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Cops Called to Octomom's Neighborhood

2/24/2009 10:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Police were called to the neighborhood of Nadya Suleman last night after one of her neighbors allegedly came outside brandishing a shotgun.

Cops tell TMZ they were called at around 5:45 PM, but the man brandishing the weapon -- meaning he wasn't pointing at anyone -- was no longer there. When cops returned later, they found the man and a brandishing report was filled out.

We're told it's under further investigation.

: OctoMom's neighbors told us the man in question was simply bringing the unloaded gun inside his house from his car. They also said everyone is sick of OctoMom's media attention, saying their kids can't play in the cul-de-sac anymore. These problems shouldn't last much longer ... because OctoMom's house is about to hit the auction block.


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You Can Do Better    

Loveydovey- You are obviously someone the rest of us taxpayers support, and have no problem doing that. That is exactly why you are considered "lowlife" by citizens who work to make this country work. You are a parasite, and while I will gladly feed your child (it's not his/her fault that you are a parasite) I WILL express my total disgust at you and your lack of responsibility. I have a job, and support my family, off of other people.

2067 days ago


Since we, the California tax payers, are paying for the latest birth, i wonder if we (taxpayers) paid for the previous hospital bills from her other births. How can this be possible??

2067 days ago


Okay folks. I understand were all pissed off by the irresponsibility of this situation. However, to have her deliver 8 babies is a miracle. Why she did this can only be explained by her discussion with the doctor who performed all the other invitro's. He/She knew she was on public assistance when she went in and had this procedure. Its sad that her parents didn't recognize her need for unconditional love that most people tend to think a child gives them. It takes work to raise a child. I'm as angry as most of you that its taking public assistance to raise these children. She has a goal but in reality she needs to face the fact that no matter what she does for a potential living she can't afford the day care costs. She has done nothing harmful to these children to warrant taking them away. Yes, I'm sure most will be upset with this last comment but until she shows she neglects them, Children services should stay out of it. Is it her fault her mother didn't pay the mortgage? No, her mother could have moved her in with them but gave her the house. She has 14 children and it takes a community to raise them. What is different from her situation then the Sixtuples, who couldn't raise their six children either, the difference is that public assistance is given to the Octomom but corporate america and the generosity of the builders helped them out. So, getting angry isn't going to make things better. She needs help! So, lets stop harassing her and try to provide options to her to successfully raise these kids. I think the doctor who did this should cough up money to help her raise them. It was his/her responsibility to realize that she has 6 kids under the age of 6, to ask her how she was going to suppor them. This was her choice and I agree that we shouldn't have to support her irresponsibility but whats done is done! Give her options, show her a path, provide her with some direction. Her parents are freaked out right now and I don't blame them. What a mess!

2067 days ago


I feel so sorry for the older 6 children and now the 8 precious ones who had not ask to be born and to a woman who is
obiviously mentally ill. I do think any sane woman would go to this extreme to have job and no partner...she is
sadding her mother and the tax payers like me [I live in Whittier] to take care of her obsessions. The doctor should be arrested.
The children are innocent, but can you imagine what it must be like for them around other children, children can be so cruel but they repeat what they hear.

2067 days ago


nor am "I other kinds of filth who know how to live off government aid." My income is probably higher than yours.

2067 days ago


I think that in America, you can have as many children as you want! I want to bring up Jon and Kate having 6 at a time, and also remind you that they are still on TV! They got so much stuff and trips to Disney world and Aspen Ski trips and crap....It's all recorded on tv. No one came to say "WE're taking some of these children because you have too many! Why is that? Because she had a husband? Have you watched this show? John and Kate appeared to fight like cats and dogs, but no one threatened to remove any children from that home! This lady hasn't even had the chance to hold these babies in her arms and people want to take them from her! I think that she should be able to mother these babies and people need to mind their own F------ business. You are not an unfit mother by giving birth.

2067 days ago

Mr. Los Feliz Guy    

This is for "LoveyDovey"

I would hostnely love to meet you, and spit in your face. You said

but NO ONE has the right to threaten a woman because of her freedom of choice and rights in this country!!!!!!!! If you don't agree with her, THEN LEAVE HER THE HELL ALONE AND MIND YOUR OWN DAMNED BUSINESS!!!!

That is why woman should always be watched and make sure they don't make such stupid choices.

Some of the people CAN'T leave her alone because their Money ( THE PEOPLE THAT DON'T AGREE WITH HER ) is being used for Her and her 14 kids.. But i bet you don't care or anything because you must be one of those 16 year old girl who has nothing better to do but to get 5 seconds of fame?

2066 days ago


octumom seems the mom to hate or envy. whatever the case, the media feeds off our interest. so be it.

i would like to see more welfare families being followed by cameras -- families that have, for generations, proved that "Welfare is a way of life". yes, i would like those people exposed. those who keep having kids to get more money from the public. i say the laws should change. we need to stop welfare from breeding welfare. is octumom an example? perhaps. but, i'm sure that there are worse cases. let see those!

2060 days ago

Tutti Froooooty    

Jon and Kate plus 8 did an interview with Oprah in which they both confessed they have NO JOBS!!!! So who the hell do you think supports them? DUH THE GOVERNMENT!!!!!!

2059 days ago
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