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2/25/2009 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 81-year-old resurfaced at a memorial in NYC, looking devilish.

Harry Belafonte

Harry has personally met with controversial world leaders like socialist Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez and Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

Belafonte's Manhattan apartment reportedly has 14 rooms.


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Concrete Sox

Other than being a total pig what is your problem?
You obviously don;t know much about this man or you would certainlyt not call him the things you did/
This man has fought for Human Rkights around the globe
apparently not good enough for you
YOu are as ignorant as they come

2065 days ago


Someone please explain why you are calling him a racist.

2065 days ago


jump in the line, rock your body in time - okay,I believe you, jump in the line, rock your body in time....classic...

2065 days ago


"Because they themselves are racist. He fights racism, fights for liberal views (liberal as in tolerant and humanitarian) and the right wing nutjobs along with the plain haters spew their garbage loud enough so the stupid people listen. The human race needs to evolve beyong this crap.

Posted at 6:40PM on Feb 25th 2009 by Trutter"

Just say "I know you are but what am I?"'ll waste alot less time typing & you'll be saying the same thing

2065 days ago


Day Light Come and i want to Go Home...

He sang of and got rich off of the Colonial life some on here claim he so hates-----if so, then give back the millions you plyed from the innocent as you stoked the flames of hatred and anarchy.

Here's another one who is constantly bashing our country, but he and his rarely if ever, serve it------Hey Bananna Boat Man, get down to Caracass and stay there with your just recently re elected "leader" Hugo, (hates gay people) Chavez.

You and Sean Penn can make Bananna Boats together.


2064 days ago


Or for crying out loud Barbara Walters has met Castro! Why are people having a meltdown about this man? He's looking good for his age, wow.

2064 days ago


Looks great...

2064 days ago


I think a lot of people needs to check there facts about this man...............He is a civil rights activist NOT a COMMUNIST. Before you comment about someone check your facts first because all of you sound real IGNORANT!!!!!!!!!

2064 days ago


I love his music and always will, but he is a Commie through and through. Party on with Penn, Danny Glover and other morons who inexplicably want to sit down with dictators and spew THEIR self-righteousness in our faces. Christians and extreme right wingers aren't the only people who can be "in your face" with their beliefs and act like total idgets. It is sad that Sean Penn, Belafonte and their ilk get to peddle their wares to the public just because they have a forum.

2064 days ago


He was good in "Bobby" most recently. Underappreciated movie.

2064 days ago


I am surprised at the ignorance on this site. This man marched with MLK, was bitten by the dogs, jailed, and endured the firehoses to help end the racism in this country. He received death threats, attended funerals for his slain friends and strangers that died in the civil rights struggle. He has worked with humantarian causes all over the world. How in the blue hell does that make him a racist? Oh, is it because he tells the truth about some of America's ugly secrets? How does one achieve peace without having a dialogue with one's enemies? I shouldn't be surprised by the ignorance, but the easy remedy is get off the internet and read a real book. He looks so good for his age because he has led an honest and good life.

2064 days ago

Two Women Beaters!!!    

Harry Belafonte looks hella good! Much better than a white actor would in their 80s...white folks shrivel up like prums once they hit 60. YOU WISH YOU COULD look as good as Harry in your 80s. Devilish? Devilishly good looking!

2064 days ago

Two Women Beaters!!!    

I want to make clear that the comment I made (#30) IS NOT Harry Belafonte...I simply put Harry Belafonte in the name category to indicate the title of my comment....

2064 days ago

Benita Butrell    

Listen here you stupid no good triflin billy goats.........Only some of you who are patently racist would call Harry Belafonte a racist. He is an icon in the black community and whether you dig him or not doesnt diminsih the respect that he garners. My stars what is happening to you people?

2064 days ago


He's a commie pinko and should have his banana boat docked up his.....

2064 days ago
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