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Show Me That Smile Again

2/20/2009 11:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 32-year-old resurfaced with his wife at an event in L.A., looking thirsty.

Jeremy Miller

While working on "Growing Pains," Jeremy received numerous letters from an older male stalker who was eventually arrested.

Miller dropped out of USC and has three stepsons with his wife, Joanie.


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They mean thirsty, as in horny. Wantin sex! I get thirsty alot too.

2069 days ago


Come on, TMZ, how hard is it to find current stories? This photo is NOT a current photo. Good grief.

A couple weeks ago you had a photo of the guy from Dynasty (played the gay son in the first season), and you acted like it was happening right now, yet clearly in the backdrop of the photo you could see the year on the decorations for the film festival he attended.......I think it said 2007 or something like that.

The same is true here with this Jeremy Miller photograph. It is AT LEAST a year old, perhaps older.

If you don't have a really recent photo, why even post it? It's NOT news.

2069 days ago


The date that this photo of Jeremy and his wife (Joanie) was taken was March 15, 2006. This is a photo that is almost three years old.

Why is this considered news? Do you just do random searches on the Internet Movie Database and steal their material?

2069 days ago


i think i have the thirsty comment figured out. maybe it is a backdoor way of saying he looks high. who knows

2069 days ago


As far as the gay remarks, yes, he appeared like he might lean that way in my opinion but I called Danny Pintauro out for gay back when he was, like, 9 years old. Sometimes it is just too obvious. Never would have thought Chad Allen (the cute boy from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman) would have been gay, though. And, yes, I am sure the "thirsty" remarks refer to his battle with the bottle. Didn't he get arrested at one point quite a few years ago?? Perhaps I am mistaken but I think so. Still a dumb word to use, just because someone has a "run-in" back in their youth.

2069 days ago


Brittany (#38): So does Leonardo Dicaprio.

2068 days ago


By the way, I meant that in agreement with you, not criticism. Just wanted to clarify. Leo always looks kind of greasy, puffy with that stupid goatee he always sports. Same with this guy. I think guys with "baby faces" think it makes them look older. Not so much in my opinion.

2068 days ago


I think it is brave of him to take on someone with 3 kids. Maybe brave is the wrong word, but admirable, perhaps? People do it every day, I realize, but still, good to see he's not afraid of responsibility. They very well may have a good relationship with their real dad but it's still a big thing to become a step-parent to someone else's kids. Probably a little scary.

2068 days ago


I heard he had died in Viet Nam.

2068 days ago

sexy steph    

i think he is so sexy... i would do him in a back alley:P ;)

2068 days ago


This photograph is from 2006!!!!!!!!

2006! NOT a recent photo.

2068 days ago

Frank Olivo    

#45, white guy from detroit?? Eminem.. back away from the computer and give me my child support!! Oh, that's right, you got the kids...

I like these what if its a couple years old, unless he like gained a million pounds and shaved his head or something...hey, wait...get us a NEW picture pronto!

2068 days ago
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