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Britney Sneaks Calls -- Daddy Pissed

2/23/2009 7:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsThere's a hearing underway in the Britney Spears restraining order case against Sam Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib.

Daddy Jamie Spears is on the stand right now, explaining that Britney somehow got her hands on a pre-paid cell phone which caused him fits because they have been strictly monitoring the phones she's able to use.

The nanny heard Britney talking to Sam and Adnan on the pre-paid phone in the wee hours of the morning one day. It appears Jamie believes Sam and Adnan got her the phone in an attempt to poison her against Jamie and to torpedo the conservatorship.

If Sam did have any contact with Britney, he would have violated a court order to stay the hell away from her.

Jamie is trying to make the temporary restraining order against the dynamic duo permanent.


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I don't think anyone but God can save Britney from herself, Sam and Adnan.

2013 days ago


Please cant someone in US kill sam lufti?
please! you're gonna be famous after that, and the world is going to love you for ever!

2013 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

you cant stop a 27 year old girl from doing anything,just let her go,she going to do it anyway

2013 days ago

Tyra Banks    

So, I guess that nanny is now in the unemployment line.....BWAAAHAAAAA

2013 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Jeeeeezus, Britney, either go kill yourself with your a-hole "friends" Sam Slutfee and Ad-man what's-his-face, or straighten up, shut up, and grow up.

2013 days ago

Roger Moore    

At least she hasn't been flapping that nappy dugout to the camera's. I haven't enjoyed an open faced roast beef sandwich since I saw that thing.

2013 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

This idiot is hell bent on self destruction. She is unable to ever learn from or let alone admit to her mistakes. Just going out of her way to keep in contact with them proves this beyond doubt. You people who think this tour is going to work are just as delusional as she is. The pressure's building and the lid is bulging out and is close to blowing off. I suggest keep popcorn near by.

2013 days ago


So she doesn't want her kids after all. Let her hook back up with Sam and take away her visitation. Let her and Sam plow through the remainder of her money and they can live happily ever after in a Starbucks parking lot in a tent.

2013 days ago


She is an adult if she wants to make bad decisions for herself that is her right. This conservatorship is absolutely wrong. I understand her losing custody of her kids but it seems like her father is totally taking advantage of her for his financial gain. She is an adult. Let her live her own life

2013 days ago


Why is this 26 year old woman being treated worse than a 16 year old????

Her father seems to be her jailer and controlling all her money.

If she is well enough to be out there performing in public, she should be able to control her own finances.
Her family are leeches.

2013 days ago


What a truly ungrateful piece of crap Brittany is proving herself to be if these rumors are true and she has been communicating with those camel jockeys. With all that her father has done to help bring her back from the depths of mental disease and then to betray him and the terms of the conservatorship is inexcusable. Brittany you need your azz kicked. What are you trying to prove by your conduct? What the heck is wrong with you Brittany. Get yourself together.
By this age you should already know what low lives that Sam and Adnan are. What is wrong with you? IF you lose your mind again, you will lose your family and friends and whatever fans you had permanently because everyone is getting sick of your betrayals. Those camel jockeys are disgusting.

2013 days ago


This chick is nuts. Thank God for her father - he seems like the only one in her life that cares about her.

I agree with an earlier poster - move this chick out of LA. Get her some serious therapy.

2013 days ago


This proves beyond any doubt that Britney is NO better than she was when she was hauled off on a gurney to the mental ward. Jamie should have left her there indefinitely instead of being "Mr. Nice Guy" and letting her return home. This is the thanks he gets??? Considering that she's behaving like a spoiled little child, she should be treated accordingly and lose all her privileges, as well as her visitation with the boys. Obviously she wants to "lie down with the dogs" and must be protected; perhaps a padded cell is the best place for her for an extended period of time.

2013 days ago

No she didn't......    

Oh no! This is not good. Even with medication she still cannot see these men for who they are. How sad. And how scary. I wish that she had come clean about her mental problems on that MTV "Special" she did. ALthough it did appear that she would need her meds tweaked since she was happy one moment and the next she was crying. BiPolar is no joke. We'll see her have another incidents if someone does not keep an eye on her to see she is taking those meds. It is not uncommon for people like that to stop taking the meds because either: A. THey are feeling "better" (ha ha) or B. They do not like the side effects. Then if these two dildos have their way, she'll be in just of bad shape as she was last year, and so they can peddle her out just like a street two bit hooker.
AS for the family? Time to reconsider this tour. It is clear, she needs more time.

2013 days ago


She is a grown-up girl. Time for daddy to mind his own and head on home. If she's hell bent on destroying her life and reputation, then so be it. That's called being an ADULT, y', but true.

2013 days ago
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