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The Indestructible

Bulletproof Weave

2/20/2009 10:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So this chick got shot in the head -- and lived -- because her cheap-ass red wine-colored weave stopped the bullet!


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Capt Jack    

LOL @ toofast. You look so stupid when you yell first, and you are not even close to first. Stop crying and, you picked them.

2073 days ago

Chanel on myspace    

her weave aint to cheap haters !!!! if it saved her life!! who wrote cheap weave? let me guess the fat black cheap black girl on tmz? blah blah when is it funny for some1 to get shot?

2073 days ago

ya right    

ok, sorry are right domestic violence is serious and not to be laughed at. I think it was just hard to take it serious when the victim even says now 'her biggest concern is fixing her car!!!!'----not putting her ex in jail, filing charges, etc. just 'fixing her car!!!'----i'm sorry for laughing but i had to.

2073 days ago


It IS funny but DAMN why do you all have to call her weave "cheap-ass"?! You all have no idea what it cost her to get her done up. It probably wasn't cheap. Brats.

2073 days ago


Take THAT Mythbusters!

2073 days ago


First off..her weave isn't cheap...It's done's just a cruddy color with too much oil sheen...Would cheap weave stop a bullet?? don't think so...I rest my case...Good weave and Goodnight..Btw..thank goodness she's safe!

2073 days ago


This crosses the line. Team TMZ, the woman may only be concerned about fixing her car-- she may only be concerned about fixing her nails. That is not the point. Her priorities are not your priorities but her life is just as valuable as yours and anyone else's. You don't know what she's going through. She may be trying to figure out a way to deal with the shock of the situation, and establish some sense of normality after having her life threatened. Thank God she's alright.

And I'm so tired of people calling other people ghetto. Get over yourselves.

Finally, Darklighter1-- do you even know anything about Black History Month?

2073 days ago

Dixie Girl    

People are unbelievable lately, it didn't happen to you so why are y'all taking it more seriously then the girl that actually went through this! The victim herself is laughing it off and more worried about her car window then a near death experience. Domestic violence isn't a joke, but in this case it IS pretty funny. Honestly, have you ever heard of a bullet being stopped by a weave? BTW, chicks name is BRIANA not Rihanna. LMAO at this story!!

2073 days ago


omg! =x hott mess!!! lol

2073 days ago

ya right    

well said Dixie Girl-----you can even hear laughing when the reporter is on the scene interviewing the girl!! I mean even the News Station titled the story 'unbweavable'---lighten' up a lil

2073 days ago


i wonder if there is a market for Kevlar Weaves

2073 days ago

LaToya J.    

She has invested a lot of money into that weave! It is the same kind of weave we use on my show, America's Next Top Model, and everyone knows that I, the great and almighty Oprah Winfrey, ahem, I mean Tyra Banks, would NEVER use a cheap-ass weave! Shame on you TMZ!

2073 days ago


After watching tmz, regarding the builletproff hair weave, mI think the police should invest in WEAVE-A-JACKETS!!!!!!!!!!!

2073 days ago


She is lucky to be alive after that.

2073 days ago

ashley first first    

i'm from kansas city and this story was from there.
tmz took down my comments about chris brown
string him up
and my other comment was also taken down about how tmz loves that there were all those comments and they won't ever take down the picture of her face smashed in. there'y were over 200 in the first hour and i was 8 and 230 and they took mine down becasuse it said my name was chris brown is a monster and he is

2072 days ago
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