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Woman Rips OctoMom -- "Get a Job!"

2/23/2009 12:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She just wanted gas, but at the ARCO station yesterday, Nadya Suleman got a tank-full of bitching out.

OctoMom: Click to watch
While she had a lackey fill 'er up, a woman started screaming at her, yelling "Get a life, get a job!" and "That's our tax money!" as OctoMom hid behind a Scooby Doo book. Jinkeys!


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@the people saying that the fault lies on the doctors and clinic.

You think because you do something and dont get caught or stopped that the blame lies on those who didnt stop you? She made the decision to have another child even if it was just one more even though her parents were the main support for her first 6 children and they could barely even afford to support those six. You don't go and have another kid because "you like having children" when you cant even afford to support the ones you have. People have a right to be angry its the tax payers dollars that are going to this idiotic woman and instead of using her money to help her parents support her kids she goes and does stupid things like getting plastic surgery.

2013 days ago

Tiffany Camarena    

The birth of these poor children has resulted in a complete circus act. The fact that people are continuing to help octomom financially for a story is disturbing. Yes it is high drama, do I even find myself reading her every next move... sure. But the reality of it is: sooner than later all the fame will wear off and WE will be left having to pay the way for these children! As a nursing professional I feel that is should be mandated that anyone who undergo infertility treatments should be required to undergo a mental health screening first. This is truly an injustice for those children!

2011 days ago


HAHAHAHA Stupid octomom you do need a life and a job and you should sell your freakin babies for money instead of takin OUR money!

1998 days ago


Ha Ha ha ha ha! Bloody bunches of sorry SODS! What a Blooming tart! Your country are to dispose of such worthless garbage.

2033 days ago

Captain Coolguy    

jesus god. get her some more attention and money, lets write up a story about her buying gasoline!


lame. as. hell.

2033 days ago


For better or worse, the OctoMom has become the symbol of what many people in America feel about deadbeats expecting other people to pay for their children's financial upbringing. More than likely, the taxpayers will support her chileren from now until their 18th birthday. For those of us paying our own children's way, it seems very unfair and very presumptious.

2033 days ago


Are you happy now TMZ? When someone hurts her, you'll only have yourself to blame. Back off now.

2033 days ago


I don't feel sorry for this leech one bit. The woman was right. The woman should have her kids taken away since she is not well. She needs to take care of herself rather than taking more and more of taxpayers' money because "she feels lonely." It's people like her who abuse the system, who make me want to puke. It's vermin like her who actually make me think that sterilizing some people would be better for our society.

2033 days ago


Move on people! Are you guys really gonna follow her around from now on? Leave the lady alone ya she as a billion kids but that doesnt give anyone the right to harass her, you honestly think shes the only one out there irresponsibly living off state money?

2033 days ago


Wow, she had money left over for gas after buying make-up at MAC? Of course she does, and she's using it to buy a house for $1.4 million, which will barely house her 14 children and herself. Someone call child protective services, and the welfare dept. stat!!

2033 days ago


Why does she have a handica
pped tag?
Is she now handicapped too?
Where does she get money for gas? Oh thats right. Me!

2033 days ago


She need to get herself a job and support these 14 kids. The media doesn't help at all.

2033 days ago


Thanks to TIMEWARNERAOLTMZLEVIN and the likes for helping feed her obsession with Angelina and her kids.

2033 days ago


Like most American, I don't agree w/ her decision to have multiple children w/o having the financial means to support that. However, there appeared to be a child in the back seat of the car. I was more horrified w/ TMZ staff like of concern for the child's safety. Given the death threats made toward the mother, unneeded attention and encourgaement of rude behaviors could have spilled over to a mob like situation, thus placing the children in harm's way.

2033 days ago


Leave that woman alone.. everyone is entitled to their own piece of the american dream. If she wants to have a million kids I could care less. Its her life so start worrying about your OWN. You're so worried about one of our own having the government pay for her kids when the government gives more of your tax dollars to imigrants and illegals than anyone of its american citizens. You should worry more about how much our shotty politicians are making or the corrupt government.. ya'll should get a life

2033 days ago
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