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Britney Sneaks Calls -- Daddy Pissed

2/23/2009 7:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsThere's a hearing underway in the Britney Spears restraining order case against Sam Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib.

Daddy Jamie Spears is on the stand right now, explaining that Britney somehow got her hands on a pre-paid cell phone which caused him fits because they have been strictly monitoring the phones she's able to use.

The nanny heard Britney talking to Sam and Adnan on the pre-paid phone in the wee hours of the morning one day. It appears Jamie believes Sam and Adnan got her the phone in an attempt to poison her against Jamie and to torpedo the conservatorship.

If Sam did have any contact with Britney, he would have violated a court order to stay the hell away from her.

Jamie is trying to make the temporary restraining order against the dynamic duo permanent.


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The nanny was spying on her? wtf?

Is this 27 y o woman under house arrest and they only let her out when they want her to perform for money?

If she is smart enough to "sneak" phone calls she can't be mentally ill.
I say FREE BRITNEY from the clutches of her family !

1964 days ago


Why would talking to them allow her to "torpedo" the conservatorship? A judge issued that. Britney, even if she talks to these guys every damm day, can't "torpedo" anything on her own anymore, except her career. She is in charge of nothing.

1964 days ago

justice is served    

So Osama and Ghalib are partners in crime! Amethyst Mine sure has a lot of Osama smack talk to swallow.

1964 days ago


Prior to this article, I had hoped that Britney was actually trying to get herself straightened up. I see now that nothing has changed. Nothing at all. My advice to Jamie would be keep her on a short leash until the tour is over or canceled or whatever. Sock all the money away in a trust for her boys. Then just walk away and don't look back. Try to think of it as taking a terminally ill family member off of life support. Just let her live out her last few months being who she really is, who Lynne and the machine programmed her to be.

1964 days ago


I say...let her make her own mistakes. She isn't 12!

1964 days ago

citizen kope    

oh britney, britney, britney. i'm getting tired of taking up for you. now you are being just plain f uc ki ng stupid. don't know a good thing when you have it. you're going to end up dead and these two jackasses are going to do it to you. i agree with most of the posters here. your family is not the enemy. you are your own worst enemy at this point and time in your life. i wish you well, but i don't have any in faith that you will make the right decisions. so, rest in peace, because you're not gonna be here much longer. and i'm not defending you anymore. you've dug your own grave. good bye and good luck.

1964 days ago

Obama is a Communist    

The best part of Adnan and the other creep ran down their mommy's crack the day they were born!

1964 days ago


I think, if this is true, maybe Kevin better take her to court again, for less visitation. Her dad has her best interest at heart...

1964 days ago


Obviously is this woman is able to have visitation with her kids.. is able to 'tour' again in order to keep the money coming in then she is capable of making phone calls. I get that she might not be making the best decisions BUT she is an adult and she has some basic human rights... I think making phone calls without her fathers persmission falls under those basic rights as an adult. You can preach all you want about what is 'best' for her.. it doesn't trump her rights... imagine if a relative decided they didn't like your spouse or boyfriend.. wanted to run your life.. this has gone way beyond 'protecting' Britney.. they obviously think she is capable of touring and working and making all the decisions in that area.. or are they pulling the puppet strings there too.. This WOMAN needs to be given her rights back.. and if that means she has the RIGHT to blow her money, stop performing and hang out with losers.. well tough .. that is still HER right and her choice as a human being.

1964 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Sam and Adnan have brainwashed Britney into becoming a suicide bomber. She will blow herself up
when she is around a target of National Security, such as a group of paparazzi.

1964 days ago


Britt is f!cking horny!!! Duh. She's hot young chick...and ya'll expect her to stay locked up in the house with no d!ck. How insane...sure if a person makes there own decision to be celibant it can be done...but she didn't choose that. She has been court ordered to be under her dad's lock and key. Britt was happy when her and K-Fed were screwing like rabbits. Remember...until she got knocked up and fat from the pregnacy. So K-Fed cheated (I guess) lost interest (I guess). Well, now she's worked off the fat from the baby. I say pay K-Fed like the male prostitute he is (I guess) to get back in there and service Britt. Why not? He's already living off her money and has her kids. Many couples work it out for the sake of the just so happens that Britt is one the kids in this case also. A kid that is lonely as hell...she was devastated when they broke up.

1964 days ago


Her dad is worried about a cell phone call? Does that mean when we buy tickets to his daughters concerts we are manipulating his daughter that says to a judge, "My daughter is severely disabled!" Until I see Britney able to take care of her affairs, will I buy a ticket where the money is going to Britney.

How does a girl that makes millions of dollars and paying these guys salaries listed as disabled. Look at KFED-he looks more disabled than Britney.

Stay strong Britney-don't sell your soul. If the tour isn't according to your terms, just say NO. Seems like you are abled and should be able to make a couple of phone calls.

1964 days ago


Looks like dumbass slutney still just doesn't get it. The stupid dumbass would be giving bj's in alleyways for rent money if daddy spears hadn't stepped in & booted liar lufti to the curb. Her dad saved her fortune (the dumbass managed to go through $60 Million of her fortune in 1.5 years; any money she has left is directly because he stopped her from throwing it away). And how does dumbass slutney repay his help? By secretly calling the exact same lying POS that stole money from her in the first place.

She's still a mental retard, still a dumbass, still unable to make the simplest of correct decisions for herself. She needs to be fitted with depends & thrown in a mental hospital. That's about all she's capable of...

1964 days ago

Roger Moore    

Britney is a slam pig. Hard to believe you can be all used up at 27. She was always a simple minded sperm receptacle, never graduated high school, can't read, write or spell beyond a 3rd grade level. I hope her father gets every penny away from that skank.

1964 days ago


So she is sane enought for Daddy to pimp her out to tour but she is not sane enought to speak on the phone to whoever she wants. And she's what... 27 yrs old.. a mother of two! If anyone is brain washing .. using , manipulating and abusing this 'woman' it's Daddy and her lawyers. Sorry not buying that she is able to tour and earn millions for her 'conservators' but is too weak minded to speak on the phone?? Give me a break.. looks like Daddy found a way to be his daughters pimp even after she bacame old enough to say "NO".. somthing very SAD about that.

1964 days ago
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