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Rihanna Emerges

2/21/2009 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With her head down and wearing sunglasses, Rihanna was spotted on her way to an airport in the L.A. area on Thursday -- the night before her 21st birthday.


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In the picture of her where they showed her face beaten up, did anyone notice the bruising of her neck, like he choked her/ He could have killed her. Its not a matter of a little bruising on her face... He is a brutal man... Hope he rots in jail.

2071 days ago


Most of damage was done on her head and eye (from what I could see in the pic)... which are cover up in these pics.

2071 days ago


to be honest .. looking at the beaten piccie of riri and that picture above .... i dont think the "leaked photo" is her .. or if it is, its been photoshopped. her lips were in a state, but on this picture, they dont look too bad ... theres no scratch mark on the side of her face and theres no bruising around her neck.... you cant say in this picture shes covered them up with make up ... because she has no make up on here.... she most likely has a black eye and the bumps on her head still, hence the reason why shes covered these parts up ...In no way do i condone what CB done to her .. its wrong, and totally out of order. But im wondering, she seems like a feisty girl, surely she woulda fought back? Id like to see some kind of proof of any injuries CB sustained through the situation.

They both need to make a full statement each and soon. All the gossip on the media sites and newspapers dont tell the full and true story. We can only judge when either of them have told what happened!

2071 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

If she goes back to that woman beating turd.. she is done. There will be no sympathy for her.

She needs to distance herself from him

2071 days ago


she loves chris and will go back to him if rihanna was hispanic she would have beaten his ass up :D

2071 days ago


You are much to young to experience this, totally unacceptable for anyone to go through, I hope this girl has learned a valuable lesson. I hope she is not weak and thinks with her brain and not her heart.

2071 days ago


Fair enuff she got beaten which is extreamly bad and i dont condone it at all...... But I mean there is always two sides to every story!!!!

2071 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

she looks so sad...all women who have relationships of ANYKIND may see it happens to many more than u think, and think twice abt sticking around for the next 911 ladies...there r plenty of support groups out there for the less doesn't STOP!!!!!!!! once it STARTS! gooooooo

2071 days ago


Anyone with half a brain would realise that most bruises heal up within 2 weeks, what is most concerning is the emotional anguish that this voilent incident is likely to have on Rihanna. All of your losers saying " Oh she looks alright to me...yeh your seeing her over 2 weeks since the attack, witjh large sunglasses, behind glass & oh gee she most definatly would have put makeup on to cover whatever bruises are still evident. Take a good look at the police is no fake! I'd like to know what the #*%k is happening to Chris......mongrel should be locked up!!!

2071 days ago


BOOHOO...another celebrity couple breaks your hearts...but you would trade your left arm to be like them...too funny. It doesn't matter how many of these losers prove their real worth, you still slip in the drool you produce while aching to be in their shoes while pretending to know them. I am sure there are many like me who tune in just to see you fools lather yourselves up into a frenzy...snicker. Great American theater to be sure.

2071 days ago


21 , huh?

Wow, that means she can drink alcohol now, Oh wait, you don't think her age stopped her from being served, eh?

Sadly, the 21 benchmark is nothing least she will be LEGAL to drink now.

2071 days ago


If she ever talks to him again, she deserves to have her ass kicked.

2071 days ago


#6 you're a lame jackass whose brain escaped through your butthole a long time ago.

2071 days ago



2071 days ago


Why is it that everyone thinks she is "all better"? Her hair is covering her forehead where she had the two giant contusions! She has on big sunglasses that hide the black eyes. (In the picture that was leaked, the bruises weren't that dark yet & the swelling wasn't bad yet because the injuries had just happened. BUT... the bruises WILL have gotten bad and there will have been a lot of swelling with injuries like that. TRUST!) The only injuries that she would have had visible in the picture above is on her lips. Of COURSE her lips would have healed in TWO WEEKS! That was the LEAST of her injuries. Some of you are ignorant morons!

That said, wherever she is flying today, I hope it is somewhere that she is able to spend her birthday with loved ones, who will help support her and help her stay strong. She needs to stay as far away from that ANIMAL as possible. I hope that he gets help -- REAL help (not from a "pastor" or his mother -- real psychiatric help from a TRAINED professional.) What he did to her is not only criminal, it's scary and inhuman. If that is how he treats a loved one, imagine what he could do to someone he doesn't "love".

Get better Rihanna!

2071 days ago
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