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Ultimate Hypocrisy

2/20/2009 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

WABC Noon News -- earlier today.

Rihanna: Click to watch


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First of all I don't see no dam split lip. I see dried blood on her face. There is no contusions as was reported. This whole exploitation of the situation is laughable to say the least, the media is out for blood trying to lynch a young man who might have made a mistake. But I do not see the rhetoric in blowing this out of proportion. Wake up the people doing the slaying of his name is worst then the act itself...

2035 days ago


You can tell just by the bone structure in her jaw bone thats its not even close to her. This chick got the crap beat out of her though lol.

2035 days ago


This is exactly the right thing to do - good on you TMZ.


Because this is the ugly face of domestic violence ... actually its battery. Look at this poor girl - beaten to a literally bloody pulp.

Is this exceptable? Hell no! This is why all need to see the consequences of domestic violence and battery - send this Chris Brown to prison and maybe someone, somewhere will think twice about beating up a lady.

2035 days ago

Bret Sears    

i seriously think this picture should be taken down. But i also think Chris Was wrong for what he did. she is a woman, and you do not put your hands on a woman. dudes got serious issues. what he needs to be doing is hiring his publicist to get the story cleared instead of running away from the situation. I think it was a wrong turn for Chris Brown. Others wanted to stay on the story of britney so now its time for Chris to get his serve. But i think its turned enough he already lost 2 deals and contracts. LEAVE IT ALONE! i think they should hire chris crocker. "LEAVE RIHANNA ALONE!" haha. its over give it up. let them live their lives and get on with their careers.

whats next?

2035 days ago


Neither one of their careers are over. It will only make them both more famous.You watch and see. She may even go back with him(apparently this was not the first incident)She is partly responsible and I don't mean she deserved it.Just when it happens over and over it will happen again.

2035 days ago


Photo is NOT Rihanna and this is how you can tell:
Put your mouse on the bottom of the battered woman's right earlobe and drag the pointer across her face. You'll see the pointer ends up across the top of her nose. Do the same thing with the actual picture of Rhianna and you'll see her earlobe meets the top of her lips. Peoples earlobes don't move, therefore it isn't Rihanna. Easy to spot TMZ, so why didn't you catch it? Oh, that's right, sensationalism without journalism!

2035 days ago


I was shocked that these photos were leaked...and I was upset that you guys used them without her permission...BUT the folks above-alicia and bling, make a very good point. Maybe this will shake people up out of their complacecny and denial.

2035 days ago


Bad news. But, while you're at it, TMZ, look back in your files right after the altercation. Get some close-ups of his hands - don't they show some evidence of some kind?

2035 days ago


Now the split lip could have come from that big herpes blister on her lips. You know herpes crack the skin and scab over. She is nasty

2035 days ago


Shame on you TMZ--and ANYONE who shows this photo---respect this woman's privacy--isn't it bad enough she was beaten--it is a humiliating experience---and traumatic---to go through--and then to have the result of the abuse posted all over the place. TMZ just wants the publicity---how do you guys sleep at night?!

2035 days ago

Amanda Womack    

Well first i want to say is i,m sorry that happen to her and wish her the best in healing,but one thing i leanred was always pray and forgive that person,u dont have to be with that person just ask god yo forgive him for what he did to u. I hope yall can get past this drama and hope u will be ok. Always Amanda

2035 days ago


First beaten by the man she's in love with and now raped by the media.

Between this and the constant reporting on Octo-mom, TMZ has sunk to a no-class, might as well be a slobby kid in his basement writing a "celebrity" gossip, trash site.

2035 days ago


Listen to all the apologists on this site - "well, I cant see blod ... well, I cant see a split lip ..."

How much blood do you want to see? Would it be enough for you to see her head cracked open? Would that then warrant sending Chris Brown up the river?

Dometic violence is domestic violence - put that SOB away.

2035 days ago

If TMZ had the whole would understand    

TMZ was mentioned on my local news 3 times this morning within 15 minutes, don't hate the player hate the game. Why is local news talking about this, Brittney, Octomom now, the octomom story is over now, now she only should be on TMZ and entertainment tonight. Our local news should be about LOCAL NEWS! I know there was gang activity in LA last night, but I do not know what it was? I know I have to see the police cheif say on commercials what a great job Anthony is doing since he is not f**cking the whore in the press anymore. But, I do not see what he is doing on our local news. I see Dr. Phil and Rhianna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2035 days ago

Gosia(Poland ^^ )    

Chris Brown powinien zgnić w więzieniu za coś takiego!!!To jest niedopuszczalne, żeby tak skatować kobietę... Kiedyś lubiłam jego piosenki ale teraz wszystkie jego płyty wyrzuciłam do kosza !!!!

2035 days ago
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