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Britney Sneaks Calls -- Daddy Pissed

2/23/2009 7:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsThere's a hearing underway in the Britney Spears restraining order case against Sam Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib.

Daddy Jamie Spears is on the stand right now, explaining that Britney somehow got her hands on a pre-paid cell phone which caused him fits because they have been strictly monitoring the phones she's able to use.

The nanny heard Britney talking to Sam and Adnan on the pre-paid phone in the wee hours of the morning one day. It appears Jamie believes Sam and Adnan got her the phone in an attempt to poison her against Jamie and to torpedo the conservatorship.

If Sam did have any contact with Britney, he would have violated a court order to stay the hell away from her.

Jamie is trying to make the temporary restraining order against the dynamic duo permanent.


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Drugs Kill    

I soooo just wish this person would GO AWAY.

1979 days ago


27 years old and her daddy and mommy control who she can and can't talk on the phone! Pretty sad! This must be a distraction so that when folks buy tickets for her tour they don't feel cheated with her lip synking to every song; (because she CAN'T SING) and stupid dance moves.

1979 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

She thought she was bullet proof and she was entitled to do whatever her degraded mind told her to do. Look where that got her! I say they should remove some money and keep it hidden away in a trust for the kids to grow up on and then cut her loose to continue on her path to self destruction. And make it a decent amount, as therapy costs money and the kids are going to need lots of therapy to stand a chance. Their mother is a write off and is addicted to self caused trauma like a bug flying around a bug zapper! Those kids are so screwed having her as an egg donor!

1979 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD (rescinded)    

That useless tool, Adenoid, or A-hole, or whatever his name is, is going to be banging Octo-mom soon. You heard it here first (he's a patient of mine, and he recently revealed his desire for her). So Crazy-Britney is safe, from him, at least....

1979 days ago


Three people fighting over "first". How childish! Y'all should get some crayons.

1979 days ago


I agree with the people saying just cut her loose. She clearly is incorrigible, absolutely incapable of learning. Let her wallow in the slimepit that she wants to inhabit. Keep the kids as far away from her as possible and let her sink to her own level. Clearly her dad is only interested in her for the amount of money she can generate (as is everyone else in her life). The beauty of letting her go down the drain is the money will go too and she will be left with no one and nothing. Justice at last.

1979 days ago


This just goes to show she is nowhere out of the woods and in no way ready to be going on tour. They should work on getting her better before putting the pressure of a tour on her now. If she in any way feels Sam and Adnan are still looking out for her welfare, that clearly shows where her state of mind still is.

1979 days ago


How it is: Your ideas are marvelous! Here's another scenario: cut Britney totally lose with a few thousand dollars at her disposal and put the rest in a safe place for the two kids. Let her go have her flings and self-destruct wherever and with whomever she chooses. When she runs out of cash, she can start charging (also known as whoring). If she winds up on the streets as a bag lady, so be it. Kevin and the boys will be protected and her Dad can finally get some much needed rest.

Britney is mentally unbalanced and it appears that she'll never recover. She needs to either be locked up in a mental health care facility or left to her own devices to entertain the public. Much better than her putrid lip syncing and gyrating.

1979 days ago


One of the earlier posts said that if Britney's family cared about her they'd get her out of California. Kevin has custody of the children. She can't take them with her for a prolonged period of time. Just TRY to separate a mother from her children. She obvious doesn't see what all of us see: These men are dangerous and don't care about her getting better or having a fulfilling life. It's a very complicated situation.;

1979 days ago

Roger Moore    

Dear Britney,
We wish you a complete and speedy death!

1979 days ago


Once a looser, always a looser.

1979 days ago


lutfee and ghalib? wtf

1979 days ago



1979 days ago


the list of things shes been able to do with her father at the helm is huge as far as getting more. Maybe not more money to spend on cars etc, but shes gotten more airplay, another album and more time with her kids. BUT, you can NOT force an adult (whether by age or maturity) to make good choices. Its been this long, her musics getting airtime, she gets visits with her kids and she STILL wants those two. I agree with many others here - supervised visits with the kids and no overnights and put up the money away from her. (which i bet oddly enough neither of those two would want her without.) The minute this is over it looks like act 2 unfortunately.

1979 days ago

bri bri    

wow if these gusy really cared for Brit they would leave her alone and not screw her up and if she rally wants to get better and not let anything screw her up then she has to tu acting like a dumbass. She is smarter then that.

1979 days ago
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