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NTSB Sounds Off on Travis Barker Crash

2/21/2009 10:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The National Transportation Safety Board has issued a preliminary report on the jet crash in which DJ AM and Travis Barker survived. Four others were killed.

Travis Barker & DJ AM
According to the report, the roll down the runway was normal at first, but sparks began flying (presumably after several tires blew out) and at 136 knots "the crew attempted to reject the takeoff, however they were unable to stop the airplane ..." The report goes on -- "... the left and right main gear tire rims scarred the runway surface."

In short, it looks like a blown tire triggered the emergency and the crew couldn't stop the plane. Some experts believe the pilot should have attempted to take off rather than abort, and that's the basis of lawsuit filed by DJ and Travis.


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Sue for what? Who do they have left to sue? The airline company? The PILOTS ESTATES AND FAMILIES? Cause that is who they are going to sue. The wives and families of the pilots who died in that crash. How PATHETIC. The ultimate price has already been paid, the pilots lives were lost as they were TRYING to SAVE THE LIVES OF THE PASSENGERS. These men were trained professionals in their trade and obviously thought their course of action was the best available at the moment. Travis and AM, you are PATHETIC.

2051 days ago


I don't think DJAM is a jerk at all for suing. I hope I never go through what he and Barker went through.

2046 days ago


Inexpreience is what caused that accident.
Pure negligence!
Coorporate pilots as well as commuter pilots don't need many hours to get a job. INEXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope they do get something from the company.

2046 days ago


why don't they sue for negligence or even gross negligence

2070 days ago


ok, so they think they should have taken off anyway..............well what about when it came time to land? You cannot land with blownout tires. If they had done that it is likely travis and am would not have lived in THAT crash! They should just be happy to be alive and leave the pilot's alone. They had LESS than a split second to basically make a decision WHERE to crash. After the tires blew, this plane was going to crash regardless!

2070 days ago



2070 days ago

Keepin' It REAL    

What a horrible tragedy. It's just so weird that the only two people that survived were the two most regonizable/famous ones on the plane. So strange.

2070 days ago

The Dude    

These clowns need to realize that bring a plane out of the sky while it's broken is alot worse idea than keeping it there. If the plane did than badly just skidding while ON THE GROUND. It may not have faired so well when dropping out of the sky on to the ground at 150+ MPH. It's called being indignant. Acting if the person who maybe had a 1/1000's chance of saving some passengers and actually pulled it off, got in the way of your day while saving you.

Those two should be DEAD, yet they survived....

But, then again they were going the equivelent of 156.5 MPH when aborted. does anyone know what liftoff speed is for that plane?

2070 days ago


this is still news?

2070 days ago


These 2 losers are lucky to be alive. Prayers for the crew and others that were lost as they tried to control the uncontrollable. Stupid fools still intend on trying to collect money from this incident. Remember... KARMA is a Mother F******!

2070 days ago

Souja who?    

How can you sue for that? That would be like the people on the US Airways flight that ditched in the Hudson river suing because he didn't aim for an airport. The crew, who lost their lives, made the right call. Crash could have been much worse if they had attempted to land w/o a tire. Unless the suit is aimed only at trying to change aviation laws in order to help prevent this in the future (ex,tire inspections), this is kinda dumb....

2070 days ago



2069 days ago


Thank you, #2 (brattyone): You said it perfectly. Why the hell would they take off when they already knew there was no landing gear? How idiotic can these 2 be? I am happy they survived and all but they should just thank their lucky stars and move on. If the other families want to sue, so be it, but these 2 have no business doing so.

2069 days ago


If the jet was scrapping the runway, the jet would never have enough speed for takeoff. - Only in the Bond films does somelthing like that work.

2069 days ago


This is what happens when a punk rock poser from a rich suburb gets involved with hip hop and tries to act ghetto

2069 days ago
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