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Ultimate Hypocrisy

2/20/2009 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

WABC Noon News -- earlier today.

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" We are not going to show the photo by showing the photo"
Am I the only one confused by ABC's logic?

2073 days ago


liarliar ... look up parallax error my friend. Your conclusions are all wrong since the angles of the photos (not to mention camera lens distortion) are different.


2073 days ago


Hypocrisy at it's best. Way to go ABC! While saying they will not air the pic, they air the pic!!! As for TMZ, that is what this site is all about, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Those of you that think it should not be posted...Hypocrits! You are looking at it! You are commenting on it! It needs to be shown so those that think Chris is getting wronged because we haven't heard his side of the story, a picture speaks a thousand words. I know there are three sides to every story, his, hers and the truth, but there is no explaining this away. This is what battery looks like. And let us not forget, that was the day it occured. Bruises get much worse in the following days. There are likely even uglier photos from the following days that you really don't want to see. But I think it needed to be shown so those of you who still think Chris didn't hurt her can see for yourselves. and so those that are in abusive relationships can see what is likely to happen to them if they don't seek help. Hers is the face of demestic abuse. Lessons are repeated until learned. Learn from this experience, don't wait until it happens to you.

2073 days ago


abc won't air the photo after it airs the photo this one time. they couldn't hold off on to this. they know that everyone wants to see the picture. we all need to see the picture to grasp what happened. some people need to see the picture to relate to their own situation and see that they are not alone. rhianna should be ok that the photo has surfaced. she will get an idea of what people feel. that is important because she is a public figure who needs people to feel a certain way about her. transparency is a good thing.

2073 days ago


im sickened! why would chris do this to rihanna??!! i love them both as artists but this is unbelieveable!!

2073 days ago


i think the police statement that says the photo was leaked pretty much proves that this is indeed all you chris brown bitch lovers get over it!! he beat the crap out of her and hopefully he will go away for a LOOOOOOOOOng time

2073 days ago


I read a comment about how Rhinna's career being over after this. How would that be possible? Sitdownyall, I'm calling you out! Why the @#$% would her career be over? She did not do anything wrong. Her (ex) boyfriend, the thug he is, should be the one with an ended career. I pray and hope he will go to jail and please don't give me a reason why he shouldn't. A male does not hit a female, bottom line. No way around that! For all you men out there, you do not ever touch a female!!!! He is a thug and I hope they throw the book at him. Hope you heel Rhinna and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

2073 days ago


i think its a huge shame that someone would leak this picture. i hope they find out who did it and i hope that person gets in serious, serious, serious trouble.

Rihanna is hurting bad from all of this and now that this picture is out she is probably even more upset. think about it... everyone has seen what he has done to her. She needs to be left alone and as for TMZ why the hell are you keeping the picture of her beaten up on the front page of the website. you have other stories yet you seem to have Rihanna the number one story. you guys are pathetic.

2073 days ago


There is always two sides to the story..although what he did is not morally correct, i would really wanna know what the hell SHE did to cause him to do this because for no reason is he going to beat on her like this. She probably provoked him to a point where he had no other choice. So for you stupid ladis out there, listen to your mans and dont get out of line..these are the consequences. Also, guys, watch out too, because if you were my boyfriend, and got out of line like probably Rihanna did, i would beat ur ass down too !

2073 days ago


oh and to "what the hell" i hope you get your ass beat so bad someday that the bruises and blood are obvious enough that you will actually believe it happened.

2073 days ago


and where is the mug shot of CB? i want to see that too.

2073 days ago



2073 days ago


It is interesting that ABC shows the photo as they say they are NOT going to show the photo. (ABC's segment goes to show the news and the tabloid news line have merged. Domestic violence is news, however, they way in which ABC shows the photo while declaring they will not air it pure TABLOID).

2073 days ago


For all the talk the media placed ON the attack of Rhianna how they made it seem so horrible. She was choked out. She had a broke jaw. She had contusions on her forehead. She had bite marks. What the Hell. I don't see what they said as being factual, judging by this picture she could have had a nose bleed smeared the blood on her face and call the police. The police has to investigate any claims of violence that their job. But to say she was beaten to a bloody polp is a lie. It lacks any weight. So all you people with the hate in your heart without facts say HORRAY TO HOLLYWOOD YOU HAVE BEEN PUNKED...

2073 days ago


Uhh..Why is this picture of Rihanna not enough to charge CB with domestic battery? I have seen people go to jail for less injury than this. Why are they taking so long ot charge him? is there more to the story?

2073 days ago
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