach - ALL THE WRONG HELP IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SICK COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2039 days ago

jon and kate are octomoms role models    

Kate Gosselin is no different than octomom, it has all gone to her head. Kate Gosselin is off on "business" trips while her HUSBAND stays home and babysits the 8 kids. He didn't want her to get preqnant a second time, they already had twins, but she NEVER listens to him. He better educated, more culutured and has infinitely better grammar than Kate, although on their show she CONSTANTLY belittles his grammar. He knows she is uneducated: on their 4th of July show he asked her what the U.S.A. fought for freedom from: she said "freedom from the Indians!" Now that's not only ignorant, that's racist. The Native Americans were here first, the rest of us, including the colonists, were all interlopers. She says her kids "deserve" her new 1.3 million dollar mansion on acreage. Why does she feel so entitled?

2039 days ago


These babies are the act of god, they are the act of a scam artisit using disability funds to do IVF numerous times.
Nadya clearly doesn't have lower back pain since she is able to have so many kids. She is a welfare mom and is getting way too many attention. Why don't all the media just stop reporting about her. There are betters news than having to hear about this lazy welfare mom of 14.

2039 days ago
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