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Woman Rips OctoMom -- "Get a Job!"

2/23/2009 12:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She just wanted gas, but at the ARCO station yesterday, Nadya Suleman got a tank-full of bitching out.

OctoMom: Click to watch
While she had a lackey fill 'er up, a woman started screaming at her, yelling "Get a life, get a job!" and "That's our tax money!" as OctoMom hid behind a Scooby Doo book. Jinkeys!


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L Dogg    

take this crazy b@tch's kids away. glad to see she can afford MAC makeup, manicures, and plastic surgery. i work full time and have no kids because i can't afford to raise one right now. it's called common sense. this chick is not living in reality and now that she sees all the magazine covers she's getting she will probably try to do it again and become a mother of 26. sterilize this b@tch!

2046 days ago


The OctoMom is mentally unstable. This is a fact. I hope she holds in there. If the paparazi or any entertainment website is going to post vids of her pumping gas, they could atleast give her some money for the invasion of her privacy. Please save any future appologies you may offer to her parents, God forbid she kills herself six months from now when you guys are reporting that she is mowing her lawn.

2046 days ago


Great.........This woman did do the wrond thing by bringing all these babies into the world without means of support but to have people yelling and screaming at her is not helping matters. To act as juvenile as she has by yelling and acting like a complete idiot does nothing but show complete imaturity. There is always going to be things we don't agree with but no one has the perfect situation or life.

2046 days ago


I love TMZ and have enjoyed the coverage of this bizarre story. However, Suleman's children appeared to be in the back seat of that van-no child should have to go through having their mother reviled, loudly, in their hearing. Beyond that, the paps who were looking to stir up the situation were potentially putting the children front and center in any confrontation. Not cool.

2046 days ago

Surfer Mom    

Since when is she handicapped? Unless having 14 kids makes her let alone anyone handicapped she shouldn't have that permit.....

2046 days ago


Whats up with the handicapped parking permit? What's her physical disability?

2046 days ago

Umm what???    

Why does she have a handicap placard?

2046 days ago


Why does she have a handicapped tag?

2046 days ago


I'm always fascinated with us as Americians. We have the morbid, sick, and just plain disgusting ability to kick someone when he or she is down. Even when they bring it on themselves. And I'll bet that if anyone asks you, you'lll tell them that you are the most kind, sensitive and caring person in the world. That "empathy" is your middle name. NOW, YOU ARE GOING TO HEAR FROM THE ONES WHO I'M TALKING ABOUT. THEY WILL BE GIVING YOU THEIR IMPUT ABOUT ME BEING AN IDIOT, NOT KNOWING WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT, E.T.C.

2046 days ago


Surfer Mom, people with Autistic kids will sometimes get handicapped permits. One of the wives I know has one for her autistic daughter, I think that is why in some pictures of that little boy when they are getting him out of the car, he has a harness on. It isn't because of her, it is because of her son.

2046 days ago

[][] ScOut W. [][]    

She lacks responibility in her choices, one after another. She is deeply disturbed, and reality is beyond her reach, she needs a stay in a mental ward, and those poor innocent babies need a real home and care. Wake up social services this is where your suppose do your job!

2046 days ago


So what she has like 20 kids, and getting assistance from the state, at least she is legal, I would rather my tax dollars support someone here than someone from another country! Everyone can judge, but dont be talking to much crap because there is more to the story than we know!

2046 days ago



I think 2 of her kids has disabilities, so she is entiitled to the Handicapped placard.

Soooooo..... If you idiots at TMZ would stop following her and glorifying her she would probably crawl back into the hole she came out of.

2046 days ago


While Octo mom is clearly a mental case; i.e., the idiot yelling at her to get a job isn't much better. How does a women with 8 kids, let alone 14 hold a job?!! Someone please explain that to me. A CEO of a huge conglomerate probably doesn't make enough to pay the number of caregivers required for all those children.

The entire situation is disgusting, but "getting a job" is not an viable option.

2046 days ago


Why does she have a Handicap plaque in the window?

2046 days ago
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