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The Face of a

Battered Woman

2/22/2009 12:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a photo of Rihanna taken after Chris Brown allegedly beat her.

Battered Woman
The LAPD has just released this statement.


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oh my god i cant believe Chris brown did something like that...i feel so bad for Rhianna...she cant go back to hm no matter what!!...ive seen something like this before..guys like that never change...they say they will, but they wont, they never do!...Rhianna i hope your getting better.

1996 days ago


but yea you shouldnt put stuff like this think she wants people to see this!...yea im never coming on in site guys have no respect!

1996 days ago


That is Rihanna because u can see that tat in other pics. And even the LAPD said it was because the are investigating the leak.

1995 days ago


Out of respect for battered women, please remove that pic, it can stir a lot of hurtful emotions. That Chris Brown needs to be punished for this.

1995 days ago


If Rihanna goes back to that loser she deserves everything she gets. They don't change. And he threatened to kill her. HELLO! What is her family doing to help her get past this horrific incident.

1995 days ago


God, I hope that he gets the punishment that he deserves. I hope she kicks him to the curb, and the jury in charge of his case locks him away for A LONG, time.

1995 days ago


The very sad thing is,this happens everyday! Many women go and some men deal with this crap. She needs to get as far away from him as possible. He won't change and it will just be worse next time. He can tell her that he has changed since this happened. Oh, it woke me up and I swear I will never touch you again. They all say that and at some point he will do it again, but the second time is always worse than that first time.

1995 days ago

Michelle Johnson    

Why would someone put this on the internet, this is so wrong. Not only is this fed up, but its embarassing to Rihanna. How low to yall need to go to get a pic. STR8 DIRTY

1995 days ago


wow... i cant believe their back together first of all, poor rihanna she shuldnt have taken him back, his career is ruined they dont even play his music on virgin radio and others in toronto ne more!! i hope it stays that way hes a freak nothing can stop him

1995 days ago


Celebrities should not be ashamed or embarrased or in any way feel the need to hide things like this. It's the truth about domestic violence. She didn't do anything wrong. This actually evokes sympathy and compassion for her - the victim. She should be plastering this pic all over the place with the hopes of educating other young women that they don't have to put up with this. Of course, looks like she just might be willing to take her chances again. That is also typical of domestic violence. I hope the best for her.

1995 days ago


This was me years ago. I went back for more so I can understand Rihanna. It is sick but it's about not feeling good about yourself. I finally realized that with lots of therapy. I hope she gets help before it's too late.

1995 days ago


She should have got outta the car when he told her to. Haha. And now shes back with him.. so she deserved it!

1995 days ago


I hope that Chris Brown rots in prison and I hope that he gets what he deserves there... I will never buy any Chris Brown's music and I hope that he's ruined his music career. No type of entertainment industry should stand for this.

1995 days ago


THIS IS NOT RIHANNA. i cannot find a single picture of her with this tattoo on her neck. get over yourselves! the poor girl probably just wants to be left alone right now.

1995 days ago


She needed to get beet up if she let little chris brown beat her:(:(:(:(:(
im glad this happened to her may she will learn not to trust R&B singers

1995 days ago
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