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Rihanna Emerges

2/21/2009 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With her head down and wearing sunglasses, Rihanna was spotted on her way to an airport in the L.A. area on Thursday -- the night before her 21st birthday.


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Rihanna, as time goes by you will grown from this tragic, and painful experience, and give your fans the wisdom that you love sharing through your music. - Love you.

2068 days ago


Stay strong baby girl we love you and you have our support all the way from Trinidad and Tobago

2068 days ago


Anyone on here who truly believes Chris Brown will spend a day in jail you are just delusional. Without a doubt, he was 100% wrong, but he is a 19 year old kid with no previous record of anything other than parking tickets. He will get a suspended sentence, probation, and community service. Remember you heard it from me first.

2068 days ago


#78. I couldn't have said it better.

2068 days ago

She sure is gorgeous!    

White guys don't hit women?.....

Josh Brolin
Steve Austin
Tracy Lawrence
Harry Morgan
David Hasselhoff
Sean Penn.... etc.

This is not a race issue, nor is it only a phenomenon in the black community. Get your facts straight. Domestic violence is a problem for every culture and race. Maybe you guys should spend more time learning what's going on in your own community before commenting on African Americans.

2068 days ago

OH Nasty Tina    

Enough already! Leave the girl alone. When's she ready to talk she'll talk! Damn!

2068 days ago

Eldrick Woods    

Sorry guys, she's on her way to spend that big birthday with me...I'll treat her right! I guess she likes it a bit rough with Chris. Hugh Daddy will make it all better...!

2068 days ago


Rihanna if you can read this. Keep your head up!!

2068 days ago


Some of you ppl on here are retarded and HEARTLESS. Stay strong baby girl.. stand up for other woman who are suffering! If she takes him back (which I pray she doesnt) I hope she's smart enough to learn self defense.. chances are this won't be the last time he's hitting on you

2068 days ago


I hope she has learned not to date someone who can get that way. If she is violent herself, I hope that she knows now not to do that. I hope she gets all the help she needs and comes back stronger and writes some fierce songs for her next album.

2068 days ago


Chanda, Chris Brown may not spend time in jail for this, but the point is HE SHOULD! Domestic Violence laws all over the world need to be changed, treated more seriously. I live in Australia & was subjected to years of mental abuse which finally resulted in a violent confrontation in which I was not only bashed (not as badly as Rihanna) but also threatened with a machette. The police handled the case oh so casually & while I was being interviewed (distressed as I was) the copper said to me "Oh don't worry it's just another domestic violence case' Great I thought, what chance in hell do I have? If domestic violence offenders were subjected to some time in the lock up they would more than likely never to offend again. What they need is their civil rights taken from them, scare the be jesus outta them ffs & show them this kind of crap will not be tolerated. With any luck Chris will have been publically humiliated to the point of redemption.
We have women & children being killed here in Australia because of ongoing domestic violence that is not handled appropriately. Even after the female leaves her abusive man.

2068 days ago


I bet she won't hit nobody else how bout that

2068 days ago


who's the other chic in the back seat?

2068 days ago


Stay strong Rihanna


2068 days ago


she should have kept her hands to herself.

What about Phil Spector lets talk about him killin that lady oh how soon we forget racist pigs

2068 days ago
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