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Lucinda Williams: Millionaire Matchmaker?!

2/21/2009 10:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here's country/blues blonde bombshell Lucinda Williams (left) -- and the gorgeous Patti Stanger from Bravo's "Millionaire Matchmaker" (right).

Lucinda Williams and Patti Stanger
Believe it or not, but neither one is married.


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Are they the same people cause they look alike

2032 days ago

Ida Clair    

I'm with you iceblendedmocha. Patti has one of the most unflattering hairstyles I have ever seen. Reminds me a bit of Cousin It from the Addams Family.

2032 days ago


are they men?

2032 days ago

Michaela Theurer    

omg....this thing on tha left looks like somebody who went in for some plastic surgery and died on the operating table and was resurrected as a zombie or somethin lol... and who thinks that the person who posted saying shes gorgeous and talented is jus her complmenting herself over and over again ha ha ha !!!!!

2032 days ago


WHOA...what? who is gorgeous???they both look like DRAG QUEENS...nasty

2032 days ago


You people are far uglier than any photograph presented here could possibly be. Ugly, shallow, and stupid.

Lucinda Williams is a beautiful soul and songwriter. I've seen many pictures of her- this one was either Photoshopped or picked from the bottom of a barrel. She is much, much more attractive than this photo would indicate.

"First?" Who gives a crap?

Try last!

Get a life, losers. Y'all sound like Ann Coulter's illegitimate children.

2032 days ago


seriously? skag squared.

and "first"?... still?... really?... what are you are you ten? do we still have to do this EVERY F'n time?!

2032 days ago

Chris Brown    

I love you, auramac.

2032 days ago

flaming homo    

For all of you "moral" sob's...these comment areas are provided for the express purpose of hatin' so stop messing up the flow of negativity. Anyway, Lucinda has bad teeth. Oh and Auramac.... you can kiss you know where.

2032 days ago


Is there a reason Linda Tripp wasn't invited to this party? Hard to figure out who would get the glass slipper in that triumverate of enchanment.

2032 days ago


"I'm scared"

2032 days ago


How rude. Is it really important? Why do you elect to put forward such negativity, doing it just for readership to elicit money isn't a good reason (and actually makes you just as reportable as half the stories you create/write about).

Looks, bodies, fat/skinny, etc., judgments are a bad and unnecessary thing for anyone to focus on - and we are just plain stupid to continue to support companies who engage in such drivel.

People, women, use your power and stop visiting this site.

2032 days ago

A person she's no saint. Never said she was. But she is talented and a lot more attractive than that photo shows. Who cares what size she is, she is always there for her friends. Yeah, she has had a wild side to her but for the past few years she has settled down and is happy and engaged to one man, a lovely guy. Her music is soulfull and complex. Her latest CD is so uplifting, you can hear the joy she is expierencing in her life right now.

She has helped many struggling musicians over the years, mentoring them and helping them get attention from the industry. But she does it on the quiet. Bob Dylan did it for her years ago and she believes in paying forward. Putting her photo up like that it just mean spirited and down right nasty of TMZ.

2032 days ago


Patti is cute but I really think she wears wigs. That's not her real hair. I'm sure of it. check out the way it always hangs like a really heavy curtain by the sides of her's very fake.

2031 days ago

barack palin    

No,, seriously-you mean those are both REAL women?

2031 days ago
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