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Ryan & Brangelina -- 13 Seconds of Redemption

2/22/2009 10:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brangelina totally snubbed Ryan Seacrest at the Golden Globes. Today, only one of 'em did.

Brad Pitt: Click to watch
Ryan got 13 seconds with Brad. Maybe next time he'll get a full 30.


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Tired of Paula's Antics    

You know why Jennifer Aniston needs people to help her behind the scenes to find a man is because her fan following of women scorned are probably turning her into a Fatal Attraction. Vince Vaughn was telling the tabloids he broke up with her and two days later Jennifer was contradicting him in the tabloids saying everything was fine. John Mayer was telling the tabloids he broke up with her and days later Jennifer was contradicting him telling Oprah everything was fine. Which is odd enough, but then her fans went ballistic trashing John Mayer for being a cheating dog creep just because he just wasn't that into her.

She posed naked and got absolutely no new takers on that? That means that although Jennifers cadre of bitter followers think she's some sort of victim, guys are looking at her dating history of not being able to connect along with the mess that follows when they try to break up and are thinking that a hook up with Jennifer is sure to end up with boiled bunny.

Not good. By the way if Ryan wants Angelina to stop to talk to him next time, he should send her a note beforehand saying he'll stick to the subject of her work and honor that promise. After all, he ought to know how it feels to not feel respected for your work. Ryan's job is probably a lot harder than it looks, but maybe it's harder than it looks being tabloid fodder too.

2031 days ago


Does anyone find it interesting that this posting was mostly about how sick everyone is seeing Brangelina and that SC is only bashing Jennifer Aniston? Does that person work PR for Brangelina? The point is.....Brad and Angelina are always sellings baby pictures (yes, for charity) and slipping remarks about their adulterous affair to the press. And then, they don't want anyone to ask them questions about anything but their work? Give it up already, SC this wasn't about Aniston, she's as over it as anyone but the press and you!

2031 days ago

Tired of Paula's Antics    

lissa, looks like you're bad judgment of people strikes again because it's mostly just you and your 30 screen names that's trashing Brangelina and perceiving any assessment of Jennifer as bashing rather than trying to help her move on.

You seriously think it's all a conspiracy to mess with your mind that you imagine random posters on a coffee break as being PR people? Wow, Jennifer must be thrilled to have you as a fan.

2031 days ago

jeff in la    

Was that Brad Pitt, or Brad Prick

2031 days ago


Thia couple haa no class, no manners, definitely white trash, she is a stuck up he is a minimi, and believe me there are no words that can define them. By the way the dress "Her Magesty" was wearing was a no no, it was to low and she looked terrible.

Thanks for taking the time to read my comment......

2031 days ago


I think this is what happened. Anybody remember??? I think he asked her "Are you breast feeding?" during the interview 3 years ago, after Shiloh was born. She said OMG and turned her face away. Last year, Seacrest made a fool of himself and ran down the stairs (his interview area) caalling their names. They didn't even look at him. He kept on saying his displeasure afterwards.

I think he also asked Jessica Alba "Are you going to breast feed?" last year. When people evade his stupid questions, he made not so pleasant remarks. He doesn't know how stupid his questions can be.

I think Angilina did a nice interview with "People" only. Both of them chat/smiling/laughing etc. She gave less than 10 sec to other outlets. They should have just gone straight into the theatre if they don't want to do red carpet.

2031 days ago


the only reason brangelina is even incredibly popular is because the pubic has an obsession with gorgeous people. grandpa-face Pitt and Skeletor-vein Jolie are on their way out. they used to be hot before they ruined themselves with kids and pretentious attitudes.

2031 days ago


I would adopt about 20 kids too if I could have nannies for everyone of them. Please people they aren't raising these kids. Let them be the everage American who has to do EVERYTHING to take care of their children then I'll pat them on their backs like they want us all to.

2029 days ago


The tabloid popularity has actually gone to their heads!!! Why on earth they were sitting in the front row at the oscars is beyond me. Everyone knew they weren't winning! Geez, even Jen should've sat in the front row - atleast she was there to do something (present)! These two were seat fillers at best. They are rude on the red carpet and phony and walk like they're royalty . They are the product of infidelity on Pitt's part ! Why does the media condone this sh*t? They should've been spit on for the past 4 years instead they manipulate public perception by buying children - AND since when does Pitt do anything for charity? This must be part of his personality disorder because he certainly wasn't into that sort of thing prior to AJ. That doesn't mean he's grown - that just means he's taken on a part of her personality! he's a weird tool.

2029 days ago

sick of basher    

Why does every bash on Brad and Angie, the only thing reports every asked them are the same question. Then when they do give a interview it always blown out of portion. Everyone needs to take a break if you can't say anything good don't say anything. One min you like them and the next you don't. This is what is wrong with the US right allways BACK STABBING EACH OTHER.
Just because someone does not want to stop and repeat the same thing they have to be SNOBS. With all the goods those two do that the only thing you can say about them.SHAME ON YOU!!!!

2029 days ago


I am shocked speechless at some of the sickening, unintelligent, misogynistic (by the so-called "men"), and clearly UNCIVILIZED postings on this site re Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt; i.e., 2/23 VAL posting(s), JAMES D posting(s), LYLA posting(s), MINDY posting(s), NAN posting(s), ALICE posting(s), & a slew of other ignorant and MANIACALLY FOUL comments. Have some of you even bothered to complete GRADE SCHOOL??? Some of you sound like you're the lowest of the lowest of the human species. May God have mercy on your boorishness the underlying 'green eyed monstesr' in you! Nonetheless, I whole-heartedly agree with the 2/23 SC because she is 'on target' with her intelligent comments without having to resort to vulgar profanities. She is right. In my view, and what I have actually seen and heard from Jennifer Aniston, she woefully lacks self-esteem; and I have noticed that she attempts to use almost virtually the same mannerisms as Angelina Jolie, i.e., placing her hand on the chest or abdomen of her signficant other, whomever it is at the time; cuddling up to children, whether on tv or charities, etc., doing back to back movies with no real "substance", on and on. It appears that she does not present 'movie-star' quality to cross over on the big screen from Friends; and yes, she knew earlier on that as a presenter at the Oscars that she would be 'face to face' with her ex and his significant other. Therefore, the onus was upon Jennifer to graciously opt out of presenting at this time knowing that she is still not 'completely' over the 'hump' of losing Brad to someone else. She still appears to be trying to 'prove something'. What she needs to do is to be 'unassuming' in her life; she would accomplish more this way, including more respect from others. When the cameras zoomed to Angelina & Brad, they both smiled very sincerely and graciously towards Jennifer! What did she think they were going to do??? Granted, I am not a fan of Jennifer Aniston, but even I would root for her if she had more respect for herself in this regard. Right now I can only feel sorry for her because I see her always trying to 'get one up' on Brad & Angelina - like, "Look at me!" "See, I'm still attractive, and I can get a much younger guy just as you have gotten a much younger woman". I say, get over it Jennifer, and move on gracefully. Yes, she has a smile on the ouside, but her ACTIONS speak louder than her words. I also agree and absolutely love the comments of AJPB. Obviously, as we do not all have to concur, there is a level of 'intelligence', simple 'decency', and common sense that we all should all attempt to employ when posting comments. As to Ryan Seacrest (see 2/23/J), despite the fact that I am not a celebrity, I wouldn't even want him to interview me as an ordinary citizen because not only is Ryan inexperienced, has not tact (delicate perception of the right thing to say or do without offending), he acts like a 'bull in a china shop'. Thank you, a female of color.

2029 days ago


Brad and Angie are the best! It took real generosity for Brad to even acknowledge Ryan
after the way Ryan treated Angie when her Mother was dying. They are great humanitarians.

2027 days ago


I could not get over how smug and stuck up Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were at the Oscar's. They need to get over themselves. They are so over rated. I think Angelina looked boring and tired. I think she think's she doesn't even have to try anymore because she thinks she's so cool. Brad is nice looking but who cares there are tons of good looking men in the world.

2024 days ago
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