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The Face of a

Battered Woman

2/22/2009 12:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a photo of Rihanna taken after Chris Brown allegedly beat her.

Battered Woman
The LAPD has just released this statement.


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she shouldn't of messed wit it okay for her to do the dumb **** she did...she needed that ass whooping because now look at her shes out of ****ing control..he should of told her to take a switch off the tree and spank her like he is her dad daddy...talking about some come on rude boy boy can u get it up...she need to sit her ass down and get right wit god...

1460 days ago

tyisha M.    

OMG!i hope she looks at this the pic and realizes she can do better i like rihANNA

1391 days ago


it was rihanna fault chris brown didn't do nothing . if anything rihanna ass had to do something for chris brown to beat her azz that bad . so i blamee her becausee she shouldnt have never been going through chris brown phone or whatever it was ; ion know cuzz it was diffrent stories but anywho yep chris brown was wrong for beating her black azz likee that cuzz hee did **** her up cuzz but she had to hit him first . i still love chris brown though forreal ; but he was wrong for that ; ion rerally think they should get back together . so ****k it . im out this bit .

1382 days ago

randii boo    

mann dis **** all started 4 a stupid ass ****in reason....i mean iknoe itz ova but damn bro ppl needa hop off uh dat chris brown **** damn bitch 4get it an if it wuznt fa jay'z yo ass wud neva been thought of peace :] dat iish was 2009 ppl still on dat wtf bro like damn folk if u dnt like christopher leave his ass alone nd out ya head.....BIATCH.....dEuCEs..!!!!!

1365 days ago


She got beat the **** up lol

1361 days ago


she shouldn't have been runnin that mouth

1303 days ago


oh my god chris! how could you do that to brianna!grow up or someones gonna learn you right in jail;i hope she sues you!as for gma you are so stupid for what and how you behaved!thats a violation of probation!dont think your parents or family are so proud of you!what do you think???? NOT!!!!!!!!!!! TMZ FAN,pjtobbe

1278 days ago


People Just Have to Learn How To Forgive && Move On . Life Must Go On !! Chris Is Doing His thing , And Rihanna Is doing hers . so . iLove Rihanna and Chris ! And Nothing HurtFul Should have Happened bad to either . Chris Did Wrong , But People Make Mistakes ! iLove You Both , Enjoy Life && Live it While You Can !

1233 days ago


Everyday we look at celebrities as they are above human actions. I not excusing Chris's behave but we are all apart of the human race and make mistakes and instead of putting people down we should support them so that they can find the courage to over come and be a better humanbeing. Why do people kick each other when one is down. Where is the love and forgiveness people.

1223 days ago

lil` blondie    

i think that stuff look a little fake

1207 days ago

i hate rihanna     

i think she should of got her ass beat i'm lad chris did this to her i wish he would have killed her ass

1195 days ago

deja williams     

i told u she was gonna hit hem with her umbrella

1116 days ago

camille anderson    

How can all of you sit here and say it's good forher, you don't know what she been through, you have no right no blame anything on this young singer because it does not matter if she ran her mouth he had no right no hit her, but chris brown on your part: I just think you should never do this stuipd **** ever again because it's kindda horrible how you as a young adult who has very young listeners all over the world you little children has to see this? it is not right! but I hope everyone notices that this incident has alreday passed and we must move on He made a mistake!

1052 days ago

jillian frazier     

why did you let man to beating you up your should not thew your shoe at chris brown beacuse you should walk away for the man

1040 days ago

Julie Markides    

Men are bastards!!

994 days ago
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