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The Face of a

Battered Woman

2/22/2009 12:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a photo of Rihanna taken after Chris Brown allegedly beat her.

Battered Woman
The LAPD has just released this statement.


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Of course she is back with him. Battered women usually do, that is the sad thing.

1981 days ago


TMZ you shouldnt have posted this picture and let people chat about it. I am so sickend by what people were saying about her. How many decent human beings are there left in the world. No matter what the situation it shouldnt have happend she has the proof on her face and its wrong. Its wrong to let people openly chat about it on your site too, at least have a monitor for things that are cruel, heartless, and tasteless. I really hope all the people talking trash will grow up and be a part of normal society. I know that TMZ prides itself on being the first but somethings should be left private. If this were her autopsy would it be here?

1981 days ago


Please take this down!!!! It is beating her up all over again to publish the photo. Does anyone want to help me boycott TMZ???!!!!

1981 days ago


------------- People keep making excuses for the abuser, keep wanting to say that its ok for this kind of thing to happen. Truth is, this is never ok. Truth is, this isnt love. She needs to come to realize this as well, so she can be in a happy loving relationship in her life when the time is right. To see a human being hurt like this is sad, chances are he didnt just one night blow up. Abuse escalates, he probably did this to her on a regular basis , he just kept it from being out in the open. I feel that this will bring the abuse out in to the open, so she doesnt have to hide it and live in fear..and so people can stop defending the abuse and the abuser. This is real life, celebrity or not. ------------------

1981 days ago

B Responsible    

It's very sad to see -Rihanna a beautiful girl to be reduced to this? Her body and soul? I hope she will heal and learn that there is a much better place for her in this world, that is full of love her deserves. I would say the same about CB, but part of me really want him to suffer for the evil beating he did. Without justice there is no peace, Chris. This is between you and God.

1981 days ago


i feel bad for her and all...but theres been reports since the relationship began that BOTH have had tempers and violent tendencies. this whole thing was a ticking time bomb, it was only a matter of time until one of them did something. should he have hit her? of course not. but for all you know she could have hit him first...its just as wrong for a girl to hit a guy as it is for a guy to hit a girl, either way its abuse,

1981 days ago


Praying for her....I know the pic is very hard to look at, but maybe it well help other abuse victims realize that they are not alone. May God Bless you, girl.....

1981 days ago


Unless Rihanna personally requests this pic being taken down - I support it being posted. It makes me uncomfortable to look at it. I feel a bit sick to my stomach right now. I kind of want to literally cry for this poor girl. I think seeing this picture puts a real face the reality of domestic violence. We need to see it and be disgusted and uncomfortable. I just hope that Rihanna can find the strength to heal (physically and emotionally) from all of this.

1981 days ago


Everything involving this story will have to come out in about 2 weeks when Chris Brown's court date takes place. This picture is terrible to look at; whatever happened that night could not merit his beating her like this.

1981 days ago


I hope she sues you for posting this. Talk about getting beat up a second time, TMZ, invading this poor your lady's privacy at this most terrible time of her young life. Shame on you.

1981 days ago


Damn, did someone hit her with a umbrella, ella, ella, eh eh eh?

1981 days ago

something smells    


1981 days ago

I Smell Michael Burning in Hell - AHHHHH! AAAAAH!    

Loudmouth broad got bitchslapped, so what? Almost all chicks need periodic beatings just to keep them in check.
I got yer back, Chris. Represent.

1981 days ago



1981 days ago


omfg. what a piece of sh&t this little mother f&*ker is. she needs to leave this little BOY alone.

1981 days ago
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