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Barack Obama -- No I Won't!

2/25/2009 1:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Barack ObamaWe've been calling the White House for the last day, trying to get a reaction from the Prez on our story about the lavish parties Northern Trust threw in L.A. last week. We finally got a statement back -- "No comment."

Remember, this is a bank that got $1.6 billion in bailout money and blew a wad of cash paying Sheryl Crow, Chicago, and Earth, Wind & Fire. And then there were the dinners, the Tiffany gift bags, the fabulous cocktail parties -- all from the bank that laid off 450 workers in December.

Obama was under fire for a mortgage he got from Northern Trust back in 2005. Obama got a 5.625% rate, which was lower than the going rate of about 6%. The Federal Election Commission recently ruled no laws were violated and the rate was in line with other mortgages.

But "no comment." Really?


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Comment number 46. You're obviously another ignorant inbred Republican. Rebupblicans controlled the Congress from 1994 to 2006. The deregulation of the financial markets were spearheaded by Republican Phil Graham. So please STFU and spread your ant-american vitriol somewhere else.

2069 days ago

Raymond Esposito    

It's the banks fault not Obama....

2069 days ago


Since all you DEMS/Liberals are so smart, how do you plan on paying for this stimulas bill? It would be by me. I take the max allowable deductions from my pay so the govt can collect intrest on my taxes. I have cashed out 3/4 of a Mill in my 401K and am investing overseas, and teaching my children that if they want to stay in the US then they have to lie/cheat/steal and collect off the govt, otherwise there are other countries out there that you would fair better in than the US.

2069 days ago


And how can anyone judge Barack when he has only been in office for 35 days!!!!! Are you kidding me????? Barack has inherited trillions of dollars in debt a bad economy, a messed up situation no matter how you look at it courtesy of our last president, so folks while you would like someone new to blame give the guy a fighting chance or at least a little more than 35 days, what do you think??? Everyone is quick to critize but slow to come up with any workable solutions of their own. Why did you vote for the man? And when do you think YOU should start seeing results? Most Americans are so fickle, greedy and impatient with very little to add by way of solutions other than complaints that is why our country is in the shape we are in as it is!!!!!

2069 days ago

Mike Kochhertz    

Sending 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan, OBAMA LIES, PEOPLE DIE !!!

2069 days ago


LOL.. I'd rather my President not give comments to a gossip web site & teevee show! Jeez come on guys.. Have you no shame?

2069 days ago


OK, correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't that a loan that was given freely (as is the bank DIDN'T EVEN ASK FOR IT), under the Bush administration, with no accountability or transparency attached?

And as far as his PERSONAL home loan is concerned, it was through a bank to a millionaire (someone who can afford to pay of his loan, albeit questionably, though legally sub-prime), right? If that's the case, this is about as relevent as, and in need of an answer more substantial response as the great Lewinsky debacle was in the late '90's.

2069 days ago


Lord Xenu - the reason why you don't understand how the US Government donated money to Obama's campaign is because you don't understand the numbers you are posting. That table lists the top doners by company they work for, so Goldman Sachs and the US Government didn't give him money. People who work for Goldman Sachs and the US Government gave him money. He didn't accept any PAC, lobbyiest or Govt. money.

Also, McCain received donations from people (and PACs) at all these companies too - they were covering all their bases.

2069 days ago

annie funkizzle    

they all need to leave obama alone.

really now?

all theyre trying to do is make him look bad and make him seem hypocrital.

its not going to work. everyone loves obama, and im sure as we speak, all of those peoples asses r

getting fired.

2069 days ago


You are the dumbest site going. He's the president of the United States. Your site isn't the right forum for his comments. You're editors are morons to think this stupid site ranks like that.

2069 days ago

Lord Xenu    

President Hussein is sending MORE troops to Afghanistan? Who does he think he is? LBJ ???

So why arent the anti-war protestors taking to the streets protesting Obamas move to send more troops to Afghanistan by making giant paper mache heads of Obama with signs saying IMPEACH OBAMA? I guess as long as Obama is a Marxist they arent opposed to him? Seems that way.

2069 days ago

She is hot    

Funny Statements:

Obama saying "america created the automobile"
Pelosi saying " 500 million jobs are lost a month"
Obama saying " I have almost been to all 57 states"
Biden saying - Well just opening his mouth
Obama saying " no earmarks" when there is actually 1000's of them
Mathews saying " Republicans outsourced their response" For those who do not know he was referring to La. governor.
If Repub had said this he would have been crucified!! Racist comment!!
This administration is FULL of Chicago Thugs and will bring down America to a third world country if they do all they want.
People, I agree with 1 thing Obama said last night, PLEASE GO GET AN EDUCATION!!!
I do not need more than 35 days of him in office to see where this country is headed!!

2069 days ago


President Obama has a little more on his mind than responding to this rag.

TMZ...just stick to trash!!

2069 days ago


I am furious with all of the morons that were duped by the publicity machine to elect this a$$hole. He has already proven, he is a sham- Ever see the "Wizard of Oz?"

2069 days ago

Mike Kochhertz    

Hey libs, no way dudes. As soon as Bush was elected, people started getting on me, "no, everything is his, he's President, so, every thing is on him." How long you gonna use the excuse, "he inherited it". ha ha lol Why aren't the troops home
from Iraq yet?? He's even sending more to Afghan?? Gonna be change, huh? Leon Panetta, Hillary Clinton and the
three or four other bozo's who were nominated, but owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes. Some Change. I do feel bad for the African-Americans, you have been bamboozeled!! I am happy we got a black President for you, I really am, but, what you failed to realize, is that he is more a politician than anything. In a strange way, my next comment is actually, I guess, a compliment, he's the same as all of them. Yep, don't matter the color, the elitist pigs from
both parties enjoy their lifestyles, while the rest of the workers pay!! meet the new boss, same as the old boss. We need a third party that stands up for the people who get up in the morning, go to work, take care of their kids and don't committ crimes. Let me know when you find it!

2069 days ago
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