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Frank to Bank -- You're a Fritterer

2/24/2009 5:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ just obtained this letter that Congressman Barney Frank wrote to the president of Northern Trust:

Barney Frank


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I don't think it is worded strongly enough ..........go to the bank headquaters with a gun then they will see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2065 days ago


Sorry Barney...This is a bunch of crap. There are a few of us who know what really happened. you prey on the uninformed. You should be in jail for your part in the crisis. Everyone. Check out Youtube where it clearly shows barney Fwank and Kwis Dodd scolding the republicans for saying that there is a financial crisis coming =. The Government made these banks give loans to people who knew they werent going to pay it back.(citing Racism) . Please people. Be informed. This company did not even want the bail out money. When the government is involved there is always lies and distortions. Your nerve is unbelievable!! You truly are out of touch...God please help us. Party on Northwestern!!! Cheryl Crow..You are going to lose a few of your lib friends by actually taking money to sing at this event!!

2065 days ago


Well, since Barney has taken a HUGE amount of money from the Fannie Mae via his boyfriend, he is last person who should be asking for anything back...unless of course he is going to give back the income and campaign contributions he got from all the banks and bankers....fat chance.

TMZ, if you are going to get involved in this conversation and you seem to be the moral police, may be you should be tailing these guys....given past behavior, you should get some great dirt.

2065 days ago


I concur!!! Give me back my money!

2065 days ago

Bite Me !    

WTF? I want my tax money back, so I can party this weekend, too.

2065 days ago

Real Stats!!!    

Your a fookin Idiot #1,Get a life "you didn't read it" So you can be first?
Are you 11 or 12??

Let's meet at The McDonald's later ok??

2065 days ago

Pedro Koreatown    

just smoke dat kush QUEEN

2065 days ago


This letter falls short. It should have insisted that Northern Trust either give back the 1.5 billion or give a detailed account of how they are spending the money to stimulate the economy or to assist homeowners. Then make them accountable to thast detailed account--make sure the report is true. If they don't comply, make a public example of Northern Trust and never give any money to them ever again.

2065 days ago


now thats what i like to see! good job let the crackdown begin!

2065 days ago


We are going to harass these banks over every dime they spend, yet it is OK for our government to hold lavish, extravagant parties like the Governor's dinner Sunday where they had gourmet food, high priced wines, an overkill of very expensive floral arrangements, and 2 popular groups for entertainment... all of which we know is paid for by the taxpayers.

I guess it all depends on whether you are one of the royals or just a commoner. Apparently only our government royalty can waste tax payer money during these tough economic times.

2065 days ago


#4 is right on, and funny.

Also, what is more outrageous - that this bank pulled this stunt, or that it took TMZ (rather than our Congress whom we employ) to expose it and hold the bank accountable? Why isn't the entire Congress demanding a refund? Do other Congress people have 'special' relationships with the banking community? Why is it always the cart before the horse. Before giving out billions of our money, Congress should've laid out specific ground rules. This stimulus fiasco is the next iteration of the Iraq War - Congress jumping on the frenzied bandwagon, propelled by self-interest, inaccurate info, thoughtless impulsiveness, wasting billions of taxpayer dollars for a black hole. Think it through and have a plan before doling out billions.

2065 days ago

big brother    

How dare Barnie Frank criticize anyone about fiscal responsibility! He tried to deny that there was any problem with FNMA & FHLMC when it was staring them in the face!!! Now they want to take our money to bale out people who can't pay their bills. Stand up and say NO!!!!

2065 days ago


SO unbelievable. The government has proven again that it has failed. FAILED! Thanks for letting my money go to this, stupid SOBs.

2065 days ago


Harvey they were just trying to stimulate the higher end of the economy hell it has to start somewhere it beats the hell out of watching some slug walk thru the air port After all you do need to pay those children on your staff so they can go out and by some new clothes the gals look good but the boys give me a break .A bit of advice those camera guys need to be wired into your ear so you can tell them what to say they have had there shot at it ,now you need to come to the rescue with a little intellect.Every time they oppen there mouth we get to see inside the liberal mind. Good Luck I love the show it is like a visual MAD magazine.

2065 days ago


Sure Barney Frank is going to do something. None of those Washington Boobs are going to do a thing. If they wanted to be fair and fix the mess, that they made, they would have eliminated these lavish parties as tax deductions. So, not only did Northern Trust get 1.5 billion of our money but they get to party with it and claim their partying as a tax deduction. AND THE MIDDLE CLASS...WE GET TO DEDUCT OUR TAXES PAID IF WE BUY A NEW CAR WHICH WE CANNOT AFFORD.

2065 days ago
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