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Cops Called to Octomom's Neighborhood

2/24/2009 10:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Police were called to the neighborhood of Nadya Suleman last night after one of her neighbors allegedly came outside brandishing a shotgun.

Cops tell TMZ they were called at around 5:45 PM, but the man brandishing the weapon -- meaning he wasn't pointing at anyone -- was no longer there. When cops returned later, they found the man and a brandishing report was filled out.

We're told it's under further investigation.

: OctoMom's neighbors told us the man in question was simply bringing the unloaded gun inside his house from his car. They also said everyone is sick of OctoMom's media attention, saying their kids can't play in the cul-de-sac anymore. These problems shouldn't last much longer ... because OctoMom's house is about to hit the auction block.


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Bex is you're when you are sayin you are. You are dumb. LOL

2065 days ago

ya right    

lovedovey you got to be kiddin' me....for someone that doesn't give a rat's ass 'bout otcomom, you sure do spend a lot of time defending her.
since it was a 'neighbor' that came out with a shotgun, my guess is that it was directed towards the paps and not towards octomom. i would be mad if i lived on that block too with all the media excitement-------whittier is a pretty nice neighborhood and octomom just depreciated the value of everyone's home in the near vacinity. way to go lady!! i would have come out with a shotgun a long time ago.

2065 days ago


Geez! Enough already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2065 days ago

Lily !_!    

Yeah so what happened?
The guy got killed by a baby stampede?

2065 days ago


These a woman in my area that has ten kids and no husband, I have never saw her on the news...and she's been supporting them on welfare!
Should I go over there and scream at her? I think NOT!

2065 days ago


This woman didn't RIGHTFULLY CHOOSE to have 8 children....she irresponsibly chose to have 14!!! While unemployed, while living with her parents, while already on food-stamps. She KNEW she didn't have the money to pay the hospital bills, she KNEW she didn't have the money to feed 14 children, she KNEW there already wasn't enough room in the house she lived in with her parents to house everyone. I'm NOT going to leave this person alone, she's taking advantage of the system....of me, you, and every other tax paying citizen. WE HAVE A RIGHT TO VOICE OUR OPINION ABOUT WHAT SHE'S DOING TO ALL OF US. She DID not have the right to do what she did to all of us, not when other responsible people work hard NOT to leach off of the system and other people work hard and still have to use government programs to get by. In my opinion she knowingly broke the law by stealing services she knew she couldn't pay for by having eight more children when she couldn't afford the six she already had. She DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO THAT TO ANY OF US. As for her neighbor, I'm not condoning him brandishing a weapon at anyone unelss he's protecting himself...but the media circus this woman has brought on is bound to wear on her neighbors too...THEY REALLY DIDN'T ASK FOR THIS but thanks to her thoughtless and selfish actions they're stuck with it. The babies are totally innocent in all of this and that's sad, I truly hope all of them are removed from her care and placed in truly caring homes with parents who can give them the love, attention, and proper care they deserve AND NOT BE A DRAIN ON SOCIETY.

2065 days ago


#1 Lovey dovey, hey, taxpayers certainly have the right to complain about this woman! I resent having to pay for her children! And yes, you state mind your own business, yet here you are sticking your nose in it! The other poster is right, you are an idiot!!

2065 days ago


I only hope yesterday's reporting of a TMZ staff encouraging a woman to confront the mother didn't caused this event.

2065 days ago


This smells fishy... she's probably arranged all this to keep her name on the news and for a little sympathy since a majority of people following this story think she's a p.o.s.

2065 days ago


#1 is octomom. i garentee she comes here and reads this stuff. no one in there right mind would defend her.

2065 days ago


and she is a bitch

2065 days ago


As a person who has been paying taxes for thirty years....I've paid for war, welfare, schools, police --geeh this list can go on and on...I really don't mind paying for kids.

2065 days ago

something smells    


2065 days ago


TMZ stop posting about this woman. This site is inciting people to attack this woman and her children. Leave them alone.

2065 days ago


I bet Brittney is happy about the Octomom situation. Now she can come and go without being watched so closely. All the haters and paparazzi have totally forgotten her.

2065 days ago
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